A Congressman is On Board: Impeach Obama Over DOMA

Ben Johnson, FloydReports.com

A sitting Congressman has endorsed the call to impeach President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. Rep. Trent Franks, R-AZ, told Scott Keyes of ThinkProgress.org he would “absolutely” support impeachment if enough fellow Congressmen would support him. The left-wing blog posted an interview it filmed of the four-term Congressman at the Tea Party Patriots Policy Summit in Phoenix, in which Franks called for holding Obama and Holder accountable for violating the rule of law. Keyes asked if Franks would consider defunding the Department of Justice over its refusal to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Franks called withholding funds from the department “probably the strongest leverage that we have.”

When Keyes asked if Franks personally supported the measure, he responded, “Absolutely. I would support that in a moment. This Department of Justice has proven itself to be so committed to the ideology of Barack Obama that perhaps he should change the name.”

The left-wing blogger then returned to DOMA and raised the subject of impeachment:

Keyes: I know Newt Gingrich has came out [sic.] and said if they don’t reverse course here, we ought to be talking about possibly impeaching either Attorney General Holder or even President Obama to try to get them to reverse course. Do you think that is something you would support?

Frank: If it could gain the collective support, absolutely. I called for Eric Holder to repudiate the policy to try terrorists within our civil courts, or resign. So it just seems like that they have an uncanny ability to get it wrong on almost all fronts.

Franks is the first sitting Congressman to raise the specter of impeachment while in office. However, while successfully campaigning to regain his old House seat last fall, Michigan Republican Tim Walberg said the GOP must be willing to confront Obama “up to and including impeachment.”

Franks joins former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, American Family Radio Network talk show host Bryan Fischer, ACORN expert Matthew Vadum, and others who find the president’s selective defense or enforcement of marriage law to rise to the level of impeachment. Several other prominent figures, including former Congressman and presidential hopeful Tom Tancredo, have called for impeachment on other grounds.

Franks, who represents Arizona’s second Congressional district, is chairman of the Constitution subcommittee and an outspoken critic of Obama’s weak immigration policies.

Is Soros Scared of Impeachment?

ThinkProgress intended this as a hit piece to demonstrate how radical the Republican Congress has become. This venue is significant….

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  1. yes,impeach obama NOW!!!!!!

  2. Jack Kense says:

    Several Congressman also tried to impeach George W. Bush, even going so far as to introduce articles of impeachment into the House. SOURCE: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=hr1

    But, much like in Obama's case, they never came to fruition. Obama has not committed any "high crimes or misdemeanors" and therefore cannot be impeached.

    • Yes he has committed many crimes against our country he lied and he is a pretender. He associates with terrorists.And he also is breaking our constitution. Get him out i am tired of him prancing around like he owns us, we own him we don't need to answer to him he answers to us. I think Bush and every politician is just as guilty as Obama.

      • Jack Kense says:

        Good points, Dustin. But we really need to understand what is impeachable. In order to be impeached, a president must commit a high crime and misdemeanor while in office. So being a pretender would not be impeachable, and lying also would not be impeachable unless he was under oath at the time.

        Your accusation of associating with terrorists is probably based on his work on the Woods Fund and his relationship with Rashid Khalidi. The Woods Fund is one of the biggest non-profit groups in Chicago, and their donation to the Arab American Action Network was to fund an adult education program in Chicago. Obama's relationship towards Khalidi has been questioned because of Khalidi's pro-Palestinian stances. But, if Obama is going to be vilified for his association with Khalidi, then all Republicans should be treated the same as Khalidi co-founded International Republican Institute, the same group McCain was a chair of.

        Finally, the claims of President Obama breaking the Constitution. These claims have been fueled by Obama ceasing enforcement of DOMA and his continued enforcing of Obamacare. First, DOMA has been declared unconstitutional by three states by federal judges. Because of this, Obama would be in breech of the Constitution. On the other side, Obamacare has been declared unconstitutional by a Florida judge on January 31, 2011. Since that date, none of the provisions of the Obamacare Act have been added or enforced. Despite this, many health care companies are quoting plans with the Obamacare provisions in place, because they see that it will most likely get overturned.

        I think the view that you can't trust any politician is a tad cynical, but you are not entirely incorrect, Dustin. There is a widespread view that I am some blazing liberal communist, which is interesting considering my stance as a firm independent (as George Washington originally suggested.) While I will in no way say that President Obama has been the godsend that people thought he would be when running, I do believe he has done some things right and some things wrong. His support to the Cash for Clunkers program is a major reason Chrysler and GM are still around, his action and view on stem cell research is extremely intelligent and was very quick, and I believe his extension of parental health care benefits to the age of 26 was another brilliant move that will ultimately teach an entire generation to keep health care plans. That being said, his continued spending now is going to have to slow down and his failure to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan is inexcusable.

  3. i am not against same sex marriage and rights. But i know he needs to get impeached and held responsible and give back every cent he took from us.

  4. There are too many things that Obama could be impeached for. Far more than they impeached Clinton for.
    So get started and get rid of him before he gets more of our boys killed and spreads more hate and violence around the country. He is trying to change the country to suit him as a muslim and we like our country like it was = free. IMPEACH NOW.

  5. frank54 says:

    Sorry folks to burst your bubble but Obama will never see the light of day of impeachment, and right now his relection chances are looking extremely good after the killing of Bin Landen for a second term, unless we the people can get the tea party all rallied up for 2012 and get a strong canidate that we know can beat him,…..God Help Us All If He Gets Another Four More Years,…this whole country will be destroyed

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