A Conservative Hero is Under Attack

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown, FloydReports.com

Today one of America’s most important conservative leaders is under brutal assault from the radical Left, and he desperately needs conservatives from across America to rally to his defense. His name is Russell Pearce, and he is the president of the Senate in Arizona.

In a replay of Wisconsin, labor unions, radical Green movements, and left-wing Latino organizations are pouring money into a recall effort against Senator Pearce. The recall launched by these shadowy groups spending buckets of cash for paid signature gatherers.

While Arizona Governor Jan Brewer makes headlines around the country for standing up to Obama and the unjustified regulations and lawsuits spewing from Washington, D.C., it is Senator Pearce that is her backbone and the legislative leader that has shepherded the conservative agenda thorough the endless labyrinth to make it law.

Because Senator Pearce is so effective, he is despised by the Left. He helped vanquish the Janet Napolitano allies who….

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  1. Just kick their wazoos, they're just a bunch of idiots anyway…

  2. C Strasburger says:

    It really is amazing just how ignorant the liberals and their mindless supporters are. What's left of their "credibility" burns in American eyes on most every issue….and they only distance more and more people from their "cause….".

    I think it a good thing, because the cockroaches are out in full display, out in the light for all to see……and it is not boding well….

  3. The more money they waste on this the less money they will have for obumnuts re=election/ These people ar un american. Round them all up and ship them to Afganistan. After 5 months the live ones can come back if any are still alive. Fix two problems at once. More boots on the ground and take out the trash.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      THAT IS AN EXCELLENT IDEA ,I THOUGHT SENDING THEM TO AFRICA was good but this is definetly better along with Rick Perry

  4. Dennis Bohaty says:

    God bless you, keep up the good work. My prayers are with you.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Sen.Oearce your a good man and we need more people like you to bring the USA back to world recognition since Obummer is doing his best along with some republicans to rename our country US of Mexico or the United Muslims of What Use To Be America.

  6. charles chase says:

    I think the Obama administration has definately violated the constitution in many, many ways. He feels "HE"
    is the Constitution and either we do it his way or "get lost" as he will ultimately "win" in the end. What I am
    confused about why has impeachment proceedings not started todate? There are "many" issues as we all
    know. He is definitely not an "honorable" man, let alone the President of The United States Of America. The
    most recent event yesterday at the United Nations tells the American people what they already knew!!!!! I
    hope November 2012 comes quickly as this man will ruin our great country which he fully intends to do.

  7. Russell Pearce, hang in there with GOD and HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. This is a winning team! You will be in Christain America's prayers and the anti-Christ people will remain at your heels, they will never give up. We must never give up either. We need to pray constantly for courage, faith, and patience in waiting on JESUS CHRIST to return, to set us free from Satan and his angels. They will be constantly throwing poison darts at us and throwing obstacles in our paths We must be brave and stand strong for HIM!!!!!


  9. The reason we are staying in AZ and fighting for our states and Constitutional Rights is becasue of R. Pearce and Governor Janet Brewer.They have never been wrong on these issues and have the ture grit to stand up to the impuity of our rabid traitor leadership. Few people realize around the USA that we have spent millions to defend ourselves in court against the DOJ. Our entire governing body was sued, Mr Pearce was sued, our Sheriff Dept was sued and individual Sheriffs were sues.The money spent could of finished our fence and increase security on numerous levels. This is not AZ's problem it's America's problem. wwwbuildtheborderfence.com
    Please support this stellar American and our state any way you can.We are fighting a war of terrorisms by terrorists , under reported by the mainstream media in North America.

  10. There is a pretty solid peice of information going around that was passed to me by a couple of gents on what you might call the inside. There is no solid or conclusive evidence at this time, but for some reason it sounds plausable and it sounds like something our imposter POTUS would have his hand in from a distance of course.
    With all of the big GASTOPO UNION DICTATORS RUNNING IN AND OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE talking to the big LIAR himself and of course a host of his henchmen it does not surprise me that a worthless UNION is a driving force behind the smear. What next ? Chicago style thugary ? Unions are famous for that too. This conversation could go on and on, but it is just repetitive of the same old s*** that "O" and his crook buddies from the unions are trying to be good at. The union bosses SHOULD be held criminally responsible instead of getting the free ride as they do now. Why is that anyway ? What makes them so special to be able to avoid prosicution. If it were you or I, our butt's would be headed for jail. This has to change.

  11. God's laws are instructions to protect, not restrictions
    to hinder. They bring pleasure, they don't take it away.

    Think of God's laws like a cage around a parakeet.
    In a perfect world the parakeet would be the safest
    and freest outside the cage, in an open environment.
    But it's not a perfect world, is it? So the bars of the
    cage are not so much to keep the parakeet in, but
    to keep the dangers out.

  12. lately, every time I try to sign a petition, the latest is for Senator PEARCE. It can not be found. Therefore, I have not been able to sign the petitions I have wanted to sign. This has happened to me several times, lately!! Has anyone else had this problem? IT has happened a lot on FLOYD REPORTS sites.

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