A Lame Duck Country?

Pundits are pointing to President Barack Obama’s recent decline in public opinion polls, and saying that he may now become another “lame duck” president, unable to accomplish much during his final term in office.

That has happened to other presidents. But it is extremely unlikely to happen to this president. There are reasons why other presidents have become impotent during their last years in office. But those reasons do not apply to Barack Obama.

The Constitution of the United States does not give presidents the power to carry out major policy changes without the cooperation of other branches of government. Once the country becomes disenchanted with a president during his second term, Congress has little incentive to cooperate with him — and, once Congress becomes uncooperative, there is little that a president can do on his own.

That is, if he respects the Constitution.

President Obama has demonstrated, time and again, that he has no respect for the Constitution’s limitations on his power. Despite his oath of office, to see that the laws are faithfully executed, Barack Obama has unilaterally changed welfare reform laws, by eliminating the work requirement passed by Congress during the Clinton administration.

He has repeatedly and unilaterally changed or waived provisions of the ObamaCare law passed by Congress during his own administration.

President Obama has ordered Border Patrol agents not to carry out provisions of the immigration laws that he does not like. We see the results today in the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants entering the country unimpeded.

President Obama’s oath of office obviously means no more to him than his oft-repeated promise that “you can keep your own doctor” under ObamaCare.

Why do we have a Constitution of the United States if a president can ignore it without any consequences?

The Constitution cannot protect our rights if we do not protect the Constitution. Freedom is not free, and the Constitution is just some words on paper if we do not do anything to those who violate it.

What can ordinary citizens do?

Everything! Theirs is the ultimate power of the ballot that can bring down even the most powerful elected official.

The most important thing the voters can do is vote against anyone who violates the Constitution. When someone who has violated the Constitution repeatedly gets re-elected, then the voters are accomplices in the erosion of protection for their own freedom.

Laws without penalties are just suggestions — and suggestions are a pitiful defense against power.

After voters have failed to protect the Constitution, the last-ditch remedy is impeachment. But Barack Obama knows that he is not going to be impeached.

Who wants to provoke a Constitutional crisis and riots in the streets? And, worst of all, end up with Joe Biden as President of the United States? Some cynics long ago referred to Barack Obama’s choice of mental lightweight Biden to be his vice president as “impeachment insurance.”

With neither the Constitution, nor the voters, nor the threat of impeachment to stop him, Barack Obama has clear sailing to use his powers however he chooses.

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  1. forget impeachment bring charges of treason for his actions in support and advancement of the Muslim Brotherhoods agenda world wide. clean out the rats nest of traitors and watch how fast others jump ship when the charges are brought against him and his minions. it will still clean out the White house as would impeachment but that takes to long and with the democrats still worshiping his every action not likely to occur where as a charge of treason will stop that in it's tracks as it requires only two witnesses to the same overt act of treason

    • Warrior Princess says:

      He seems to have some kind of radar protected existence where nothing touches him. There has been no action against him for war crimes by the UN. Ditto for the long list of abuses against the US. Ditto for NSA on US citizens and foreign countries. Holder and Reid are like 800 pound gorillas standing in the way of justice and the will of the American people. Thanks for the info on treason and two witnesses. It does not make sense that they haven't already charged several with treason. That would end most of the chaos. It is time 2 raise h3ll and win back our country.

  2. Warrior Princess says:

    Barry is NOT the run of the mill lame duck president. He has created his own personal 4th branch of the government to carry out a dictatorship. Furthermore he has Biden and Kerry and Reid and Jarret and others at his disposal to carry out all kinds of subversive methods of controlling the masses. If the resistance PACs would spend time educating the masses, we could transform against the regime. I don't see this happening. I am aware that a limited number of news medias seek to educate through articles. But there needs to be additional ways of reaching the masses. The regime uses methods of psychological warfare to control the masses. The resistance needs to use pschological warfare back to make their points via ethical methods that register on the inner core of humanity. This is frustrating in watching SDDS like a broken record. More needs to be done quickly to resolve this red alert problem of him destroying our country. 75% of his crimes against this country are camoflauged with distractions. Please adopt this slogan and help post it everywhere. It is time 2 raise h3ll and win back our country.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Warrior very very astute reasoning and since I can not add to this my hat is off to you.Keep up the excellent comments Princess.

  3. The best person in this world in only the one who learn and know and understand that how to deal with his imperfection and this is what education use to taught to us for our daily life.

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