A Congressman Confirms GOP is Talking Impeachment

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

Barack Obama’s threat to bypass Congress and raise the debt ceiling has stirred significant talk of impeachment — and not just on talk radio. A Republican Congressman has confirmed some of his colleagues are talking about initiating impeachment hearings. Scott Keyes of ThinkProgress.org asked Rep. Pete Olson of Texas: “Congressman Tim Scott of South Carolina yesterday in a town hall said if President Obama were to just ignore the debt ceiling, then he might be favoring bringing up articles of impeachment. Is that something that you’ve heard discussed much among your colleagues?” Olson replied, “A little bit.” Olson quickly pivoted to repeating talking points about the debt ceiling, so Think Progress’s Lee Fang followed up: “So Congressman Scott, is he just a lonely voice or are there a large number of people who are talking about this?” Olson answered, “He’s not a lonely voice.”

Congressman Olson’s statement confirms that a number of Congressmen are discussing a motion to remove Barack Obama from office.

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Tim Scott is not the first member of the present Congress to raise impeachment….

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  1. Bippy Bellito says:

    There are dozens of reasons why Obama should be impeached and removed from office. Why the cowards of Congress have failed to see what anyone with vision can see, is beyond normal comprehension. This man is unfit to hold office, is a Thug backed by an administration that has gone out of its way to violate our constitution and laws. In their minds, it's their world; we must follow what they say. Impeach the Bastard!

    • He has clearly violated the Constitution and his Oath to defend it so yes he must be removed. I see at least two potential problems we must overcome or circumvent.
      1. Congress (for the most part) has no principles and only care about getting re-elected. As a result, anything that might interfere with that overriding goal will be avoided like the plague. They are self-serving COWARDS, but that is secondary to this issue.
      2. Since Barry is not a lawful president by virtue of the FACT that he is not a "natural born citizen" and therefore is not nor was he eligible to be POTUS, there are questions about using an impeachment proceeding against someone who does not hold the office lawfully.

      As a fall back, We the People are the ultimate power so we must be prepared to act for the good of the Republic and remove him ourselves. How? By setting up Committees of Safety as our Founders did. They can then call up the Constitutional Militias of the several states to enforce the Constitution.
      I am already a member of a Constitutional Militia. Are you? Note I do NOT mean a militant group who wants anarchy, but a constitutional Militia lawfully authorized by our State and US Constitutions.

  2. ED FOUTS says:

    you already have enough to impeach this thug, HOW MUCH LONGER ARE U GOING TO LET THIS LIAR

    • Mike Travis, OHMM says:

      I respectfully submit it is not "you" who is to blame. It is "us" or We the People. Each of us needs to look in the mirror and ask ourselves the question you asked.
      When "we" decide to act, I submit we can do no better than following the example set by our Founders.
      The mechanism to accomplish the restoration of our Constitutional Republic is as follows:
      1.Setup Committees of Safety
      2.Setup Constitutional Militias
      3.Reject further control by Washington DC, replacing it with control by the Committees.

      These steps are what our Founders did to defeat tyranny and establish our Republic. I know of no better way to accomplish the restoration then by emulating the success of our Founders, do you? http://www.committeesofsafety.org/home

      By the way, I am a member of the only Constitutional Militia in my state. My life and all the lives of our members are on the line. How do I know? Because our CO has received death threats from DHS.

      I humbly request all of the readers of this site to stop talking and act now by forming Committees or Constitutional Militias.

  3. Robert Poliblog says:

    There are so many reasons any congress could begin ompeachment procedings against this fraud obama or whatever his name is or where ever he is from. He has lied under oath. The Muslims believe that it is a skill and a desired skill to be able to deceive and trick non-muslims in any way available in order to further the advancement of Islamic law in other countries than there own, I have read this myself in the Koram and it is so outrageous. all Muslims know that Obama is a Muslim but that he says different as an act of taquia against all of Americans. Obama is gonna end up splitting the country. Forty percent of Americans actually still back Obama! OMG!

  4. DominoEffect says:

    Mike T says it best…his writing..I second the motion!!

    understand your frustration. allow me to ask some questions.
    Are We the People the ultimate authority or not? Are We the People going to simply talk about our Constitution or are we going to follow it to the letter? The answers are YES and PERHAPS. However, I respectfully submit that if we do not adhere to and follow our Constitution to the letter, then who will? Furthermore, if we do not demand that all citizens follow it then it truly will be lost and our Republic is finished.
    So, I propose that we do follow it as it will protect us in the end, as well as justify our actions against an unlawful government run by an administration that is close to a monarchy. How do we do this?
    We must at least bring impeachment charges as that is the action prescribed in the Constitution. Should the Senate fail to convict him, assuming for the moment that the House will bring impeachment charges against him, that does not mean we cannot act beyond that. We still retain the right to alter or abolish the government though I am not advocating abolishing it. I am advocating altering it only in the sense that we do away with the corruption at all levels and restore our government to the Constitutional Republic as it was originally intended.
    So if impeachment charges are brought or not, we must demand our congress to bring them. If they fail in their duty to represent us and in their duty to uphold the Constitution, we take it upon ourselves to alter the government. How? First, we form Committees of Safety which is what the Founders did. These Committees are the interim government until our Constitutional Republic is restored. They also can call up the Militias of the Several States to act on their behalf to provide security and to defend our rights when the government resists, which we know they will do.

    The Constitution of Ohio says that all able bodied residents from 17 to 67 are IN THE MILITIA. So I formally joined a Constitutional Militia here to do my part. I encourage all Patriots to form Committees of Safety or join Constitutional Militias (not militant groups). Together we can and will restore our Republic.

    God Bless.

  5. OBAMAHATER!!!!!!!! says:

    wheres allthe stupid ppl that voted for this idiot??? where are they??? i can tell you they are running with thier tail between thier legs like a little puppy… NO body on this page like the so called president…and the ones that did vote for him are realizing that they F***** UP!!!!!! AS in the words of one of our better presidents…teddy roseavelt…" IF YOU CANT RUN WITH THE BIG DOGS, STAY ON THE PORCH !!!!!!!!"

  6. gunner221 says:

    I will believe impeachment proceeding when they happen. With the exception of a few newly elected congressmen, most have shown no backbone for action against Obama. The Speaker of the House is a big disappointment. I thought he would have more courage to support the will of the people who put Republicans in charge of the House. I guess not.

    Obama needs to be gone. I just hope enough congressmen will realize this and take action. Not holding my breath though.

    • Old Highlander says:

      Are you serious? Do you really believe there is enough guts left in congress too impeach this president? What a JOKE! Boehner will kiss Obama ass and laugh all the way too the bank and screw the American like he did the peoiple of Ohio.
      Check the record of this Globiless ass and see what he thinks of the American people.

  7. fightnwo2010 says:

    Well we should all love him now, since the first news posting of who was it that lady in Mich. or NY one of the two she was arrested for growing her own garden. How many of you remember this site and others talking about the s510 bill where it's illegal to grow tomatoes/ garden. If this isn't a reason to impeach this SOB, on top of everything else, and we all know what those are such as, …………Extending the Patriot act, now illegal to grow your own veggiest, take down of the internet….. and these Liberals still can't see this omg!

  8. jim tibbs says:

    I doubt that anything will be done by this Congress because of Oblunders threat to raise the debt limit by himself, afterall it is a threat only, so far. However, we must realize that all of the members of this Congress have been neutered, and don't have the backbone to just say no to Oblunder. Therefore I would encourage everyone who loves this country to vote these do nothings out in the next election, and I mean at every level of government, the democrats are progressives, which is just another word for communism.

  9. Chess Game says:


  10. BobVelon says:

    How can you impeach someone who is not legally elected? He needs to be removed and those who pushed for his election should be tried for treason. Pelosi is guilty of fraud and perjury and Congress knew he was not eligible from the beginning. They have all ignored their oath of office.. So the blacks riot. Which is worse, their rioting or the country being reduced to a third world status?

  11. I do understand Congress . They have enough material of what Obama has done. Ignores the Constitution, always doing something against the United States. Is Congress waiting for the Killing I mean when there is no more United States. No more Freedom and Communists reign- And no more believe
    in God and Country.
    Are all the Congressmen Chicken Afraid of acting?

    • littlechi says:

      It seems many of them are commies now. That is one thing should not be tolerated here. I know it says in the constitution they have rights but if it is to undermine the US and the constitution then go somewhere else. Get the people that want to undermine us out. The ones that want to kill us out. No special treatment. Learn English. No anchor babies anymore. That was set up for slaves at the time. Not just someone sneeking over a border to have a baby so they can stay here and collect money. Also if you come here no aid, nothing for 10 years. We have tolerated them taking away God, our right to have manger scenes, our rights period. We cannot even say Merry Christmas anymore so we don't offend someone. What an atheist? They don't believe so it should not offend them. Many Jewish people enjoy Christmas. If you don't like it here and you can't abide by our laws and belief in God then leave and don't let the country hit you in the —– on the way out!

    • Michael says:


  12. Flea_Flicr says:

    What are they waiting for???

    • fightnwo2010 says:

      They are waiting for him to turn white, because you know dam well if they impeach him every fkn black organization in the country would say we stepped him down because he's fking black! and then we would have a worse hit on us than the LA RIOTS! and Yall know it's true. That black race card would come out and be used against us so bad we would want to puke.

      • I don't care what card they play. I'm an all American ex-military patron and I aint scared of none of those pukes. I'm also Christian which means I'm not afraid to die or be condemned by anybody for what I believe is right in the eyes of God. To protect my country from enemies foreign and domestic.

      • Fine than. Let it be. If that's what it takes then that's what we're obligated to do if we're going to save this one and only true free nation from someone that thinks we're incapable of standing up. Someone I might add that hasn't got the balls to fight for this country because they're not American or patriotic or devoted to the Constitution we' were founded on. LET'S RUMBLE!!!!!! Who said we can only fight for freedom on a different continent. That's not where we fought for it the first time and there will be blood on our soil again and we all know it, don't we? And it's not the first I puked but I'll shove that race card up there bloody ass when the battle over. Now, who's with me ?

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    • If USA has anything to do with this, the people apologize Sinserly….all I can really say is Obama can lick the underside of my ball sack. NWO, can lick my ass crack. The people of the world need to oust the politicians of the world….there a plague to entire human races. Peace brothers

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  13. I believe Phil and Gunner221 are right on TARGET. Impeachment could validate and re-elect Obama with his currently corrupted cheating voting system. Just like in the Monopoly game, he should go directly to Jail, bypassing Boardwalk and Pennsylvania Avenue.

    To do this, the House must declare Obama's election NULL-AND-VOID due to his credentials fraud and start the process of Congressional hearings, indictments and trials and if guilty, followed by imprisonment, deportation or execution. And further, all bills Obama has signed, directives and appointments he has made as President must be rendered NULL-AND-VOID. Also, United States citizens who were accomplices to his fraud (Pelosi) and/or those who funded this treason (Soros) must also be prosecuted.

    • littlechi says:

      I doubt they would deport him, he has all the secrets now. Hopefully treason with a firing squad.

  14. Frank Seymour says:

    I cannot understand why these Congressmen and Senators are NOT ALL screaming for the IMPEACHMENT of this USURPING MORON Obama! This MORON Obama has committed IMPEACHABLE ACTS, one after the other, and still NOT ONE of our so-called lawmakers is screaming for IMPEACHMENT! What will this USURPING SOB have to do, to finally get our Congress to IMPEACH the BAST**D?

    This SOB Obama has already bankrupt our entire country! He is all for allowing SHARIA Law (MUSLIM LAW) into our Judicial System, which should tell everyone this SOB isn't an American! He is/has taken control of our country's major producers/corporations (banks, auto, health care etc!!! This isn't the job of the Federal government! This BAST**D Obama has completely disregarded his "Oath of Office" to Protect, Serve and Defend our Constitution! Instead the SOB has completely SH*T on our Constitution! The MORON Obama CANNOT, and I repeat, he CANNOT PROVE his "ELIGIBILITY" to be in our Oval Office! Not only CAN'T, again CAN'T, this USURPING MORON PROVE his "ELIGIBILITY", he also CANNOT even PROVE he is a LEGAL U.S. Citizen! The Bitch Pelosi was responsible for getting this USURPER's name on the presidential ballot, so let's not forget her! There is a CONSPIRACY in America, being paid for by Mr. Soros, that is trying to KILL/DESTROY our country and as of right now, it appears that the entire CORRUPT Congress is ALL for DESTROYING our country!

    This SOB Obama has given this Congress more than enough "PROOF & REASONABLE DOUBT" to Impeach his ass without much of a discussion as to where his loyalty is! Everything this MORON has done is Anti-American! The largest Anti-American Act this SOB has pulled is suing a SOVEREIGN State, Arizona, for making it's own immigration law to protect its' citizens, after he has taken it upon himself to STOP ENFORCING our Constitution! Who in the HELL is he to tell our law enforcement people to ignore/stop enforcing the Constitution? That is UN/ANTI -AMERICAN completely! This SOB cannot say he is working in the best interests of the American people! He is taking away our freedom, he is bankrupting our country, he IS DESTROYING AMERICA! This BAST**D doesn't give a damn about being the PRESIDENT! His goal is to be the DICTATOR, KING or RULER of America! He doesn't give a DAMN about what the American people want! Hell he doesn't give a DAMN about the Senate or House! He is ILLEGALLY using the "EXECUTIVE ORDER" of the office to completely BYPASS both!

    The American people have voted down the Cap and Trade and the amnesty bills and this USURPING BAST**D is, by "EXECUTIVE ORDER" implementing these bills no matter what anyone says! This USURPING SOB has got to be IMPEACHED IMMEDIATELY! The FACTS and EVIDENCE are right in front of Congress. The MORON'S inability to PROVE his "ELIGIBILITY" or "Citizenship" is one issue. The FACT that he is using an illegal Social Security Number and that his name, Obama/Setoro, is an issue. The FACT that he has not gone to Congress to wage war on Libya is an issue. What is it going to take to PROVE/SHOW this Congress that this MORON Obama is an Anti-American, Socialistic BUM? WHY won't this GD Congress stop this DESTRUCTION of our country! This MORON Obama is selling-out America from the inside out! I might add with the assistance of Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, Holder and all of the other ILLEGAL appointees he has made! I don't give a DAMN about "PROTOCOL"! THis BAST**D is destroying our country and yet not one of our so-called politicians is challenging this SOB to stop him! It is time for someone/organization , FBI, CIA, even our military to step-up and stop this UN/Anti-American SOB from further destroying and discrediting America!

  15. Obummer wants us to get in the streets…so, he can bring down the hammer. Top down, bottom up, as they describe their Marxist agenda. The only way is to prove that he is an illegal alien in our White House through treason. After he is executed, we'll have to scrub down our beautiful White House. I wouldn't want to breath the same air he has breathed, much less sit on the same pot. Yuck!

  16. Evermyrtle says:

    There is nothing that I want worse than I want to see Obama either empeached or tried for treason. Surely there is someone with the power somewhere in this USA that has the guts to begin this work. Person would be remembered as a long, long time for their bravery and would be honored by millions Americans.

    • Highlander25 says:

      Sorry, but General George S. Patton is not around and they broke the mold when they made him. Think we are out of luck where REAL MEN are our learders. They have been replaced with the wimps of today. Statesmenship went out with our founding Fathers, so where does it leave us? With what is left of the “Greatest Generation” to remember what it is like to FIGHT for freedom and a few who were influenced by them and not the left, who has been steadily been turning our young men into wimps! How many people do you know would be willing to give up what those who down through the ages have given up in the name of FREEDOM? Yeah, I thought so…

  17. http://logisticsmonster.com/2011/07/02/look-for-t… this be enough? what more does anyone want? Obama should be History.

  18. If Obama isn't exposed and removed from office now hsi horrendous bills will stand , if he is arrested theyu will be null and void. Obama is not a valid sitting president, he can not be impeached, onlyu removed by arrest. There are so many illegal things he has done in addition ot forgery, that should be no problem.

  19. All this talk about impeachment is just so much bull—t. With all of the usless idiots who put this islamist piece of crap in office and the gutless, spinless, money grubbing politicians who are supporting him, he will never be impeached. We are so far down the road to a takeover by this bunch, I am afraid that we will see blood in the streets before it is over!!!!

    • Pineapple says:

      You're not the only one believes there will be blood on the streets. Read the book tilted "The Day After the Dollar Crashes" by Damon Vickers. He is a financial adviser who paints a chilling prediction of mass rioting and anarchy after world markets tank and western currencies are declared void.

  20. james huffman says:

    why dont you people that we elected to run this country get rid of the problum impeach the presedent and put some order in this great nation again


  22. ROBERT AUGERI says:


  23. Michael says:


  24. Technically, can you impeach someone who is not even legally qualified (in this case, not a natural-born citizen, by definition) to even hold the office to which he was elected? Confusing, isn't it?

    • Dude if you Impeach and he states you can't because I am not legal then you remove him by nullification! It's a win / win! Nullification would be outstanding as everything he has done in the presidency will also be nullified! 35 States have already filed suit against Obama's Administration so if 2 more were to join they could force a Constitutional Convention and clear him Out too! I vote whichever works first but definitely do it!

    • Sunshine says:

      You can "impeach" all you want, and just like Billy Boy Clinton, you can refuse to step down from the office of President. So what good does impeaching him do? The crimes he has committed are basically all part and parcel to FELONY TREASON! Is treason still punishable by death? At the very least, he should be imprisoned for life, and all his E.O's and bills should be nullified!


  25. Why is Impeachment of a President such a bad word to talk about. If the President is doing a bad job or is committing an illegal action or like with Bill Clinton an immoral action, all politicians hate to use the word Impeachment, but like I said if the President be it man or woman does a bad job or an illegal action such as attempting to bypass Congress then he/she deserves Impeachment and it should not be off the table so to speak. Impeachment is the rightful remedy for a President that does something illegal as well as Prison time and a fine as well. A president of a nation is just a person no better and no worse than the average person and should b treated no better or be glorified. Just like Nullification is the rightful remedy for states to do to unconstitutional Federal laws or Federal Mandates. In both instances Nullification for states and Impeachment for Presidents is the rightful remedy.

    • silver1971 says:

      But Nobuma thing are GOD and Dems Angel and fighting evil Conservatives. A remedy are all Dems take a deep mental evaluation and will discover a true, all have some mental problem and can't be in politic.

  26. Why aren't people using the TREASON word?

    • Treason, is the betrayal of ones Country. Obama could snake is way out of that charge too. We should be talking UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT (SEVERE) SECURITY BREACH BY USURPATION.

  27. Pat Sinclair says:

    Come on Congress get busy and get the impeachment done. The people of the USA have been waiting. How much does it take to make you mad. The people are mad about what you let him get away with in our proud country. We want all of our freedom back and we depend upon you, Congress, to get the job done. We are waiting and watching but you don't seem to be paying any attention. Shut the government down so Obama can see you mean business. You run scared everytime he opens his mouth. Get some backbone and do you job.

  28. pookieamos says:

    This SOB should have been IMPEACHED long ago.He is a threat to every person in this country. He is a threat to our freedoms , our Constitution , our Bill of Rights , our lives. If this man gets a second term, there will be a civil war , revolution there has to be because eventually they will come for the guns and the sh%% will be on,period !

  29. fightnwo2010 says:

    Here is another one I don't know if anybody has noticed this one either…………..Why does it seem like we have and are helping " all the Muslim Countries", yet here is lonely little Israel , and the SOB spits in their face practically. We have our taxes paying that Amazon b—ches trip to Africa for her and her so called family. Anybody notice the white Grandparents were not there, he never even pays attention to them and they are the ones who raised him…………. How about this SOB commits what is it Tyranny when he tried to sue his own gawd damn state which would be Arizona WTH!!! Did you guys know he has stripped us of so much. Yet still you got these die hard liberals who can't see past their fking noses, and are so sickly in love with this sob! They think he is so great. I have never despised a President as badly as this one in all my life!! Here is one for you all and I really hope some of you will watch this one because here is why we even have this SOB for an idiot President!! This is on youtube, Howard Stern sends some ppl to do an interview and ask why the ppl of harlem voted for Obama, they put McCains policies onto Obama's and they put Mccains on Obama these stupid sob had no clue whose was who, and get this they thought Sarah Palin was Obama's running vice president Uuuhhh Duuuuh
    You guys gotta listen to this –> http://youtu.be/NyvqhdllXgU

    another one that will blow you away, Patriot act http://youtu.be/gFVQ0HZz2mc

  30. WHY address the arrogant, serial lying usurping Muslim thug – "president?" Know how that makes the illegal punk feel? Only a legal president can be impeached; this goon should be in JAIL!


  32. Impeachment's too good. Try him for treason and put him in jail back in kenya.
    Try all the other liberals at the same time. root em out, send em to prison for knowingly ruining this great country.

  33. Mike Shaw says:

    He and his entire Admin should be tried for Treason and spend the rest of their lives in prison. Sen. Dodd, Shumer, and Barney Frank too. These men purposely sacrificed the future and prosperity of millions of American workers on the altar to their way of thinking. I recall in 2004/5 watching Shumer and Frank on CNN lauding themselves for having just changed the banking regs to allow" the right of home ownership to all residents". They did not say citizens. And Shumer promised an audit to any bank that refused to go along. These people are not stupid as they seem, they are following a demonic plan to ruin the USA. We HAVE to remove them from office and ask God to re-take His rightful place in our country.

  34. Michael says:

    We need to start with Impeachment and then treason for a multitude of offences agiant this once great nation. This guy is ruining our great country and needs to go back to his…. Its all due to being afriad of being called racist because he is black it makes know differance what color you claim or don't claim he needs to go…

  35. Monte Williams says:

    So, 1. why have they waited this long. 2. They should have done it as soon as he over ruled the Constitution the first time

  36. poorranch says:

    P-L–E-A–SE!! Order "The Obama Error" from Amazon.com written by Stephen Pidgeon, nationally known attorney and law partner of Leo Donofrio, a Constitution specialist. About 18 chapters in which the law is quoted verbatim, then explains how Obama has violated each one — with the penalties for each and reasons for impeachment. Add all the penalties and you have lifetime sentence. The book is up-to-date until just before the NO-WAR war in Libya. Rep. Tom McClintock had a speech on computer video about Obama violating the Constitution by not getting permission from Congress, and he is MAD!! Thank the Lord we still have a few who will STAND UP to this man with no country, assumed name, assumed SS number and out to ruin America — a man with NO PAST and giving U.S. NO FUTURE. Get that book! All research is done, CASE LAID OUT FOR IMPEACHMENT.

  37. Don't impeach! Arrest and REMOVE HIM!

  38. womenfly says:

    Go for it… why wait?! There's more then just raising the debt ceiling to impeach the bozo for.

  39. Dear Friends, I read this posting on another article."Take down ALL APPOINTMENTS – ALL his executive orders, his czars, his socialist health care, the whole Demon…cratic party."
    You can't impeach a person who is not eligibile to be president. Arrest him for Treason along with his whole cabinet who haven't been vetted and neither was he.
    If Obummer is arrested ALL his bills and orders become NULL AND VOID. That's the way to go!!

  40. immortal says:

    Why won't they, the Government see that if they would cut off Medicaid, food stamps, and all the other free stuff they give illegals our country probably wouldn't be so far in debt. Americans work and pay in SS all their lives, they deserve to get what they pay for. Illegals come here and take from the US citizens and are allowed to do it. I saw a video today of Obama, out of his own mouth he said, "We have laws and laws are meant to be obeyed", and yet he breaks them (laws) everyday and it seems to be ok. Something has got to be done, He is destroying our Country and no one seems to care or want ot stop him. I see talk all day, everyone says the same thing, but NO ONE is doing anything.

  41. Jeff Roberts says:

    it is too bad that idiots are allowed to run for congress and the senate. There should be at least some basic understanding of economics before they are allowed to hold important positions. This is true of both parties.

    Debt ceilings are too important for partisan politics, and they should not be controled by people that do not understand the consequences of their actions.

    • Sunshine says:

      According to the original 13th amendment to the Constitution, NO person of title, or lawyer (mbr. of the BAR with the nobility title "esq.") would be allowed to hold a political position in the gov't. – not the Senate or the House. Hence, they conveniently replaced the original 13th amendment, and now practically all we DO have are lawyers!! Oh, I think they know exactly what they are doing. They're not as lacking of understanding as you seem to think!

  42. Hey people … it's time to IMPEACH then REMOVE Obama, the Lie.

  43. Karen Henry says:

    What Happened? 2011 was 2 years ago. Let's get movin and get Obama out before we have no America left.

  44. All replulicans needs to be impeached because they are not in tne White House to help the poor they are there to protect their rich friends in big corporation. American are suffering due to their own agenda

    • Anonymous says:

      Democrats, stupid. NOT republicans…….

    • silver1971 says:

      You big idiot, Dems are rich now more who in a past, poor no need help, need real jobs and working hard, not live for free, plus bring criminals Mexican and give benefit. Idiot like you must be impeach, take out a right of vote and,plus citizen and deported to Mexico, thi Lazy or work and paid taxes or not eat and sleep on a street, no more welfare, in especial for women lazy like you.

  45. silver1971 says:

    Thing with impeaching be will win after all laws broke and ignore plus are illegal alien prove with not dude he have deep mental problem, all liberals have some mental problem, when thing murder baby in abortion or American citizen are complete normal, see Reid or Pelosi what she said. Also a lot of Dems can prosecute under RICO federal Law. A shock be will in Noveber election.

  46. silver1971 says:

    A administrator must remember we have a law and constitution and freedom speech, no mere how express my self, and denied a comment are discrimination. I am no only one who hate a guy who are illegal alien and President who wing with pure fraud and steal my vote and millions another, plus must remember a reign of terror be will go out and who now support or protect a illegals be will paid a consequences.

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