A Letter To Trey Gowdy From A Concerned Citizen

Dear Rep. Trey Gowdy,

I probably speak on behalf of many (millions?) of American citizens when I say I am most happy at the US House of Reps. forming a select committee to fully investigate Benghazi.

However, right from the get-go, I have reservations on what the intended outcome of this committee will be.  You see, I don’t trust most folks in Washington, Deceit.

Will House Speaker John Boehner make a premeditated political show of this thing by reverse engineering it to appear to seek the truth in Benghazi, but actually just produce nothing but Republican-advantageous noise and prosperous backroom deals all during this 2014 election year?

So, the charter or mission statement and limits of jurisdiction and judicial empowerment of said committee must be disclosed up front to all Americans to see for themselves if the stated mission is to be a noble-full-weight-of–the–law mission or a theatrical-no-one-will-be-punished mission, especially if Boehner and his pals risk being indicted for his involvement in any Benghazi-associated cover-up.

If we fast forward to the year 2017 and see Barry Soetoro-Obama retiring with a hefty pension, hefty health care package, hefty Security coverage, new Obama Presidential Library, and lucrative speaking engagements instead of rotting in a jail cell for any convicted treasonous involvement with the Benghazi murders, then we will know. And my grandson in the year 2074 will know when he is my age, that this so-called select committee never intended to find the whole truth and never intended from the get-go to punish anyone involved in Benghazi….and America just drifts out to sea as a lawless, immoral disheveled ship of state.

Here are some things I expect to see as a natural-born American taxpayer:

  1. You pretty much set up the mission and have free-reign to prosecute like the trained and experienced professional you are; let the cards fall where they may and the convicted get punished per existing laws. Why you? Because you appear to be a Nun among Whores in Washington, Deceit.
  2. Include private citizens who have shown a commitment to pursue this case to a whole-truth-and-consequence conclusion, such as Tom Fitton and Larry Klayman of Judical Watch, Sherriff Joe Arpaio and LT Mike Zullo, the Citizens Committee on Benghazi,  Orly Taitz, and other outside professionals.
  3. Set a timetable and move this investigation along expeditiously, say, completed by October 2014 or sooner if possible.  If any stonewalling, delays, resistance, lying, boycotts, witness tampering, etc. are detected, swiftly fine or imprison the offenders for contempt or obstruction of justice. 
  4. Keep a formal log of all who stand in the way of this investigation, beginning with Nancy Pelosi, who immediately called it “subterfuge” to all America; she is another traitor who needs to hang from a rope for willfully harming America.
  5. Sentencing and Execution of Sentences should be carried out without delay, since there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.
  6. Soetoro-Obama’s full identity shall be uncovered, and EO 13489 must be rendered NULL and VOID.
  7. This committee needs to have the forceful backing of the military (SEAL TEAM 6, ideally) to physically arrest, remove, and incarcerate the guilty parties in this case (similar to what Egypt has had to do with murderous Morsi and his caged Muslim Brotherhood).
  8. Other conditions as needed to ensure justice is carried out.

Mr. Gowdy, you will be at the epicenter of one of the most important annuls of American history if your focused professional prosecution prevails in this case, and if Lady Justice is not permitted to be kidnapped and prostituted. Half of America is supportive of your endeavors herein; and the other half, I surmise, does not know or even care to know, or will actively resist knowing anything about the Benghazi massacre. What will my grandson see when he and his family look back from the Year 2074 and review your handiwork herein?  I hope he and the rest of America in 2074 will see that justice was done.  GOD SAVE AMERICA.

Facts are stubborn things… whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts.– John Adams, 1770




Naples, FL

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    After Attack:
    Who edited the intelligence community talking points? Why did rice give them instead of obama or clinton?
    Why hasn’t Congress received all subpoenaed documents/transcripts of all directives/decisions/orders? Why did Kerry lie about handing them to Congress?
    Why wasn’t clinton interviewed in the ARB? Why did the IG open a probe on the report, and what was the conclusion?
    obama wanted to boost his foreign policy for two reasons.
    1) The true account of events undercut Obama’s claim during the campaign that al Qaeda was severely weakened in the aftermath of the killing of Osama bin Laden. obama and clinton's political careers are more important than American lives!
    2) The true account of what happened in Benghazi that night would have revealed that Obama and clinton did not treat Islamic terrorists a threat. obama and clinton's political careers are more important than American lives!
    Did obama or clinton or our intelligence community know about classified cables/emails of terrorists in Benghazi?
    Why did it take ~24.5 hours after the attack began to get everyone to the German hospital?
    Panetta testified that the military should not be a 911 service capable of being on the scene within minutes, that’s what the FEST was for! Was Panetta and Petraeus and Dempsey and Ham part of the cover up after the attack?
    Panetta testified it was a terrorist attack, but obama and clinton say it was a video, so was Panetta updating obama and clinton on the attack or on the video?
    Panetta and Dempsey testified it was not a clear picture to send help?
    Panetta and Dempsey testified that no help was dispatched to try to save the Americans because:
    1) obama and clinton never requested it?
    2) Not enough time/distance, when nobody knew when it would be over?
    There was NO stand down order, everyone was just waiting for obama or clinton to make a directive/decision/order?
    The ever ongoing FBI investigation, didn’t release terrorist pics until 8 months?
    Why hasn’t the ever ongoing FBI investigation brought anyone to justice? >15 people died helping the investigation!
    Why did obama treat the attack as a criminal ever ongoing FBI investigation, instead of a military act of war?
    Why has the ever ongoing FBI investigation impeded (no questions would be answered) other agencies to investigate who was responsible for the attack?
    Where is the ever ongoing FBI investigation? Was the investigation a total farce?
    Why did Congress never get access to all the survivors?
    Why were the survivors and others involved (including Petraeus) sequestered, ordered not to talk, and need obama permission to testify?
    If they testify, will their careers be over?
    Why did Obama and clinton lie to Congress and America?
    Federal agents and prosecutors have filed charges (a SEALED complaint in New York) against Ahmed Khattalah, leader of a Libyan militia that was involved in the assault, but never arrested him!
    9/11/13: The feds never approached him, but CNN had no trouble getting him to sit down for a two-hour interview!
    Pictures of 3 different guys that the FBI suspected and wanted to question and bring in, but were never caught and never questioned.
    The INJustice Department said that investigators have made "very significant progress in the investigation.”

    I hope I can help a little, Does Trey have a website to post questions?

    Concerned American

  2. Paolo Welch says:

    Thank You for expressing my thoughts down to a T:: I am sure millions worldwide must feel the same. I will never accept the type punishment these Fascists in Washington hand out to Political Criminals that are worse than any crownd with guns? Big Guns! They steal the country blind: eg: $9 Trillion missing from Treasury as reported by Ron Paul and the GAO? You cannot give these fascist criminals $100 million of taxpayer dollars, and tell them not to do whatever crime they committed? Again?
    The US Consttituion states that any politician, found GUILTY by a Jury of His Peers, not Barry Soetero, but including him and his entire gang of Criminals shall Be Hung at The Nearest Tree or Yardiron!!

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