A Good Parent Beats Any Law Any Day

Assault Weapons Flickr Creative Commons Chayak A Good Parent Beats Any Law Any Day

It’s official.

President Obama wants to reinstate the so-called “assault weapons ban” which had a largely unsuccessful run from 1994 to 2004.

And in Nevada, the chair of the state senate Judiciary Committee, Tick Segerbloom, says he’s going to introduce a similar bill as “a starting point for discussion”, whatever that means.

Folks on NBC think it’s just “common sense” to ban guns as a method of stopping gun crime.

New York Senator Charles Schumer doesn’t see why anybody needs a so-called assault weapon with a high capacity magazine and our very own (whether or not we want to acknowledge it) Harry Reid is now going squishy on the Second Amendment given his lack of an endorsement from the National Rifle Association in his last election campaign.

Sounds like the makings of a skit for Saturday Night Live.

I really dislike writing about the same thing two weeks in a row.

But it bears repeating that with 200,000,000 guns already in civilian hands, no law restricting guns is going to restrict violence.  Especially by people who have serious mental health issues, like the guys who shot up the school in Connecticut or the theatre in Colorado.

In fact, no law about mental health treatment will have much effect, either.

In general, when someone says, “there ought to be a law. . .” prohibiting something or other, there usually already is.

As a rule, laws don’t solve problems.  In fact, laws usually create problems.

Last week, I suggested reinstating the 10 Commandments as opposed to an assault weapons ban.  Someone emailed me the suggestion that I should not “call them “the Ten Commandments” call them the best rules for life, then they can’t say they are “religious””

Good point.

I really wasn’t thinking of them—at least the last five—as being religious in nature when I was writing the piece.

They are the basis of most common law.  The problem is that parents—which, in the final analysis, are the solution to almost every social problem we have—no longer seem to give much emphasis to the concept of voluntary compliance with both God’s law and man’s law.  Or, put another way, just doing what’s right.

In fact, we have so many laws on the books these days that society makes most of us into criminals without our even knowing in many instances.

Good news for Senator Schumer, President Obama and State Senator Segerbloom:  it’s already against the law to take a gun, walk into a school and kill 20 first graders.  You don’t have to pass any more laws.

Instead of doing that, why not first go home and tell your kids that killing people is a bad thing, just as bad as taking people’s rights away from them.

Then, use your collective bully pulpit to suggest that other parents do the same.

I guarantee you that it will have a much greater effect on the problem than any law you think you can sneak through the legislative process.

This is exactly one of those problems which Ronald Reagan could have been talking about when he said that “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.”

I’m not saying that government foments the violence.  I’m saying that the reliance on government to deal with a problem with which it is singularly unequipped to handle reduces reliance on the ultimate solution which is parenting.

A good parent is infinitely more effective in stopping violence than banning a 30 round magazine.

One final thought.

I still have a hard time understanding the talking heads on network TV who scoff at allowing people to be armed in self defense.  If I’m in a movie theatre with a Glock 23 or my trusted Ruger Security Six and some clown comes in shooting with a rifle wouldn’t you rather I take him out rather than waiting for the cops to show up?

I’ll bet you that if New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg were sitting next to me he would be begging me to squeeze off that shot. 

Photo credit: Chayak (Creative Commons)

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    And through the clutter, the truth finally emerges. The problem in society today is PARENTAL NEGLECT.
    Seems children are for one thing only, a welfare check. The first child and each after born to a 16 year old mother is thrown to another family member, usually the grandmother, until it reaches the age to care for the rest of the pack. These kids are allowed to roam the streets and do as they please.
    The father, IF known, gets his "cut" of the proceeds from producing this money maker.
    The hope is for female children so more income can come into the home with more welfare.
    These "children" are out of control usually by the age of 7, although they have joined gangs as young as 6.
    This is almost exclusive to the Black communities. Next is the "Hispanic" communities. Very few Whites neglect their children like this. (notice I said few)
    Any doubt? See Chicago or any other high Black population that's crime ridden.
    These "families" are usually rewarded with subsidized housing. The homes they rent are usually destroyed by the time they are ready to move on. The home is then boarded and tagged with graffiti awaiting the next herd. Think what this does to responsible home owners home values.
    Think of how much crime, violent crime at that, would end if we enacted a law that threatened jail (real Arpaio jail) for parents that have additional children while on welfare and/or if just one of their children join a gang and/or every child is not either A) actively involved in school (verified) or B) has employment by the age of 16.
    We can even amend the current law that cuts off welfare benefits after 5 years UNLESS they have another child. Make the law that NO additional children can be born while on welfare benefits.
    Not only will this severely curb violent crimes, but help our economy with reigning in entitlement spending.
    How many of you know you are not qualified for welfare benefits UNLESS you are pregnant, have a child or are disabled? Throws all RESPONSIBLE adults that really DO fall on hard times, as it was to be for, under the bus to support these leeches.

    • Now there you go Seeks, tell it like it is! I can agree whole heartedly. Because once, when I fell upon some really hard times, and went for assistance, I was told, by a BLACK man, who was to be my “case worker”, that “You are the wrong color, Mrs….”! I had ONE BABY to feed, not ?????? babies, but ONE! And I could not get the much needed help I needed, for a very short while, because I AM WHITE! Wanna talk about RACIAL DISCRIMINATION!!!???? And as for what you wrote on the rest there, you are ENTIRELY RIGHT! I could not, CANNOT agree more with every single word you wrote!

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