A GOP Senator More Dangerous Than Democrats

Across the nation, a divide within the Republican Party is growing more pronounced as conservative candidates challenge establishment candidates who espouse many of the same leftist views found on the other side of the aisle.

Among the most important of these races is the Republican Senate primary battle between Sen. John Cornyn and his Tea Party-backed challenger, Rep. Steve Stockman. The Western Center for Journalism recently had the opportunity to sit down with the latter for an exclusive interview.

Stockman said there is a “crisis in our country now and it’s the defining of the parties.”

Democrats, he explained, primarily present themselves as leftists and conduct themselves as such. Unfortunately, members of his party are too often duplicitous in their self-evaluation.

“We have Republicans who speak conservative, talk conservative, especially when they come back to Texas,” he said. Upon returning to Washington, D.C., though, he said they are quick to “undermine the conservative agenda.”

According to Stockman, his primary challenger belongs in this category, which is why he wants to present a legitimate conservative alternative.

“People that are in the party to undermine the party are more dangerous than Democrats,” he explained.

He said that as each election cycle comes around, Cornyn “will run as a conservative, dust off a cowboy hat, put it on and not talk about his record.”

That tactic is by design, Stockman asserts, because his opponent’s record is “voting for ObamaCare, attack[ing] Ted Cruz first for trying to stop ObamaCare, and work[ing] to undermine Republicans in elections across the country.”

Instead of focusing on real issues, Cornyn “goes after me or his opponent personally,” Stockman concluded.

As of this writing, Cornyn’s office has not responded to requests for a response.

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