A Message From The Informed Voters Of America

Tea Party A Message from the Informed Voters of America

Our message is very straight-forward.

It amounts to 2 things:

1. Don’t insult our intelligence.
2. Don’t be so obviously lawless.

If it was strictly a matter of ideology and you made your case reasonably and honestly, and in so doing the people chose the ideology you so convincingly presented, so be it!

But using such unlawful and deceptive methods to promote an agenda that will ultimately benefit only the ones calling the shots, to the degree you have done so, is too much to take.

Too many of us know better to just look the other way.

You will continue to have your way of course, at our expense; but we can’t just roll over.

We can expose the poor policy in an intelligent and dignified manner, with a little emotion thrown in for good measure! We can discuss the issues reasonably with the less informed (and maybe even find some common ground.)

As you know, we can’t trust the big 3 networks to enlighten the general public since they are on the payroll. But if you ever decide to represent ‘we the people’ once again – that includes the people of the more traditional sort who still believe in the importance of a ‘rule of law’ that applies to everyone, not just those with powerful friends in powerful places – please let us know!

If not, I’m sure there won’t be much left to salvage anyway.

Thanks for the Transparency! Feels like we hardly knew ya!!!



The Informed Voters of America

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  1. Oh, all these wonderful messages of hope. You think that’s how you connect to a liberal? The scourge of God???

    That’s how they connect TO YOU! Usually with an IRON FIST! Hope and change? They really meant DOPE and change.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    You can't connect to a liberal through anyway but force because that is how they do things.We must show Obuthole we mean business and that is by standing up to them.

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