A Needed New Breed in Washington

James Stewart

An Ohio citizen and retired military guy named Bill Johnson ran for the United States House of Representatives a few years ago against an entrenched career Democrat politician in one of Ohio’s largest rural districts, encompassing miles and miles of rural landscape. Johnson had little to-no chance of unseating the incumbent, but, guess what? He did, thanks in great part to the TEA Party.

Johnson is a conservative Republican who was determined to, if he made it to Washington, stay focused on the values in which he believes and those he knows a majority of his Midwest constituents believe.

As he runs for reelection in Ohio’s sprawling rural 6th District, it is important to note that Johnson, a Republican, is being endorsed by a group of Democrats (“Democrats for Johnson”).

Looking in as an ‘outsider,’ I think this man is what our founding fathers envisioned regarding “citizen representation” in Washington (and down to the state and local levels). The ‘founding fathers’ intended that we would have been elected locally to go to Washington or our state bodies, – serve a session or two, and then GO HOME and back to our jobs. Political opportunistic whores have totally prostituted this dream our founding fathers had for our nation.

Those Democrats supporting this rookie House of Representatives guy from Ohio include two Democrat city council members in Stubenville, Ohio (part of Johnson’s district), along with the Democrat County Commissioner in Jefferson County, and a retired powerful union leader (Democrat), Joe “Sluggs” Smarrella. It seems to me that this is a pretty impressive roster of support from his “opposing choir.”

A Steubenville, OH council member, Robert Villamagna, stated that Bill Johnson’s work ethics and priorities won him over.

Tom Gentile, the Democrat Commissioner in Jefferson County, Ohio, said that “Bill is a unifier. He proactively reaches out to us, Democrat or Republican, and seeks input. He fights the good fight for us.”

It seems to me that the spirit, drive and determination which has been displayed by this Ohio Representative is what our founding fathers envisioned, and what we all (left or right, gay or straight, liberal or conservative) need to ponder very seriously .. and very soon.

Trust me when I say that I have nothing to gain by writing this piece and, though I met Bill Johnson once prior to his initial election, I have had no contact with him since then. I simply believe that this is a very good man who deserves our support and/or prayers. What is left of our country after five years of this current administration is in great need of guys like this, who actually put America and our values first.

It is time to flush the political toilet of the career people who are interested in only one thing: themselves and what’s in it for them.

Dale Dawson
On Target News

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Our taqiyya-in-chief is just a lying, cheating, immoral, unfair, sleazy, unethical democratic politician who fooled our nation’s "sheeple" for the rest of their lives. The last non political president was Dwight D. Eisenhower, and it would of been Romney if a fair election was held. But the Obureaucrat people just lied and lied about Romney business background. This country needed a business man instead of a LYINNIGA to put the country back on the right track! We had better get a handle on our voting systems, cause the left is learning how to persuade 130% of us to vote in every election! Reid should of never been re-elected, we will catch all of these lying, cheating, immoral, unfair, sleazy, unethical democratic cronies and push them out of Congress! Once a LYINNIGA, always a LYINNIGA, please kill the LYINNIGA!

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