A Congressman Confirms GOP is Talking Impeachment

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

Barack Obama’s threat to bypass Congress and raise the debt ceiling has stirred significant talk of impeachment — and not just on talk radio. A Republican Congressman has confirmed some of his colleagues are talking about initiating impeachment hearings. Scott Keyes of ThinkProgress.org asked Rep. Pete Olson of Texas: “Congressman Tim Scott of South Carolina yesterday in a town hall said if President Obama were to just ignore the debt ceiling, then he might be favoring bringing up articles of impeachment. Is that something that you’ve heard discussed much among your colleagues?” Olson replied, “A little bit.” Olson quickly pivoted to repeating talking points about the debt ceiling, so Think Progress’s Lee Fang followed up: “So Congressman Scott, is he just a lonely voice or are there a large number of people who are talking about this?” Olson answered, “He’s not a lonely voice.”

Congressman Olson’s statement confirms that a number of Congressmen are discussing a motion to remove Barack Obama from office.

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Tim Scott is not the first member of the present Congress to raise impeachment….

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  1. Jane Davis says:

    What in the world is Congress waiting on….the man is dangerous. His birth Certificate seems to be fraudlent. He has thumbed his nose at Congress, over spent when the country is desperate for jobs, taken expensive vacations, and embarrased America because he doesn't know to keep his mouth shut when "God Save the Queen" is being played. Went to college on a foreign scholarship. He's a fraud. It will take us years to pull ourselves out of the mire he's led us into. Congress you're to blame for not standing up and doing your job.

  2. NoMoreKoolAid says:

    Can I just say "It's about time?" He has no regard for the constitution, for the war powers act, for the debt ceiling, for throwing America under the bus in Mexico when he knew we were allowing gunrunner or for starting 4 more wars – and that's just what we know of. He is committing treason in almost every area he can and no one does anything to stop him. STOP him. If we have riots as a result? STOP them. He has got to go down in a blaze of shame.

  3. Stop talking about it and just do it! Get this impeachment show going! Obama thinks he is above the law! He needs to be brought down a peg and impeachment will get him out of our hair. Maybe we can deport him to the country that can produce a true and valid birth certificate.


  5. Get it done quickly before the money gets in to bale him out. Should have been done long ago!

  6. IMPEACHMENT DO IT SAVE WHAT IS LEFT OF THIS COUNTRY. If you do not do it know we might has well be doomed. Unless God sees fit to step in and save us. Which is very doubtful at this time. When they are allowing everything that God is opposed to being aloud. Gay rights, teaching it to our children in school and socialism taking all good core values away from America. Anything that doe not make since is being implemented. Pure EVIL this B.O. and his administration getting away with lying and still in our WHITE HOUSE NOT THE ISLAM WHITE HOUSE. He vowed to bring this country to our knees from the inside out and that is what they are doing. Four Fathers would call this straight up tryanny and bring it down now not next year when they have done even more damage. We need to take them out of office now. We should demand it has Americans and our rights given back to us. Also, everything done by this so called President and congress should be voided out. What do you say America do you still love her and what she stands for?????Then write, call email and demand someting be done now to stop this insanity brought to our NATION UNDER GOD.

  7. Albert Henson says:

    What are you waiting for? Somebody to show up with STONES ? Grow your own and get on with it.

  8. Stephen F says:

    Obama has done a number of violations of either his oath of office, or the constitution. Congress does not lack cause to impeach him, only the resolve.

  9. Old Highlander says:

    Impeaching this Marxist Muslim would make many Americans very happy, but I would have too see it before I would believe it. I say GO FOR IT!

  10. NoCAGal says:

    It's about time! This evil man needs to be removed immediately!!

  11. WEll i must say attempt after attempt of notifying the people of these misconducts of mister obama have seemed to gather a following that i support strongly and i have yet to see a tv network carry someone with good morally sound background and a reputable name other than mister trump which still is questionable on a morals standpoint, argue our views on tv with out a skew or liberal edit that is proof to me that they are being controlled through subsidized funds to the left wing parties views not only that but in turn shows a more sinister plan. Such as a plan for socialism due to the american peoples craving for free benefits due to there lazyness ( not true in all situations i know but enough to hurt the rest of us) we are making it appear that what they are doing is what we want! SO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

  12. I wish I could have confidence in people like the U.S. Rep Pete Olson of Texas. We have school kid like minds in Congress making statements about impeachment for the debt? How about impeachment for not consulting congress before attacking Libya? Between Rick Perry and Rep Olson I wonder if they have a combined education of 6th grade. I don't know if Rep Olson realizes it or not but the U.S. Government has defaulted on its debt twice in history. Defaulted in 1790 and in 1933. Listening to him speak is also very alarming as he has great dificulty in sentence structure. Ron Paul needs to sit congressman Olson on his knee and teach him financial historical facts. How do these people get elected? Who is strong enough to go toe to toe with Obama> Not the likes of Olson.

  13. Maybe I need to have my hearing checked, because I didn't hear a word about impeachment coming from the mouth of Pete Olson. In fact, I thought he dodged the whole impeachment question.

    • MsBooth says:

      Yep…clogged ears here too. I believe Obama has continuously lied to the American people. I believe he blatantly committed fraud when he declared a now-proven doctored birth certificate as proof of his eligibility. Our Congress has had reason to try him and his thugs for various activities…but this video was very reaching and actually didn't tell me a thing…except that the Congressman was focused on getting his job done.

    • Ben davidson says:

      He did not say one thing all he done was dance around every question asked, did nothing but dance on the head of a pin

  14. Perfectlyaged says:

    Why do you need to wait…there are already several impeachable offenses. But, I agree with two other posters…do not impeach him, arrest him and try him for his many treasonous and fraudulent deals. And, I email my Congressman and tell him the American people are tired of Congress being cowards and allowing this imposter to remain in as "President." Obama is "pulling the wool over our eyes" now concerning the jet tax. He is flip flopping again….see below

    First of all, the Heritage Foundation dug up that President Obama actually SIGNED AN EXTENSION OF THE PRIVATE JET TAX BREAK he criticized about 74 times in the press conference Wednesday. The extension of the existing tax benefit was part of the Obama stimulus.

  15. Bob Pinkstaff says:

    The debt ceiling & libia rhetoric are just washington DC & state governments diversionary BS attempting to side line their TRAITOROUS TURNCOAT mission of the NWO/666 objective!

    Just more smoke & mirrors coming from this fast talkin TURNCOAT who is speakin for the rest of the TURNCOAT washington DC establishment, all state governments & judicial systems! This evil fraudulent traitorous muslim communist AH barry satoero AKA barack hussein obama & the entire TURNCOAT DC/state government establishments are rapidly moving America to the NWO/666!

    GySgt Bob Pinkstaff
    USMC Retired

  16. Why wait? He has been impeachable for almost 2 years! How much law breaking does it take to put this guy out of business?

  17. Obama should have been impeached already long time ago for breaking and disregarding the highest law of our Country, the US Constitution. I am glad that there are now many Republican Congressmen talking now about impeachment of Obama. Please do not wait for the election in 2012. IMPEACH OBAMA now before he will make more damage to our Country. IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!!

  18. A 1:1 ratio (debt ceiling raise to spending cuts) is WAY TOO LOW! They should go for AT LEAST a 1:2 ratio (2 $Trillion debt ceiling raise for 4$Trillion in spending cuts). Also, start impeachment hearings NOW (on multiple grounds)!


  20. shakinpro says:

    Screw the raising of the debt. ceiling. Screw new taxes. Get out of the way and allow God to speak through the Constitution of The United States! Re-instate Glass Steagall now!

  21. Irish Granny says:

    Impeachment of this fraud is long overdue….LONG OVERDUE!!! Just imagine what would have happened had GWB pulled some of the 'under-the-table' stunts that this ONE has….there are numerous reasons why Impeachment is necessary – so let's get on with it!!!

  22. Hot damn….Now we’re cookin’. Let’s stop the idle threats and say what we mean and mean what we say. My country is in perile due to this usurper. This should have never come to this. He should never have been coronated in the first place. He was unqualified then and he’s still unqualified. I have mixed feelings on impeachment. You can only impeach a legitimate legal president. He isn’t even a legal citizen. He was made a citizen of Indonesia and that’s how he got aid to go to school in California at Occidental. He applied as a foreign student. I have seen his application. Where it asked what country it was filled in with Indonesia ! He never has changed his Indonesian citizenship. As a matter of fact the name and the SS # he now uses are both illegal. He never legally changed his name from Barry Sortero to B.H. Obama. America has been bushwhacked by communist dumbocraps, george soros but mostly by the drive by media. They should be incarcerated for perpetuating this fiasco. They are enemies of the state. OFOOLIO couldn’t have gotten to where he is without a tremendous amount of help. I’m concerned about attempting to impeach him since he’s not a legitimate president. I would prefer that he be arrested for treason and sedition. I will NEVER understand why it took this long for some of the 535 brain dead in CONgress to start this move towards getting rid of this piecec of feces. In my opinion they are partners in this crime too. They have aided and abetted this criminal from the beginning. It would seem to me that they should be arrested and tried for complacency. Doesn’t it matter just a little that over 300 million people’s lives and futures hang in the balance. Or are WE THE PEOPLE just the goose that laid the golden tax egg ???? Now that you’ve stolen all of our golden eggs are we just now to be used as a goose dinner ??????

    • Of course, you and I are the main course for these reptilian bloodlines. There are many indIcations towards this especially The Georgia Guidestones, research that term.

    • Energene says:

      This is why I have mixed feelings, to impeach him is to ignore the more serious crimes, and impeachment will never get by the Senate.
      Now an outright arrest, that would be the DOJ, but he put them in his pocket long ago.
      That leaves the FBI, he does not control them, they are a wild car, if the House spoke loudly I believe there would be a chance.

  23. STOP this &%$#@#$ talking and do something about this man who thinks he can do what he wants! He needs to be held responsible and he needs to go! He has usurped congress on several lines of action. he has made czars and they don't go thru congress and he has sent troops into war and yet he is getting away with this. This worse than water gate etc. This man is NOT one of us and does NOT care about this country. He sat in a church where Mr. Wright fed him communist/marxist crap, and the man needs to prove w/his Legal long form birth cert and procve he is legal, OR GO!!!

  24. i nstead of talking about it lets get started.

    • Tell your Congressman. The House has the SOLE power of Impeachment.

      • RacerJim says:

        I told my Congressmen and Senators during the 2008 election, and have told them again a couple times since then. They don't care.

      • Yes though the Senate has the power to convict. Both must happen to remove him. Since that is virtually impossible, We the People must be prepared to act on our own behalf. How? By doing what the Founds did to win their freedom. The mechanism to accomplish the restoration of our Constitutional Republic is as follows:
        1.Setup Committees of Safety
        2.Setup Constitutional Militias
        3.Reject further control by Washington DC, replacing it with control by the Committees.

        These steps are what our Founders did to defeat tyranny and establish our Republic. I know of no better way to accomplish the restoration then by emulating the success of our Founders, do you? http://www.committeesofsafety.org/home

        • Carolyn says:

          I totally agree with Mike T ‘s statements (July 10,2011) and with Eddie’s statements (July 9,2011).
          The only additions I’d like to propose is that all those found guily of the laws they have broken (eg: treason, fraud, seditious acts, pergury, complacency, etc) ( i just thought as i wrote : WOW..WHAT A LIST! My God! and They? are ruling US! ?)
          … are as follows:
          1) While going through trial, suspend ALL privileges (eg.: spending accounts paid for by we taxpayers, and their salaries) and the power to make decisions concerning America’s welfare.
          2) Imprison those who are found guilty of charges brought against them with an extravagant bail amounts. (They are in the upper-upper class and shouldn’t be able to bail themselves out easily: therefore diminishing there punishment.)
          3) None who were found guilty are forbidden to hold a public servant office ever again (IF they ever get out of jail).
          4) ALL benefits that were awarded to them through their public service office will be rescinded. (eg.: pension, medical insurance, secret service protection, spending accounts, etc.)

          To those of you out there that think these conditions may be too extreme, I ask you to process how much damage their treasonous acts and the felonies they have committed are impacting America’s sovereignty and ours and our descendants’ futures. These elected AND appointed officials are were supposed to be ‘trusted servants’. What is happening to America is of the most serious, treacheous nature. LET”S GET WITH IT CITIZENS! BITE THE BULLET! IT’S TIME FOR US TO FIGHT. It’s worth it to me…………… is it to you

  25. madhatter15 says:

    You can no timpeach an imposter, he has to be a valid President whcih Obama is not If they would expose that then everything Obama did would be null and void , including the tow communists sitting on the supreme court bench. If they impeach him it would be illegal because he is not a valid President. They won't expose him because tha twould expose all of the people in office who covered for him

    • The Articles of Impeachment can raise the felony fraud charges plus Treason!! DOJ is not going to criminally charge and Indict Obama/Soetero the Usurper. It may be ultimately up to WE THE PEOPLE exercising our 2nd Amendment right COLLECTIVELY with a 5 million man ARMED march on DC to set things right. Now WHAT?? !! :))))

    • Wrong! He IS the president, right or wrong, and can only be removed by the Impeachment and trial process. Before you start spewing off your unfounded opinions as truth, read the Constitution!

  26. philip shelton says:

    You should not have to inpeach an imposter who thru deception gained his office. He still has not been properly vetted. He should be removed under charges and tried.

  27. Coldcowboy says:

    The Republicans have not got the balls for impeachment, their chicken, they vote for anything that helps themselves, not the country. Thats why I am no longer a Republican. The Republican party is filled with RINOS>

  28. And some idiot reporter in Charleston, SC said crappy things about Rep. Tim Scott. Most of us were ONLY disappointed that Rep. Scott did not make this speech before a mainstream media news force. U.S. Rep. Tim Scott is apparently the only member of the House to put his career and credibility on the line for his country.

  29. yeah, yeah, yeah, all i hear is "impeachment, tri him for treason… blah blah blah.. when are the people in congress going to grow some an impeach this imposter.. he is not eligible to be president from what i read on some of these sites… QUIT TALKING LIKE A BUNCH OF CLUCKING CHICKENS AND DO THE IMPEACHMENT…..

  30. Talk is cheap when you get your promises of action.

  31. The whole politcal theater is a joke, most of them are corrupt and professional liars. The congressman should be saying, “We have a mountain of concrete evidence relevant to obamas multiple criminal acts.” “The arrest will be made tommorrow.” ” We will be pushing for capital punishment for his intent to destroy this Nation.” “Since he is not legally our president, nor does he have any legal status to even be in this Country and is a complete fraud, he will not get a fair trial.”
    By the way that( firm ground) the congressman spoke of, is quicksand.

  32. William Lewis AF RET says:

    This sorry piece of humanity needs to be impeached immediately so he won't be able to draw that money while serving only a partial term.He is without a doubt the worst president in American History.Any president that can put our country in the predictment that we are presently in does not deserve one penny in retirement .His sole agenda from day one was to destroy the American way of life,and so far He has accomplished His Gold.All I CAN SAY IS TO IMPEACH RIGHT NOW.The congress needs to act right now and get rid of his sorry A__ Period.

  33. Jean Petree says:

    I think President Obama should have been impeached long ago. I can't believe all the things he's gotten away with and how he just overrides bills and just forces things on us. What are you waiting for? This country is going down so fast that it's pitiful. I love America but I'm ashamed of a lot of things we allow and I don't believe God will allow much more. All we have to do is read our Bible (old testament) and see how countries were defeated when they turned their back on God and on his chosen Israel.

  34. nene1155 says:

    Some ex congressmen asked around Washington why articles of impeachment had not been brought and they found out that they are afraid of an uprising of blacks if they impeach Obama.

    • Deborah Texas says:

      many many black people do not like Obama's policies, a lot of people on fixed incomes, social security, disability, including blacks have not gotten the usual cost of living increase,

      they are talking about how that is impacting them daily and happened on Obama's watch,

      The Rule of Law needs to have an Uprising, silly talk about blacks uprising…

  35. Obama can’t be impeached. He is a complete fraud and is not our President. Everything he has done is Null and Void. If you do all the research on this imposter, you will learn that he has never done anything legal in his entire miserable life. As far as Congress goes, that black uprising brainwashing tactic is hogwash. Congress is protecting obama and so is the DOJ. The only thing most of our congressmen are afraid of, is having their covered up corruptive lifestyles exposed. They are too stupid to realize if there is an uprising, it will be blacks and whites united by the millions. Then there will be LIBERTY, thats right obama, LIBERTY. YOU hate it, L – I – B – E – R – T – Y, LIBERTY.

    • He IS the president. Maybe it was a misrtake, but he can only be removed by the Impeachment and trial process. Read the Constitution. Everyone (people) in the USA is protected by it, not just citizens.

      • Betsy K. Larsen says:

        He may well BE president, for some, but I have not, nor will I ever, EVER EVER CLAIM THIS SON OF A BITCH AS MINE! I have no president, haven’t since GWB left office. Bush may have made mistakes, but at least, he was born here, in TEXAS, and is an AMERICAN BY BIRTH and did not set out to ruin my country, with malicious intent, as did this latest POS IN OFFICE! I do not care one whit as to how this son of a peice of crap gets sent out, thrown out, dragged out, impeached out, but GET HIM OUT NOW, THE SOONER THE BETTER FOR US ALL AND FOR OUR COUNTRY!!!! He is a liar from the word GO, and to me, a murderer of this country! American is being MURDERED BY THIS EVIL MUSLIME FILTH! ONE RIGHT AT A TIME, HE HAS BEEN DESTROYING AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO UNTIL THE AMERICAN PATRIOTS GET OFF THEIR ASSES AND ACTUALLY DO WHAT NEEDS DOING, AND STOPS TALKING!!!!!!! MORE ACTION, LESS TALK!!!!! RID OUR COUNTRY OF THIS DISEASE CALLED A “president”!!! A disease by the name muSLIME!!!!! BHO!

    • obamahater says:

      you just forgot one word…and JUSTICE for all

  36. The House of Representatives has the sole power of Impeachment. Call, write, fax, email, or meet with your representatives and let them know your feelings, often.

  37. richardsievert says:

    I have some spare bick pens if you need the ink for more phony money!

  38. As much as I want this person out of our house, I can not get on board with this site or the petition. To impeach simply means to indict. Even the name of the website is ridiculous. Please keep in mind that clinton was impeached. Was he convicted and removed from office? No.

    • RacerJim says:

      Then what do you suggest we do to get this sob out of our house?

    • Susan:
      I understand your frustration. allow me to ask some questions.
      Are We the People the ultimate authority or not? Are We the People going to simply talk about our Constitution or are we going to follow it to the letter? The answers are YES and PERHAPS. However, I respectfully submit that if we do not adhere to and follow our Constitution to the letter, then who will? Furthermore, if we do not demand that all citizens follow it then it truly will be lost and our Republic is finished.
      So, I propose that we do follow it as it will protect us in the end, as well as justify our actions against an unlawful government run by an administration that is close to a monarchy. How do we do this?
      We must at least bring impeachment charges as that is the action prescribed in the Constitution. Should the Senate fail to convict him, assuming for the moment that the House will bring impeachment charges against him, that does not mean we cannot act beyond that. We still retain the right to alter or abolish the government though I am not advocating abolishing it. I am advocating altering it only in the sense that we do away with the corruption at all levels and restore our government to the Constitutional Republic as it was originally intended.
      So if impeachment charges are brought or not, we must demand our congress to bring them. If they fail in their duty to represent us and in their duty to uphold the Constitution, we take it upon ourselves to alter the government. How? First, we form Committees of Safety which is what the Founders did. These Committees are the interim government until our Constitutional Republic is restored. They also can call up the Militias of the Several States to act on their behalf to provide security and to defend our rights when the government resists, which we know they will do.

      The Constitution of Ohio says that all able bodied residents from 17 to 67 are IN THE MILITIA. So I formally joined a Constitutional Militia here to do my part. I encourage all Patriots to form Committees of Safety or join Constitutional Militias (not militant groups). Together we can and will restore our Republic.

      God Bless.

    • I'll bet you voted for that dirt bag…………..

    • Clinton was not impreached.Where you coming from…….Patsy

    • fightnwo2010 says:

      Clinton didn't destroy our Country, and he also didn't run us into broke, he also didn't do " just what he wanted to do just because", he also didn't use a Goawd dam black berry, facebook etc…….. Obama is running the country just as he did as a drug dealer. Why do you think America is down on it's knees right now.

  39. Texas Granny says:

    I don't want Obama Impeached, I want him and all his cronies tried for Treason and Executed.

    • w. rand says:

      Texas Granny, that is exactly what should be done with that nest of crooks. I agree with you completely!

    • Betsy K. Larsen says:

      Hey Texas Granny, didn’t the punishment for High Treason used to be HANGING? Hang his ass and box it up and send it to Kenya. Don’t even put that thing on American soil for muslimE sons of crosseyed camels to go “worship” as their idol. He is a muslime, bent on destroying our country, and the promise he made of “CHANGE” meant that, to destroy America, and all it ever stood for, and all that it may have ever stood for. I would love to see this wanna be king taken out of our White House, and hanged from the highest tree in Washington DC, and then all the other traitors led out one by one, and deported to any other country that they want to support. Anywhere but America. I am personally sick of them all, and none of them deserve the dignity of a simple firing, or being voted out. All they deserve is shame on the way out of our capitol. Impeach or throw out, just get rid of this nasty, filthy, ugly, POS now, don’t wait for election time, because there are still enough totally stupid and lazy people out there to again put his sorry ass back into office, for the second time, giving him time to accomplish his agenda of 2008! To “CHANGE” America into a third world hellhole, a third world muSLIME OUTDOOR CRAPPER! Just like his “beloved” muSLIME brothers and sisters live in today. Impeachment sounds good, but execution sounds better, for the many, MANY CRIMES HE HAS COMMITED AGAINST OUR COUNTRY AND AGAINST US AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!!!

    • Don't take me wrong as I agree with you. However, if we are going to take the mantle of defending our Constitution, we must follow it vigorously. That means impeachment to lawfully remove him from office. If it is found he cannot be impeached by virtue of the fact that he does not hold the office lawfully, we are on uncharted ground and alternative means must be used.
      Once he is removed, criminal charges can still be brought against him and all those who committed crimes against the Constitution. If he and his partners are convicted of Treason, they should be given the punishment prescribed by law.

      Meanwhile, it would be prudent to set up Committees of Safety as our Founders did. You know Barry et al will resist and will resort to force to retain their power. Committees of Safety will serve as the interim government until we can lawfully restore our Constitutional Republic. They also can all up the Militia which will be an essential part of this restoration.

      I joined our state's Constitutional Militia and strongly encourage the readers to seek out a lawful, Constitutional Militia in their State. Note I caution you to avoid militant groups who want to destroy the government. Read your state's Constitution to know the law. Ours states that every able bodied person from 17 to 67 IS IN the Militia. Prepare for the worst and pray for the best.

  40. I have been hearing about impeaching Obama for so long. Stop talking about it and DO IT. A Republican
    leader should do it. They are ones standing up to Obama for the most part. Glenn Beck is standing up
    for the truth, bless him. Maybe we can get Rep. Peter King to get this moving. The sooner the better
    because things are escalating.

  41. I don't understand what the holdup is concerning impeachment. How many laws does that illegal have to break????? He violates Our Constitution at will.

  42. William Atkins says:

    Obama is not an American. Haven't you been paying attention? what are we supposed to do to our ENEMYS at war? Let's do it! I can't believe there are so many wimps in elective office who stand by while an imposter appoints crooks and enemys of this country to offices and judgeships. Hiis agenda has been and always was to bring down Americs. And we watch. He has even stated that our own military is his enemy along with we older hard-working Americans. Send him back to Africa packagen in the proper attire. PS; Financial problems? Quit supporting our enemys (Muslims) with billions of our dollars and tell China to keep their hands off our gold and while I'm at it, Deport the UN AND tear down that building!



    • I beg to differ, we do not deserve what we got, NOW ! We have sent people to Washington who were supposed to do a JOB we did not want to take the time to do ourselves and be honestly in charge of our wishes.
      No, we do not deserve what we have gotten but we are NOW engaged and will fight " tooth and nail " to install a solution to our problems IMMEDIATELY.
      Never doubt, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE will prevail in ALL disputes and endeavors WE involve ourselves with !
      " DON"TTREAD ON ME " !

  44. Vernon Clayson says:

    This is a waste of time and space, Congress will not impeach Obama because they would be impeaching themselves as they allowed him to campaign and have yet to question his eligibility. They do not dare speak of it seriously.

    • fordman says:

      It was the 111th congress that allowed him to campaign not the 112th.

      • RacerJim says:

        Right you are. Therefore, both the 111th & 112th Congresses are guilty of violating the oath of office they took, Dereliction of Duty, Malfeasance in Office and/or Misprison of Treason. Likewise the 2008 to current U.S. Supreme Court and every active duty U.S. military officer.

        • percy choate says:

          as far as i can tell nancy pelose claimed to have seen his birth certificate and vouched for him .

    • Mike Travis/ OHMM says:

      It is only a waste if we fail to act. We must follow the Constitution or we will be no different than the people we despise who are destroying it. So what must we do? Follow the example of our Founders.

      The mechanism to accomplish the restoration of our Constitutional Republic is as follows:
      1.Setup Committees of Safety
      2.Setup Constitutional Militias
      3.Reject further control by Washington DC, replacing it with control by the Committees.

      These steps are what our Founders did to defeat tyranny and establish our Republic. I know of no better way to accomplish the restoration then by emulating the success of our Founders, do you? http://www.committeesofsafety.org/home

  45. Impeachment will stop the downward spiral, whether it comes because of the debt, the action in Libya, the obviously fraudulent Birth Certifiate, or just the Rule of Law, Barack Obama needs to go ASAP. He has betrayed America time and time again, by siding with Mexico to bring a lawsuit against Arizona for trying to enforce Federal laws, which he refused to enforce, by pushing "green technology" to mitigate the highly suspect :global warming". Or by driving this country evr deeper in debt with no end in sight. You have only to read his two books to realize that he hates America and white people. We don't need to be part of some socialist One World Government, and any of us will not durender our firearms under any circumstances, because if all else fails, it will be that well-regulatewd Militia of Citizens who take back our liberties and our country. He needs to take his teleprompters and his socialist ideas and go live with buddy George Soros. IMPEACH NOW!!!

  46. Of course Impeachment doesn't mean anything. It won't get him out of office. Clinton was impeached and it meant nothing.

    • Correct. But criminal charges can follow impeachment, and that is what is prescribed in our Constitution. Of course how can we expect the dept of injustice to bring criminal charges against their master, especially when they are complicit in his crimes?

  47. FreedomScribe says:

    John Boehner doesn't have the balls. Prepare for the worst and pray for the best. Only an actual Tea Party led revolution will change things and I'm not speaking of their junk mail and e-mails. Since a physical revolt is not possible (Obama would use his drones to wipe out U.S. Patriots in a heartbeat) then the only thing left is to master the art of self-sufficiency, no easy task, especially for older dudes like me. Pray.

  48. kenny1801 says:

    THROW the BASTA*D UNDER the JAIL!!!!!!

  49. w. rand says:

    He should be impeached immediately–before he can do anymore harm to our USA . And get some people in OUR Whitehouse that will listen to the American people -( who are paying the salaries to all of those 'do nothing
    people') They have pilfered away all the people's money –granted themselves 8% and above raises while Americans are hurting. DOWN the Drain with all of them!!!!!

  50. This ass hole should be impeached on his phony birth certificate alone. This way anything he sign into law and the Muslims he appointed into high office will be automatically reversed null and void. He is America’s number one terrorist. Stop talking about it and do it for the sake of our country

    • Eddie:
      Our Constitution stipulates the requirements to run for and hold the office of POTUS. Place of birth is only part of the issue. More importantly, the fact that he is not a "natural born citizen" is key because there is no amount of lying or hiding documents that can hide the fact that his father was not a US citizen, which means by law he cannot be a natural born citizen.
      I sent a letter to my congressman demanding that impeachment proceedings be started against Barry whoever he is. I do not expect they will but it does establish that We the People have listed our grievances and are therefore owed a response. If they fail to act, We the People are then in a position to lawfully act as our Founders did. If we are to avoid a repetition of the disaster of the French "Revolution", we must insure we do adhere to our Constitution. That way our actions are lawful and we have the right to act.
      We must not act on emotion but on principles. Only by doing so will be be worthy to inherit the Freedoms that go with the title US Citizen.

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