A Few Reasons For Optimism As We Look Toward 2014 And Beyond

US Flag 3 SC A few reasons for optimism as we look toward 2014 and beyond

Make no mistake as the election results clearly say it; we got pasted. We can point fingers and wring our hands, but the truth is we got flogged.  Nevertheless, there are no permanent winners or permanent losers in the American political system.

Conservatism did not necessarily lose. We got about 48% of the vote, but there may be another 5% who understand economies and can be convinced to vote for a conservative Republican in 2016. We held the House; and some observers are saying that although our numbers are smaller, we have a more conservative caucus than we had in the last Congress.

We have more governorships (30) now, which is more than we have had in a long time. This edge presents a possibility that they will hold the line on implementing state healthcare systems. If just a few refuse and force the federal government to set up these state-level systems, the whole of Obamacare will collapse. The federal government will look to the House for funding, and the House will say no – IF we keep the pressure up.

We have some well-known players who will step up to test the presidential waters over the next four years.  If we can make our own selection and avoid people like Chris Christie – who couldn’t carry his own state of New Jersey – we might have a good chance of beating Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama did his worst among states with photo Id or some ID requirements to vote. The day after Election Day, the Pennsylvania photo ID law went into effect, and other states will follow suit.

The Democrats’ tendency to overplay their hand is also a potential “Ace in the hole” for Republicans.  Because they and their supporters believe we will be much better off under Obama’s policies, they will constantly remind America that they are the saviors of the country. When things go sour, it will present an opportunity to appeal to a segment of our society that will be disadvantaged so severely they will be forced to the polls as their only remaining option.

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  1. Thank you for being the first person that I have read who doesn't put Christie on a pedestal. I really liked the guy at first, but then he showed too much "moderate". Now, I just can't handle him.

    I pray we will find real conservatives to run in 2014 and 2016, and I pray we last that long and have elections in those years.

  2. I'm sick of hearing about 2014, 2016, 2018,2020 and so on. OUR LIVES ARE BEING WASTED! IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW!

  3. I've already waited 4 long years to get this ass out of power and thought the American had had enough as well. After waiting again for so long, the out come may very well be the same because of the idiots that are voting!

    • Linda From NY says:

      Hi Irosin,
      I know how you feel, I too waited 4 long years to get this imposter of the white house, and we almost made it, but the idiots and combine with voter fraud put him back in office. I don't understand how can the worst president in this country ever get re-eleced, it's like committing suicide, the sad part is that these idiots that voted for obama are taking the rest of us down with them.

      The only thing to do is pray to God. God is the only one that can remove this imposter out of office along with the rest is these corrupt officials in government. Prayer is the only answer to remove all these crooks and traitors out of government into prison where they belong.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Linda and Irosen I also thought we finally got rid of Obutthole but as Rush Limbaugh says you don't vote against Santa Claus and I added especially if he is black.When Romney mentioned this after his defeat republicans like that catholic hindu Jindal and that jigaloo Newt Gingrich and other prominent republicans went after him I decided to quit the party.have you ever seen a democrat eat their own,hell they had that Warren bitch claiming she was an indian and her grandmother scalped people those asses in Mass voted the lying piece of shit in.

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