A Fed-Up Veteran Blasts VA’s “Lie, Delay, Deny” Abyss

“They don’t care.”

As Obama administration officials pivot like haywire jewelry-box ballerinas to divert attention away from the nationwide Veterans Affairs disgrace, a reader who has been fighting the system urged me to urge Capitol Hill and the American public to stay focused.

This former Special Forces soldier and medic served his country for 25 years. He worked in the health care field managing military field medical clinics. “I know how health care is supposed to run, even in austere or low-budget environments,” he says. And in his nightmarish, ongoing experience, the VA is an epic, deadly, monstrous failure. He minces no words: “They’re getting billions of dollars, and they treat veterans like s-t. There’s no accountability, no buy-in, among civilian unionized employees. We mean nothing to them. It’s like going to the DMV for your health care.”

Over the past four years, the veteran tells me, he has been under direct VA care for two major line-of-duty-related injuries, including one combat-related injury. One of the medical centers that treated him — or rather mistreated him and maltreated him — is the Coatesville, Pa. VA. It’s the same facility where four vets died due to medical malpractice, leading to nearly $1.4 million in settlements to vets’ families, according to The Center for Investigative Reporting.

The harrowing cases included two fatal failures to monitor patients, improper management of a psychiatric patient, and wrongful diagnosis or misdiagnosis of a patient.

These details are all too familiar to my reader. “I have been misdiagnosed, had a missed diagnosis, and had delays of care lasting months,” he says. “My records have been lost, changed, split and mismanaged.” He has experienced firsthand the same “slow-walking” of care that millions of other VA patients have encountered and scores have died from — a systemic modus operandi of “lie, delay, deny.”

The vet gets a catch in his voice as he relates a horrible anecdote. After refusing to return to the Coatesville facility and seeking treatment at another VA clinic one day, he became nauseous. Instead of allowing him to lie down on a gurney, a nurse made him vomit outside so he wouldn’t soil the bed. He believes the office was open not to treat patients, but as a front for nurses to pick up extra shifts. He has encountered similar degrading and condescending treatment across the VA system.

When he appealed for help and advocacy within the system, the veteran was met with a stone wall of “Not My Job”-ism. Through denials of care, contraindicated medications, repeated mistakes, and delays of pharmacy items, he endured callousness, humiliation, and stigmatization. “When I get angry, they call me ‘crazy.’” Classic blame-the-victim tactics from the VA abusers.

Big Government politicians want to throw more funding at the VA, as usual. The veteran offers a scathing reality check: “There is ample money to address the needs of American veterans,” he says. “The problem is far deeper and more dangerous than just secret waiting lists. The VA almost killed me; my health is worse now than it was when I entered care; my quality of life and living conditions have been nothing short of horrific as I have waited years for adjudication of my benefits case, which in the end was botched.”

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    It's time for the half jigaboo president to start making sure the VA starts doing things the right way instead of him having a good time partying with his rich friends and golfing.Take one less vacation.

  2. David F. says:

    I too am a Veteran with Combat Related Injuries and have experienced almost everything the Vet in the Article has experienced with the VA.
    Being denied treatment from outside the VA itself, from Pain Management to Upper Cervical Chiropractor which I was seeing and paying for out of pocket for awhile. I would also go in to each doctors visit with Pictures of some of my obvious symptoms and loads and loads of information put out by Civilian Doctors that cover a Pain Syndrome that I also got after being shot in Combat….they look at the information for about 10 Seconds, hand the packets of information back to me, and then ask “So what can I do for you today?”. It’s gets so frustrating knowing what works and what doesn’t, yet they don’t want to listen to a word you have to say and just load you up on Medications that 99% of the time don’t work or do anything to relieve the symptoms (in fact for “Pain Management” my PCM has me taking Advil and that is it for the pain…oh and btw, per the McGill Pain Scale index, my Pain Syndrome is listed as being worse than Child Birth or having a finger amputated without any drugs to numb the finger first).
    It’s been so bad I’ve been through 2 VA Medical Facilities, 8 VA PCM’s (Primary Care Management Doctors), seen the Patient Advocacy team atleast 20 times, even went to see the Director of the VA Hospital here and all I get is “There is nothing more we can do for you, have a Wonderful Day, Goodbye”. Even my State Representative and Senators barely did anything on my behalf to look into the VA treatment of Veterans!!
    The only saving grace for me with the VA is the Non-Medical side…I was Medically Retired from the Military at 40% Disability, went to the Veterans Administration, who rated me at 30% Disability which I fought for close to a year, then saw a wonderful woman who worked there and she saw me on one of my worse days. She was so upset by what she saw with my case and what I was going through, that she immediately got her supervisor into the same room with me, he asked me a few questions and next thing I know my VA Rating was raised to 90% Disabled with 100% Unemployability.
    Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/fed-veteran-blas

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