A Federal Law We Could Actually Use Right Now

voter fraud A Federal Law We Could Actually Use Right Now

Examples of how easy it is to assume the identity of a dead person for purposes of casting a vote are growing.  America has an “identity Achilles Heel,” and it’s our voting process. In our nation, the amount of identification required for an activity grows in direct proportion to how important an activity is thought to be – except when it comes to voting.

Consider the activities judged to be more important than voting as indicated by the level of identification required.

Picking up tickets at a “Will Call” window requires a photo ID and sometimes more. Opening a bank account means showing photo ID and a second document. Sending money by wire out of the country cannot be done without a photo ID.

In Florida, showing photo ID is required to purchase COUGH MEDICINE!

One of the more serious aspects of the Democrats’ voter fraud problem is that it not only allows non-citizens to vote, but it provides protective cover for embedded terrorists posing as average Americans until they are ready to strike.

This is why a Federal law requiring the data from all death certificates and insurance policies payable upon the death of the insured be forwarded to the Board of Elections (BoE) in the state of death and the state of residence – to account for those with multiple homes.

Each state’s BoE would then be required to electronically compare the names received as “now deceased” against the names being carried on its voter registration rolls. When a name “match” is found, the local Board of Elections concerned will be notified and ordered to remove the deceased’s name. Once this has been accomplished, the Clerk of the local BoE will certify that it has been done under penalty of Federal law. If the now-deceased name is not purged within 45 days, the BoE’s chief operating officer (COO) will be required to explain why. Those not responding or offering an unacceptable explanation will be held criminally liable.

To make this work, same-day registration could only be completed at a central location that would also serve as the voter’s initial polling place.

It is high time we got serious about protecting our freedom to vote in honest elections, and this would be a great first step.

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