A New Paul Revere Rides in Boston

During the War for Independence from the British rule, Massachusetts led the colonies. Tuesday night, with the victory of Republican Scott Brown, the revolutionary fires of Boston once again were reignited. The message is as clear Paul Revere’s – but will the forces of socialistic big government hear the message?


The Democratic Party turned the funeral of Sen. Ted Kennedy into a rally for big government and government-run health care. Their rallying cry became "Do it for Teddy." Now the U.S. Senate seat Kennedy controlled for nearly half a century has been turned over by the voters to Republican Scott Brown, who has pledged to fight much of the Kennedy agenda. Those pesky voters have messed things up again. Robert Gibbs described President Obama as "surprised and frustrated" and "not pleased."

What happened in the months after the British March to the Lexington Bridge is history. What happens during the historic weeks ahead is still unfolding. There are four crucial groups who will make decisions in the days ahead, deciding the outcome of this battle for the future of America.

The first group we call the liberal royalists. These are the hard-left politicians who have sworn allegiance on the altar of big government. This team is headed by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. For the past year, while reveling in their power, they rammed the notice down our throats that big government is the solution to every problem facing America.

This group is in total control of two branches of the government. Their goal is an aggressive agenda to remake the U.S. in the image of a European socialist democracy. Thus they have spent $787 billion on stimulus programs and bailouts for big businesses run by their allies in large labor unions and internationalist banks. General Motors and Chrysler were nationalized. Citibank, Bank of America and AIG are all mammoth financial firms bailed out and now largely controlled by the government.

In addition to these grabs for the reigns of private business, they are attempting to take over the health-care system via nationalization of health-care regulation and insurance.
They also want to exploit environmental regulations and taxes under the guise of fighting global warming. This will slap iron government-made shackles on the utility, oil and energy sectors of the economy.

Here is the decision these liberal royalists must make. They can listen to the voters and trim the sails of their agenda, thus moving to the center. Since gaining hegemonic power a year ago, they have made no moves toward compromise; they have ruled as a one-party dictatorship. The second option for the liberal royalists is to circle the wagons and damn the torpedoes. They can try to manipulate the U.S. Senate rules to pass health care with less than 60 votes and try to use the EPA to write rules essentially bypassing the legislative branch, instituting cap-and-trade by edict.

The second group with a big decision to make is the so-called Blue Dog Democrats. Until this point, they have followed President Obama and the liberal royalists like dutiful pups. They supported Obamacare. They voted in mass for cap-and-trade in the House of Representatives. The huge government bailouts of big banks and the stimulus plans were only made possible with their votes.

In the elections of 2010, this group is extremely vulnerable. They are Democrats representing mostly Republican states. If they want to have a prayer for re-election, they must abandon Obama’s agenda or face losing their jobs and perks.

The Republican establishment is the third group with big decisions. They won the victory in Massachusetts not because of their own prowess. They are still not loved by the American people, and distrust of Republicans runs deep. This is the group that got us in this mess by supporting big government solutions to problems while running for office as small-government Reagan Republicans. Scott Brown as a left-leaning, pro-abortion Republican is one of their own. But Scott Brown won because of the activism on the ground of the tea-party movement and the conservative insurgency rallying against Obama.

The establishment Republicans now can see a path to victory. It is a road that brings them in unison with the tea parties and the small-government, anti-tax movements. It requires them to fight harder in Washington against the Obama agenda using the filibuster and every procedural tool at their disposal. To date, they have provided ineffective resistance to the president’s agenda.

The final group with decisions to make is the tea-party activists. Will tea-party activists be accepted by the Republican Party as candidates, or will they become just a tool of the establishment similar to pro-life and social conservatives? To stay an independent and viable entity, they may in the future face battles with the Republican establishment in primaries and even in the battlefield of Congress. They must not shrink from this challenge.

Remember, Paul Revere started the ball rolling toward America’s independence. Now, in our battle to save America, we must "pack on snow" and add momentum to the ball started by Scott Brown’s victory.

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  1. Yes to the tea party! But I hope they will find a common ground with the repub cause i feel they need each other. In 2012 so hopely the repub will in brace the tea party beliefs. UNITED WE STAND

  2. J.M. Hall says:

    The U.S. Citizens are worn out with "out of touch" Washington on both sides of the isle.. "We, the people" "My Fellow Americans" lines are lost as our law makers are asleep with the Rip Van Winkle Syndrome and gathering around the Viagra Tank. We are desperate for a Butt Kicking Leaders that has a strong gut desire to protect us. Any little glimmer of hope in that direction ignites our spirits. We are on a very dangerous slippery slope, citizens are weary and skeptical because they have been lied to for so long. We are desperate for leadership who will blast a terrorist into kingdom come with out the blink of an eye. It is so pathecially sad when a father of a terrorist is more concerned about our safety than our own President. "We, The People" are watching with great antisipation. We want to fumigate the halls of Washington and start over. FRESH, REAL, NEW and PROMISING…that's what we Fellow Americans are straining our eyes to find. Will Real Leaders Please Step Forward so we can blast the dead heads out !!! We are past ready !!! Be careful Senator Brown the disease in Washington is very contagious and very lethal.

  3. In order for the Republicans to be accepted by the Tea Party, they must conform to Tea Party objectives and goals.
    In my State the Republican Senators are just as corrupt, elite and unresponsive as Democrats. They rank at the top of those receiving ear marks, going on junkets, and ignoring the electorate.
    We must clearly define our goals and objectives and insist our candidates meet these requirements.
    Thank God for the people of Massachusetts and their fortitude.

    • I don't know what state you live in Stephen but a lot of states will have a mixture such as yours. You should invade the GOP in your state and become a precinct person there in order to steer them away from being liberal so they will return to the conservative roots they should be. Michael Steele, thank goodness, has the balls to state that the GOP needed to go back to the conservatism it had been.

    • Beverly Haley says:

      In no way do I think that the republican senaters are currupt as what has been going on this year. In My 75 years on this earth in the United States of America I have never seen such lying done by a President. He does not love our great Country and I feel he wants to run down this wonderful country to be like all other dictatorships. He does not want to listen to hundreds of thousands of American who want the best for their great nation.He totally disregards them like we're not even here. THIS IS A PRESIDENT???? I don't think so.Signed, Discusted BJH

    • in mine also they are all corrupt the whole bunch need to go….and if we are horn-swaggled again we will get the same thing doesn't matter which party…..we need people who will uphold the constitution and that should be the bottom line. if they swear to uphold it and dont they need to be tarred and feathered and run out of the country. and there needs to be some way to hold them responsible..a real penalty. linch rope comes to mind.

  4. Good job Floyd Brown! Keep on telling it like it is! Next project: Get the Senate and House to go by the same retirement and health rules that they pass on to us. Republican AND Democrats!

    • Scott may be in office, but supporting abortion will in no way be blessed by the CREATOR.
      Deuaronomy says choose life.
      UNTILL we do that we will not be blessed, niether will SCOTT.
      JUST THE T Ruth.

    • Right on James!! Man I am sick and tired of rules set for us by them while they don't live by those rules. Like R.C. Soles longtime anti-gun senator who in august shot a home intruder. They are all hypocrites.

  5. Jed Inlow says:

    To those that think the business of the day matters not, and that they can stand idly by.
    Tyranny shall become your reality and freedom will be as much a fairy tale as Peter Pan.
    And to those that do nothing for the advancement of freedom shall not share in her victories,
    but rather wallow in a greater Misery than those that fall on the front lines at her defeat.
    Jed Inlow

  6. Well said, Mr. Brown. I have heard a comment or two about Scott Brown not being a true conservative, one being not pro-life. Could you please elaborate on other issues that finds him to the left, hoping this doesn't turn his astounding victory into a disappointment for conservatism? Thanks.

  7. Now don't screw this up. Get a Republican Presidential candidate we can all respect, not the idiot from Alaska.

  8. Charlotte Taylor says:

    Isit true that Scott Brown said in an interview that his state had everyone covered in insurance and the rest of us did not matter – but he definitely is against Obama care? Maybe not in those words but same meaning?

    • I believe the point he was making revolved around taxation. His state has 98% medical coverage. So he was pointing out why when they are paying their own medical coverage at state level they would be taxed for federal coverage they would not receive.

      • Charlotte Taylor says:

        Thank you so much! I was worried when I heard this because I thought it might be taken out of context and I really didn't want to believe he would say "tough" to the rest of America. Now to pray he gets in before Reid pushes Obama care through!

  9. I believe this country is headed for DOOM!

    Our Government is absolutly CORRUPT!


  10. Charlie Denger says:

    Let me intoduce Goooh ( Get Out OF Our House ), pronounced ' go `. A non-partisan process for selecting the candidants for all of the 435 districts of the House – they will become representatives not owned and controlled by either party, special interests,unions, and big corporations (money). They will be transparant and held accountable. They also will not have to raise funds for their campaign.

    Check out http://www.goooh.com – become a member – no costs – your country needs you. Thanks

  11. We need to keep our eyes and ears open 24/7. These progressives are always trying to be one step
    ahead of us. We need to keep up the tea party work and not slack off. We cannot get complacent because
    of the Massachusetts win. We need to keep reminding our members in Congress on both sides that
    we are watching them!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Someone said that these Democrat politicians will have to change from Obama’s agenda on get voted out. Don’t be fooled by this changing bull as they would only change long enough to get elected again. Lets vote them all out democrat or republican and get some new faces that the American people can trust.

  13. go scott go… we have had enough of Obama tax, tax, tax,. to break this country we love.

  14. Good day fellow patriots!, I would really like to hear these so called servants of ours, begin to at least mutter that they have read the Articles of Freedom written by the Continental Congress 2009, and that they intend to unattach themselves from evil and do the job they gave the oath of office for. Uphold, Defend, and legislate within and for the constitution of the United States Of America!!! I live in Washington state, here we have only rubber stamps but I write and call them anyway, call yours and demand they read and follow

  15. The first two he meets with in the out-house on the hill are Kerry and McCain. When he met with Kerry this morning,Kerry brought out his picture of Kennedy. He told the cameras, this is business as usual, this is all about Teddy.
    McCain is going to teach Brown how to slip across the isle after midnight , and the sheets on Kerry's bed will be turned down.
    This is about more than healthcare. Our country is at stake! We must vote the RINO's like McCain out of the party!
    "How easy it is to persuade men to sign anything by which they can't be affected"! (George Mason)
    We'll see if Scott Brown crawls into bed.

  16. LuluBelle says:

    Hopefully the tea party activists (I'm one) will all register as Republicans and take the party over. If you register, you can vote in your state's primary and have more say over who gets the nomination.

    This is the smart way to go. Infiltrate the Republican party and take it over, instead of trying to create a third entity that will only serve to split the conservative vote. ?The Republican structure is already there. As Elaine said, UNITED we stand.

  17. Whipple Hungerford says:

    Freedom comes with a price and you will always have a Satanic global factor that desires to control all god's creations This is just how it is and has always been.. Satanic sub-humans have contempt for God as they believe life is a big bang.. These power crazed, evil souls are doomed l and they are not happy until they bring on their Hell onto all God's creations. Life without Hope is hell on earth. Pure and Simple. Our History is filled with evil men who have been pocessed with greed and power as it is today. The moneychangers are in power and the world is inslaved to their money fraud and victums of their own stupidity. Their wil be another reveloution and it is going to be one hell on earth. Their is no compromising when people get pocessed with greed and power. I'm going home to be with the Lord as earth is Not MY Home.

  18. JOHN R. BOTIFOLL says:


  19. I hope the tea party people and the republicans stick togather. Actually i'm both and to me they are the same. if we really want to take back our country we had better stick togather like glue.

  20. HelenBAllen says:

    Under the Articles of Impeachment, Obama should have been arrested within 60 days of his swearing in as President. Not only has he committed treason more than any president in the history of these United States, bt he continues to giveaid and comfort to the enemy and no one has dared to arrested him. Obama has continued to tie the hands of our Military leaders, pander to the terrorists by giving them rights under the Consttitution, which he cannot do. It is illegal to give rights to enemy's of America. They must be tried in a military court. Obama must not be allowed to continue to sit in the office he does not deserve. He is unfit for this job. He knows absolutely nothing about running a business. Knows nothing about the Constitution.
    And his hatred for America and our military runs so deep, he's appointed 31 Czars; who are members of the American Socialist Party. He himself joined this communist party in the 1990's. Obama is a traitor and is guilty as charged and must answer for these charges under the Articles of Impeachment. America won't survive another 6 months, unless he is stopped and brought to justice in a military court.

  21. Here's part of the problem; unless Americans continually have their feet in the fire, got their backs against the wall, it doesn't take much for them to forgive and forget. That part, in itself, is great. But don't start planning to go on vacation till you get all, I mean all, the termites out of your house before you leave. To start the pendulum swinging in the other direction against the "Liberals" it doesn't mean no how that these fruitcakes won't become violent. You know.. R rated. Acorn did some of that stuff during the '08 election. Of course, the media didn't say squat about it.

  22. PaulfromTexas says:

    We need "Nullification " to become the keystone in our archway across this morass of corruption. We need to call our respective statehouse and demand the governor call a consititutional convention in YOUR state to nullify the 16th Amendment….take their money, choke 'em down…..Congress should stay in Air Force style barracks when in session, , no pension, and no representative should be paid more than the highest paid teacher in public schools. Sneaotrs can be paid principal's wages. …and they go home when they are done lying to each other, eating at the cafeteria, like our service folks do every day…,…and face their constituents……NO INCUMBENTS

  23. Cabby - AZ says:

    Lulubelle says it for me! I am a registered Republican also but embrace the Tea Party beliefs. We need to
    exert our influence over the Republican Party, because it already has a network of office operations set up
    in every state. Time is way too short to even think of a third party. As much as I thank God for the victory
    in Mass., we must watch Scott Brown as we would any senator. This coming year could be very tumultuous
    and dangerous to our freedoms. The leftist Dems are going to continue more than ever in attack mode.

  24. Lucian Hunt says:

    As some have said above, our salvation and hope to save our country's Constitution and Bill of Rights is for
    the Tea Party supporters, Republican Conservatives and Independents to join together and take back our
    country; and, while at it recapture Congress, Impeach Obama and completely remove those thugs and
    commie Chicago types and Czars surrounding Obama. Get them out of DCA and keep them out.
    Loyal Conservative OKIE

  25. Hi, Everyone–I just signed on. In addition to my profile, I am an ex-Republican turned "Oathkeeper"/Independent. The Republicans aren't any better than the Dems. Probably at least 3/4ths of both houses are corrupt. At least as an unemployed History/Civics teacher in Mexifornia I have the time to really read the Constitution and get to know it better. We used to have the best schools in the state until the labor unions and state government took them over in the 1960's–now they are down there with Louisiana's system. Looking forward to some neat discussions.

  26. Joseph Miller says:

    under no circumstance should we as a free people allow one party to have the controlling vote in the house or the senate. There are more than just two or three parties in our electoral system and there is NOT a single mention of these other parties in any of these postings. Shame on all of you. I was once an Independent and have switch to the constitutional party for reasons I will not get into here. It was once said many long years before any one of us took our first breath that the constitution would be held up and defended not by a single party but by the governing vote of multiple parties. This is something that has NOT been DONE in more than a hundred years. I was at the TEA PARTY march in DC and am proud of it. I did not march for any of the parties talked about in other posts but I marched for FREEDOM and LIBERTY!!!

    I was born in the great state of Pennsylvania and I stand in the face of oppression and dictatorship, Those who believe what I believe stand with me. NO matter WHAT party they CHOOSE. FREEDOM OF CHOICE and FREEDOM of VOICE is what you stand for NOT PARTY BORDERS!!! Wake up people, wake up!!

    Minnesota freedom works stand for you!


  27. Erma Carlisle says:

    Go Scott Brown! so sad obama is sad and displeased… i've never been so proud as to see this man elected, now don't let us down…

  28. I am totally against the democrats, but after this last year I will never put my total confidence in either party. I am really impressed with this article of Floyd's. Bravo!

  29. Scott Brown is a start but we must remember he too is a politician. Not that they are all bad but we the people cannot ever risk becoming complacent again. That is the problem until things went totally south most of us were complacent and rolling with the tides. We are now close to losing this Nation as we know her and in truth I believe that anybody in Washington supporting the presidents agenda should be labeled as unpatriotic and not allowed to serve in Washington. They are not upholding the constitution as they swore too in an oath and I look at most of them as committing acts of treason. We The People from now on need to make sure those in Washington do OUR bidding and not the bidding of special interests or self serving agendas. Above all we must demand that our constitution be upheld.

  30. LARRY PUCKETT says:

    I have been screaming about this illegal Kenyan since 2006, but no one would listen to me. I have been screaming about what is happening in our government since the election. NOW we have made a 180 degree turn, with SCOTT BROWN being elected. We must continue the march. DOWN TOWN SCOTTY BROWN IS THE NEW LEADER OF THE AMERICAN RIGHT. RUN SCOTT RUN!!! ALL THE WAY TO THE WHIT HOUSE

  31. (I am from MA and several years ago my husband and I were chairmen of a local MCFL (Mass Citizens for Life)and Scott Brown was very supportive of us..he was newly elected as the State Rep and he was pro-life. The state office of the MCFL endorsed him for the US Senate. So I ask you– why do you say he is pro abortion? I don't believe it unless you can provide some proof….


    • Abortions should always be legally available

      Rep. Brown indicated he supports the following principles concerning abortion:
      Abortions should always be legally available.
      Abortions should be legal when the pregnancy resulted from incest or rape.
      Abortions should be legal when the life of the woman is endangered.
      Source: Massachusetts State Legislative Election 2002 NPAT Nov 1, 2002

  32. You go Mass show Poliso,Reid and Obama we are sick of them doing any thing they want, they will listen to us one way or the other; I bet they will listen in November.We have the best health care any where; If not why does every one come here for big Surgeries. I Know people who could insure their kids with no problems;but instead
    they choose to buy new cars ,take four or five vacations a year.etc.then bitch cause they cant afford ins for their
    kids.Tell Obama that is not our problem.I dont buy new cars and live it up .He has cut our cost of living raise for two years.We still pay our insurence.Ask him does he want us to play the Fiddle while he crys. Poliso and Reid
    can cry with him.I will assure you they all got a big raise. I never had a job I could vote myself a raise.

  33. Not so fast Junior! Just remember that Brown may be just another “moderate” republican, just like Olympia Snow and her counterpart Collins. They claim they’re republican too, but are they really? Check their voting records, and you’ll find that they like to label themselves “moderates”. By Brown’s statements today in DC, my prediction is that he’ll be the same kind of “republican” – unreliable. Keep in mind that he considers Roe v. Wade established law, thereby indicating that is is not pro-life, a mainstay of a conservative republican. Mark my words, his stated willingness to “reach across the aisle” is about as reliable as that same statement made by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the rest of the democrats in congress. Be smart. Keep you eye on how Brown votes. Once he has a history in the senate, THEN and ONLY then will we know what Massachusetts has done to political history. Personally, I think he has national aspirations, and his voting will be colored by those aspirations. He’s not going to come down on the side of ANY legislation that will create controversy. I hope I wrong, but only time will tell.

  34. Now the new thing is…"o" is so pissed about the outcome, he is going faster now on his project to get into place an OUTSIDE police force, one that will answer to the UNITED NATIONS. So, We got INTERPOL with ultimate jurisdiction here, Ramadan or what ever his name is, the MOTHER of Muslim Brotherhood is now INVITED in…there had been a ban on him being in the United States, and now he is working quickly to put into place the "outside police force". Well…hello Gestapo! The Night of the Breaking Glass is about to happen here if we don't get something else done and real damn quick!

  35. It's doubtful that the back room dealer's will learn much from the victory in Mass. Their arrogent demeaner and attitude, plus the fact that they have one purpose only, and that is to control, Bankrupt and tear this country apart so we will have to depend and rely on big Government for our daily bread, housing, work and our place in the pecking order. ..hmm, sound familiar?…This type of Government (or should I say "Rule") has never worked anywhere in the world yet!..Until we insist and elect only the Leader's who will be truthful, honest, and swear to represent the people and the Constitution, and who must live by the same rules and conditions, health care, pensions, etc. that they propose for all of us!

  36. Nicoletta Brown says:

    My family has resided in Massachusetts since 1620. Tuesday night, was the proudest I've felt, in my lifetime, about the government and people of Massachusetts. I e-mailed the president Wed. morning, asking for a reply, but didn't get one. I told him that the musket firing on Lexington Green in 1775, was the shot heard 'round the world. Massachusetts led the colonies then, and again in 2010, she's leading the nation, but, this time, it was a CANNONBALL volley, that was felt here at home in Boston, and especially in DC, at the White House. Obama just can't believe that he lost in Kennedy country. Even coming here to campaign on Sunday, did nothing to help the democratic candidate. I guess the Kennedy legacy is finally OVER! Obama should be impeached on grounds of treason. He's sold us out to all of our enemies and left the nation totally indefensible!

  37. I was so impressed with Scott Browns acceptance speech…the best and most clear speech on values and principle that I have ever heard,simple and short yet 100% to the point. He said this seat is the peoples seat, and he is their servant! Their was no sign in the auditorium with his picture…only a huge sign that said "The Peoples Seat"…he said I belong to no one but you (the people of Mass)…I loved it when he said You "the people of mass and america" are the real POLITICAL MACHINE….PERIOD!!!!!!! If this man stays true to his message in everyform…..I would like to see him run for President in 2012…..I believe he will BEAT Obama……and WIN in a LANDSLIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He can drive to the White House in his 200,000 mile truck, with humble suitcase.

  38. Hopefully the tea party activists will not seek to be "accepted" by the Republican party as candidates. The proper word here would be "coerced", "co-opted", "subverted" or just plain "suckered". The Republican party is every bit as much of the establishment, every bit as much of the problem, as the Democrats. Both need to go away. There is no 'reform' for them, short of elimination. Vote third party. The only message worth sending to the political world is : none of you, not as individuals or groups, are safe from we the people. You are not entitled to endure. We don't need a new term-limit law, we already have one. It kicks in every two years. Let's start enforcing it.

  39. What you said was "Will tea-party activists be accepted by the Republican Party as candidates, or will they become just a tool of the establishment …… You have it backwords – it should have been " Will the Pepublican Party candidates be accepted by the Tea Party patriots, or will they continue to be a tool of the establishment?" We will not be bought or used as pawns this time around – just watch us!!!!!!

  40. I would like to see Scott Brown run for President in 2012…..He would WIN!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Correct Mr. Brown.
    I am also a Tea Party Activist and a Republican. There are more Tea Party Activists than Republicans in my area. In my district, the Republicans are slow, not involved and weak. The Tea Party Activists are quick, involved, give money and give time. You will see change at the elections in 2010. The tea party will register to vote those who aren't We will get the conservative sentiment's voice heard. I am going door to door in my district. I challenge all who post here to do the same.

  42. Paul Revere has made his Ride and will soon be seated in Washington. There is a NEW PAUL REVERE in the 5th District of Virginia. Watch his campaign. We need HELP. It is a 7 way race, with the conservative/libertarian vote being split 6 ways. They are all vying to unseat a liberal freshman Democrat. Check out http://www.mcpaddenforcongress.com. Also, I have a new blog on constitutional issues and the 5th District situation. It is http://ourfreedomrising.blogspot.com/

  43. Paul Revere jr says:

    We have got to watch out the loser republicans who sat back and did nothing are trying to get on the tea partys good side so they will screw us again!Throw the bums out with the worthless Dems.Starting with McShame.Also we cant allow Newt Gingrich another prostitute to act like he is the authority and spoke person for the tea party.He needs to go to the pasture.All a person has to do is look how they treated their first wives to see they have no character! Mark Levin warn us that these has been would try get back on the tea party band wagon.Where were they when we neede them Nowhere to be found!

  44. Conservative JOE says:

    Right on Paul jr!I like Mark Levin and he is right on the money.Mccane needs to go and Newt will not lead this party of Americans that did stop health care.Another thing Bush was a total failure and the sell out king who got us in this political situation in the first place that allowed this Bozo and clown Congress elected!I get so sick and tired of Sean Hannity telling everyone he will not vote for rhino republicans and then praises people like Bush,Mccane,and Newt Gingrich.I 'm going to stop listening to him if he doesn"t quit bringing their names up on his show and praising them.Its turning alot of tea party people off!I love the guy but when he starts praising these guys it turns my stomach.He is no better than Harry Reid(Mcshame)That might be why he has lost a few notches in radio/tv polls lately..Mark Levin ,Glen Beck and Michael Savage have a set of Ba– and they tell it like it is on Mccane and other issues and people like radio and tv people to do just that.I wish Mark got along with Beck and Savage they have a different different styles but all have courage and tell it straight.One good thing they all have saved America.

  45. did you have an impeachment website for other presidents that have committed similar acts?

  46. bigbbabocop says:

    got to love this shit…fuckin' nice

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