A Law Passed In Texas Last Year Has Ended Up Saving 9,200 Lives, ALREADY

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Following statewide restrictions partially implemented late last year, Texas has seen a precipitous drop in the rate of abortions performed within its borders. According to a recent Texas Policy Evaluation Project report, the reduction is already noticeable – abortions fell by about 13 percent since November – even though some of the regulations have yet to be enacted.

In real numbers, the report indicates that there were 9,200 more unborn children murdered in Texas during the year prior to the passage of HB2 in comparison to the year since the law first passed the state legislature.

According to the Huffington Post, the limitations already being placed on abortion providers include mandates that such facilitators maintain admitting privileges at a nearby medical center and a prohibition on abortions performed after the 20th week of pregnancy.

The law also places limits on the availability of non-surgical abortions performed during the early stages of pregnancy.

Later this year, another restriction will take effect forcing abortionists to ply their deadly trade in an ambulatory surgical center.

Rather than comply with the new law, multiple abortion facilities simply opted to shut down. Nearly half – 19 of 41 – that were in business prior to the passage of HB2 are currently shuttered. When the final aspect of the law is implemented this September, the Huffington Post reports that only six abortion facilities are expected to remain open in the state.

While pro-life advocates see these results as a promising trend toward a nation in which unborn children are not systematically killed in the womb, some experts see a dark side in the reduction.

Ibis Reproductive Health executive Daniel Grossman, for example, told the Huffington Post that he foresees a rise in the number of attempted self-abortions in Texas.

“Depending on the method used and when in pregnancy women attempt to do this,” he warned, “there may be health risks for women associated with self-induction.”

Photo credit: www.governor.texas.gov

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