A Letter To The RNC…


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Dear Sirs:

It is incomprehensible to me and thousands of others that your party or anyone in your party refuses to check out the eligibility of this President. I have heard people say that we have so much more important issues to contend with and that this one will never be dealt with. I understand that at first, there was no tangible evidence to suggest that this president was eligible to be the President of the USA. Now 4 years later, we have new information that was ferreted out by some very brave people who have always had questions about this President. There is some undeniable evidence that proves without a reasonable doubt that there is something amiss about this President.

First of all, let’s assume he was born in Hawaii, which is doubtful but believable. There is now so much more new evidence about this President that has proven to be true.

Why all the secrecy about his college records? What is in those records that would be so damning that this President chose to spend millions of dollars to keep his records secret?

Secondly, it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that his certificate of birth was a forgery and that fact has been attested to be true by at least 5 forensic scientists.

A brave Sheriff Joe Arpaio has worked tirelessly with his “posse” to find out the truth about Obama’s birth certificate.

This President’s selective service records are false and has many facets in it that were proven to be wrong and duly noted by the experts who agreed with this analysis.

Sheriff Joe also found out that this President has more than one social security card, and where they came from had nothing to do with where the President has resided. Sheriff Joe has always said that all he wanted to do was to prove that President Obama has legitimacy; and at every step of the way, he found out that all his records have been falsified.

Why the denials by your party to look into this matter? When President Nixon resigned, it was because the Democrats stood strong as a united front; and with a Republican Senate, they made him resign his Presidency.

If only the RNC had the fortitude to follow in their footsteps, you could have saved this once-great Republic.

I have called the head of the RNC, and I have received no satisfaction. I probably will get no satisfaction from this letter, and what a shame that would be.

I want my party to act like adults and take some responsibility for their actions before we lose the greatest country in the world, The United States of America.

Respectfully yours,
Sheila Charmak


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  1. Lord knows we have tried to resolve this constitutionally but it's impossible to do when the judges are as criminally corrupt as Obama, his administration and all of congress. The only way is the last resort – well aimed bullets and it seems that is the only way left to resolve this.

  2. Why are we not Impeaching Obama??? Voter Fraud, Birth Certificate fraud, Benghazi, Fast and Furious. On and on!!!! GET HIM OUT NOW!!!!!!

  3. The last thing we want is violence in removing this "president". Yet the "violence" he has been behind is what he really deserves to have happen to him. This includes the riots of the brats in the OWS, the deaths of thousands in supplying of Syria with arms transported through Libya.. Most recently, we have the abandonment, and "death by abandonment" of our 4 brave men in Benghazi. The "Cockroach in Chief" let these men die instead of do the right thing – send in help. Have you heard ANYTHING of the 20 people the 2 former Navy SEALS saved in Benghazi? You won't, because you would find out that part of the Benghazi post was a depot for arms to Syria. Beward this "wolf in sheep clothing's smile; he is mentally ill from his abandonment in childhood, and he has an unparalled hatred for the USA. Taking down America means he gets two freebies: the abandonment of Britain and Israel, as we then only fight for our lives and cannot help our allies.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      I disagree. It's not that we "don't want" violence in removing the usurper, it's that is our ONLY choice. Violence seems to be our FIRST choice.
      This IS the reason this "administration" has staged the many mass murders that's happened over the past 5 months. To remove any chance we have at a revolution.

  4. Read "The Obama Confession – Secret Fear. Secret Fury" The doctor/author goes deep into the trauma suffered in childhood, and why he wants a "America must bleed" policy. Read the book. Wake up. Take action, politcally. Go to Tea Party rallies. I will never forget my first one in Hickory NC. Two black women stood up and said "Where's the racism the media has been reporting? This is a calm, fine group of Americans just as nice as you would like in your own living room. We ALL must take America back!"

  5. Boner has to go.
    We need conservatives with big balls to go after this illegal Marxist. Then blow his head off!!!

  6. Very simple question needs a very simple answer

  7. The RNC Leadership has acted like cowards under fire. They have turned their hearts from the truth, and in this battle for credibility, they have resigned. Although the above letter is well written, it carries no news. Each point she has raised has long been at the public's disposal; so really, why hasn't anything been done about this fraudulent president? I’m sorry, but Obama’s being black and oppressed simply is not good enough

    The American people have the right to know more about this man who is trying to take this country down. Does he not silently laugh at our concerns?

    We are all now used to the fact that they are not going to do anything about it, so why pay them for services that sponsors fraud. Do not pledge any financial support to the RNC because they really don't care who is president so long as they collect money from you.

  8. Sheila cannot be more correct.

    Shame on the Republican Party.

    Shame, Shame, Shame!!

  9. I have lost all respect for the so called republican party,it does not exist anymore,the real leaders in this country must unite and get to the bottom of obamma and kick his ass out of office,he is such a fraud it is rediculous,just look at what joe arpaio has brought forth in documented proof that he is a fraud,for god sakes someone has to stand up for america,the liberals are having there way in all of this,they dont give a crap about this country,it is as plain as day. our morals have been lowered to liberal standards which are godless
    they do not believe in the true god, the father of jesus christ our lord.period.

  10. RINOS don't give a rats ass and tea party members are falling in line.
    This government is as corrupt as any government in the world.
    It's time to find a new country.

  11. awful truth says:

    I tried my best to believe that the republicans actually cared but at last I have finally succumbed to the awful truth and that is that the fate of the country if left to the cabal in Washington will be a sad one. The party system as it stands is what keeps us from uniting and seeing what is befalling us all. We need to stop with the party alignment and think of ourselves as Americans. Screw the political parties. It falls to us the citizens to take it back by force if necessary or just become one with the mud and accept what looks to be inevitable. Those of us who the masters and elitists decide to let live will be nothing more than slaves. It is their world after all, we useless eaters and redundant and unnecessary flesh should and will be culled. It sounds ridiculous I know . Well it is unless you are one of the snobby elite that see the mass of humanity using up and cluttering up what they believe is their world. The next step is to get us to turn on each other and do the culling for them. This is the reason for class envy racial tension religious tension and the fomenting of discord at every turn. They laugh while they manipulate the ignorant masses against one another. To the Godless elite it is a game that I am sure they find entertaining while at the same time ultimately enabling their population reduction plans. The wars have been raging across the planet already as we all know. They have been out of sight and scarcely on the news these days but the day is coming when the trouble comes to a neighborhood near you

    . The horsemen of their Apocalypse are coming into view now, Hunger, want, war, strife, death, misery, hopelessness, faithlessness, and general darkness and evil. Who even wants to live in the world that they will create. If we are not ready to fight if we are not willing to fight, if we do not fight this is what will come. History is the best teacher and it is painted red with the blood of fools who trusted government to be fair, honest and decent, the corruption of power knows no bounds once it is allowed outside of the confines of the constitution that was designed to keep it checked, those chains are now broken and what will follow cannot be good. I hope I am wrong on all counts but I fear I am not. Unless we the citizens put those chains back on the government we will have no say in the life we live the prosperity we could enjoy or much of anything that directly affects the quality of our lives.

    • I agree with you as unlikely it seems to the majority of people. Disbelievers should read or research Agenda 21.

  12. There can be no more important concern for members of Congress of the Judiciary than the Constitutional qualifications of our President. As it stands as of this moment, Barack Obama has never been subjected to ANY valid form of vetting to determine his Constitutional qualification for office. Nothing valid has been presented to the American people to prove his qualifications and unless he has something hidden away from America, it can only, and MUST be assumed that he is not qualified. Therefore he IS NOT PRESIDENT OF THE USA. He is instead a fraudulent pretender, sitting in the oval office illegally and creating laws and dictating our lives illegally. Those sitting in the Supreme Court and the houses of Congress are all complicit in the greatest fraud ever perpetrated here or abroad. Those complicit should not be too proud of their treason, because somehow, sometime, somewhere, they will be called to account for their actions. This is very simply my profession of a belief in a higher justice in this world than that overseen by our "Supreme Court" and in no way constitutes a threat to anyone.

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