A Culture War Worth Fighting For!

Photo credit: his grace (Creative Commons)

I think the Pope should stop doing interviews.

When it comes to Moral Law and the Gospel, we’re not talking “either/or.’ The gospel message includes (or more specifically begins with) repentance from sin, not acceptance of sin.

Are gays banned from attending services? NO. But if the Pope says gay marriage is a sin, he’s not inclusive enough? Give me a break! The media knows the answers – maybe they should stop asking!

What I really am concerned about is the NSA spying on the pope and the abrupt stepping-down of the last pope – something stinks!

The problem is ‘they’ ( the Radical Liberal Elite) want to ban sin talk as hate speech. I think we need to remind folks that divorce is wrong, lying is wrong, stealing is wrong, etc. Because if sin is deemed irrelevant, why would anyone care about a Gospel?

Government is trying to be our god.

No God, no ethics, no morals – top down, it’s now become the American Way. A lawless government will breed a lawless society that will eventually give way to anarchy. Their take-home message is ultimately “drink, eat, and be merry; for tomorrow, we die.” Except they grant themselves the power to decide what you should drink, what you should eat, and if you are to be merry (or endure misery).

We’ve seen our government lie, cheat, and steal for their own perceived ‘greater good’ – so why should we trust them?

Conservative America is swiftly tiring of the ‘assumptive language’ of the progressive machine! We are weary of the activist agendas of liberals who mockingly dismiss Biblically-defined realities while promoting secular-progressive causes that undermine the Constitution and a country founded on traditional, Judeo-Christian principles. To these lawless activists, Karl Marx is like a prophet:

Darwin’s work is most important and suits my purpose in that it provides a basis in natural science for the historical class struggle….Despite all shortcomings, it is here that, for the first time, ‘teleology’ in natural science is not only dealt a mortal blow but its rational meaning is empirically explained.

Basically, Marx (using Darwin’s insights to his full advantage) insists that God is dead and that the designed purpose in nature is a fallacy. So we are to believe that Marx and his disciples know what’s best for humanity. If they are to have their way, we must step aside and let them implement their brand of ideology.

And what should come of a social system of moral-based laws founded on Judeo-Christian principles? According to Marx, we need to defy reason and our God-given conscience and blow it up!

To abolish religion as the illusory happiness of the people is to demand their real happiness.

There is a fatal flaw in their line of reasoning, however, as the law of probability destroys the slightest inclination toward a system of complexity born (and intricately evolved) from thin air. The absurdity of uncreated creation and the utter inefficacy of unguided naturalism exposes a level of blindly willed ignorance void of rational consideration and intellectual integrity.

In 1962, renowned French mathematician Emile Borel presented the law of probability known as the Single Law of Chance as “extremely simple and intuitively evident, though rationally undemonstrable.” He went on to explain that “events whose probability is extremely small never occur” and how rational man “must act, in all circumstances, as if they were impossible.”

To ensure that the last remnant of faith in blind evolution is filed away for good in the ‘when pigs fly category’ (although it is not beneath a desperate evolutionist to maintain that a ‘flying pig’ remains within the realm of scientific possibility), let’s consider a final nail in the probability coffin. Borel asserts that the law of chance applies to ”the sort of event, which, though its impossibility may not be rationally demonstrable, is, however, so unlikely that no sensible person will hesitate to declare it actually impossible. If someone affirmed having observed such an event we would be sure that he is deceiving us or has himself been the victim of a fraud.”

Sounds like evolutionary change could be subject to the law and as such should be swiftly deemed DOA. The absurdity of abiogenesis and blind evolution is absolute. Anyone who argues to the contrary has a personal agenda for doing so.

Tragically, a significant percentage of today’s youth actively harbor disdain for Biblical Christianity and moral absolutism.

Christianity will never be PC. We have too much pride to embrace a Redeemer. Pride comes before a fall, however. And never has America been so blatantly in need of redemption.

Ironically, the idea that we accidentally evolved from random chemicals is deemed PC by today’s secular standards. Regardless, the fact that such an idea has been deemed politically correct does not make it any less absurd. Rather, the true absurdity lies in a widespread and ever-increasing cultural shift toward individual and social narcissism deeply rooted in the prideful agnosticism of the modern man. The average young adult suffers from a warped sense of entitled purposelessness.

Christian hypocrisy has also played a role. We lost our influence, and America is now reaping what we helped sow. The Culture War is alive like never before. The heart and soul of America is on the line. I can’t see America going down without a fight. But we cannot fight such an enemy on our own. It’s time to humble ourselves and give God back all honor, praise, and glory. That’s the only way we win. God will win, regardless.

Are we on His side?


Photo credit: his grace (Creative Commons)

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