A Few Words On Resisting The Islamic State’s Demand For Submission


The Islamic State and the other advocates of Shariah law are growing rapidly, along with their zeal to eradicate or convert all “infidels.” For those who are asleep at the wheel, in the opinion of these fanatics, most of Western civilization — including America — fits into the infidel category.

I normally encourage conversation and compromise where possible, but how does one negotiate or compromise with someone who desires your elimination? Maybe if you meet some of their demands, they will only dismember you or kill you more slowly.

Obviously, the expansion of groups like the Islamic State represents an existential threat to our own nation and our way of life. If ever there was a time to work together for self-preservation, it is now. There really is no time to squabble about who was right and who was wrong regarding our activities in the Middle East. Our enemies will use every opportunity to divide us and distract us, which will make their job of destroying us much easier.

In order to prevail in the war on terror, we must have an overall strategy, the goal of which is annihilation of the terrorists, as opposed to simply winning battles with them here and there. This means paying much more attention to military preparedness, both offensive and defensive. That means significantly increasing our covert operations, without blabbing to the world about what we will or will not do. It means cultivating strong and trusting relationships with our allies and never leaving them to worry about abandonment for political reasons. It means helping other countries in the region to realize that they, too, will soon be targets of the Islamic State, which will radically alter their comfortable lives.

When it comes to the elimination of those trying to destroy us, we have to be smart enough to realize that we must have airtight borders to prevent easy access for terrorists. Some say this is too difficult. I guarantee that it is easier than trying to rebuild a nation that has been destroyed because we thought logical defense was too hard. There is no question that unpleasantries brought about by our own forces will be necessary to accomplish our goals and defeat terrorism, but you cannot win a politically correct war.

Our enemies’ desire to establish a caliphate is no joke. Their convert-or-die doctrine parallels some of the social philosophies enforced by the political-correctness police in this country. Either you accept their interpretation of what is moral and correct, or the name calling starts; and they attempt to destroy your business or reputation.

We despise the Islamic State, but do not see the same ugliness in our own tactics. The truth hurts, and it is much easier to ignore it or try to demonize its bearer. Unless integrity, courage, and common sense result in the ability to honestly examine our own hypocrisy, we will lose the war of ideas and identity; and the land of the free will become a distant memory.

I’ve been privileged to get to know some incredibly smart and talented military leaders, as well as covert operators and innovative engineers. I am confident that with our talent and faith, not only can we win this war, but we can show the world a better way.

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  1. Live by the gun, die by the gun! (The guns of patriotic Americans, that is)

  2. I say we organize a mass "Koran burning"…. we douse the pile of religious pornography with pork fat and broadcast the even via internet streaming media all over the world. Now theirs and ice challenge for ya, Obama.

  3. It is time to BURN SAND INTO GLASS and BOMB ISIS or ISIL and Obummer calls them into EXTINCTION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and by the way, if Obummer doesn't have the GUTS to do it, STRAP HIS AS TO ONE OF THE BOMBS and BURN HIM DOWN AT THRE SAME TIME!!!!

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    The only good muslim errorist is a dead one.I ask myself why Obutthole can't call the enemy Islamic terrorist and I believe it's because he is one.

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