A Common Woman’s Take On The New World Order

New World Order SC A Common Womans Take On the New World Order

I want to ask you something, and I’ll hope that you’ll put some serious thought into my question.

Before the rise of Hitler, how do you think the German peoples (including the Jews) would have reacted if someone tried to warn them that millions of Jews would soon be murdered by their own government? To answer that honestly, you have to look at how many millions were already slaughtered before the German people even woke up to what was happening within their very own country. Anyone trying to warn them beforehand would have been labeled a crackpot. But that wouldn’t change the fact that a deadly conspiracy was indeed being plotted under the radar of the people’s innocent ignorance, now would it?

Yes, it’s ‘just’ history. Not likely to happen again, right? Really? Try explaining recent history with the Serbians and other East Indian nations then. Try explaining that to the Chinese citizens who are unlucky enough to have more than 1 child. Try explaining that to the women and female children from Middle Eastern countries. Their murders are NOT ancient history. Those murders are NOW!

Well, we’re in America, and that makes us immune to such horrors, right? Really? How so? Because we have freedom? Do we? Freedom implies the ability to go where we want, when we want, with whom we want, and become whomever we aspire to be. Freedom implies a lack of restraints. Beyond the acceptable social restraints of not infringing on someone else’s freedom, just how truly unrestrained are we? Be real here, folks. Our gadgets track us. Our emails and phone conversations are collected in super-server governmental storage for future evaluation. Our city governments, schools, healthcare providers, and neighbors watch us and report any ‘abnormal’ (non-compliant) behavior. Our prisons are overrun with people whose only crimes were non-violent, victimless, or by virtue of innocent association with the wrong people. We’re the guinea pigs of every new vaccine, food additive, genetic splicing, synthesized medication, chemical crop treatment, nanny-state water additive. Our food, liquids, and what we inhale are tainted with deadly toxins allowed by regulators, monitors, and unproven or even bad science. Our homes and lands are invaded by bureaucracy and laws that declare what we can and cannot do with what we own. We are tagged, monitored, assessed, herded, and experimented on every single day of our lives. We are not free. Without even noticing, we’ve allowed ourselves to become no more than lab rats, running in a maze, trying to find our daily reward.

Yes, I know that’s harsh. The truth can be brutal and ugly. Which is probably why so many choose to turn away from it. Ignorance is bliss. At least for a short while, until the truth smashes down that fragile wall of denial and has you caught in its grip. Ignorance cannot save you.

I tell you now, and I pray you will finally understand that something hidden and evil is evolving in our world that threatens us all. Only by being aware of it and willing to fight back can we save ourselves. Vigilance. Being on guard. This is not paranoia. This is understanding the nature of people and what greed can make them do. People murder in the name of greed every single day. You must understand this and be alert to it.

In our world today hides a small, incredibly wealthy, powerfully elite group of humans who are called by several names. They are the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati, the leaders of the New World Order. They have but 1 singular goal: to control everyone and everything on the planet. In the state of Georgia, right here in the US, they have brazenly erected a geometric arrangement as huge stone tablets. On those tablets for all of us to view is their plan for bringing our world under their control. This plan includes monetary enslavement, military terrorism, populous relocation into concentration camps, political subterfuge, AND WORLDWIDE POPULATION REDUCTION.

Still think it’s a paranoid fantasy? Can’t possibly happen? Be honest here again. If you had trillions of dollars at your disposal, desired to rule the world, and less powerful but likewise greedy people flocking to do your bidding so they’d get their own cut, what would there be to stop you from laying out the world, her people, and her resources as your own private “chessboard’? You already own most of the world’s money, so you set yourself up as the world’s central banking system. Then you begin buying off the people below you, having them orchestrate global events such as oil crises, food shortages, wars, terrorist attacks, and sovereign country indebtedness. You use these false flag events to create fear and doubt that gradually eat away at sovereign freedoms. You invest in these crises, growing even richer as each plays out according to your plan. And you keep playing this game until all the world’s money and brainwashed populations are under your control.

In the development, too, you are already working on depopulation. A sparsely populated world and her peoples are much easier to control. Toxins are put in the food, water, air, and vaccines; biological weapons are released. Again, greed drives these things, and greed buys these things.

Our ‘leaders’ are bought and paid for. This is not paranoia. This is proven nearly every day, if you pay attention. Even the mainstream news, which is also bought and paid for their silence, cannot always hide the scandals that repeatedly erupt within our nation’s capitol.

It is not paranoia when the proof exists of a claim. I’ve had 50 years to learn of human strengths and weaknesses. I understand greed and the depths to which it will drive humans to total disregard of the rights of others.

Greed has no conscience. It has no value except want of more. It has no respect for human life. Greed personified is the greatest evil we can ever face.

We are facing it now. What is to stop the New World Order agenda, if not you and I?

Photo credit: duncan (Creative Commons)

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  1. america has lost its freedom a long time ago….and noone cares

    • No one knows what to do- and they know it

      • She’s one hundred percent on the money. And what we do is stand up. Stop hiding for fear. If not for the brave men and women who have stood up and faught we would have never knon America the land of the free. We let them find reasons to take our money. Then give it up without reason. We the peopl had better step up to the plate before there’s not one to step up to. Donald Trump many dog him and laugh and why because he worked and made his way to the top. He is a good person at heart. He has tried to stand up to them and people do nothing but say stupid crap like his hair. Good for him he has a full head of hair. Bottom line he is one I believe if ask would help us. He is sickened by the way they’ve given all our jobs to china. He’s sickened by the way they’ve cut the poor to foodstamps and welfare if not in the street. He has made numourous attempt to say they’re. Taking out the middle class they need both to make this wourld go around. But no people would rather kick back ignore the obvious all untill new world order when you’ll be lucky to be fed. You will work because u are their slave or u will die so the next will be more hessitent after watching murder. That’s how they’ll run it. Not like there’s not plenty more. Not sure what 2 million he plans to rid of first. People lived and died and still do for our freedom our rights our money. That they just keep taking. Wake up people my husband is a disabled vet. Besides the one in military in Illinois scared to deth being trained to take our guns he’s scared there telling them air and land attacks. On us. He said they all hate obama and its really scary what he’s been told. There going to do to us. The vets my husband ran into said there getting out they can’t believe all this is just being allowed to happen to fall on def ears. Its one huge plan and were only in it if they allow us. Better wake up and start helping. Or what’s u see on tv will be us. No excuses. If millons of us stand together we can stop them. No more government. No moregovernmet each stae its own only. Indiana wants out of the us

  2. If all the states succeed from the union there will be none left to control.

  3. This article is one of the best warnings ever written by anyone. She is totally right about that huge monument in Georgia, I saw a show by Brad Meltzer on that monument not too long ago, and what she said about it is 100% correct, and the part about depopulating the planet is the most of all scarey agendas on this thing. Not many know about this monument, and no one knows exactly who it was that had this thing put there, the man did not want his name publicized. Meltzer did an extensive search for him, and could not find out who he was. What it is sounding more and more like in our country is Agenda 21! Where the “government” is in control of every aspect of our lives. We Americans are in some deep shit here, and the sooner we stand up and be counted, and do our duty, defend our country against the enemies in Washington, the better we will be. I hope, and I think, that our military will not attack us, I have to beleive that they would stand with their countrymen and women. Remember, Obama has screwed them also, big time. Most of those men and women have no real love for this Insult in office, who has done more harm to them than any other to sit in the Oval Office, or should I say, now that we have King Turd of Shit Mountain stinking up the place, OFFAL OFFICE!? What ever we do, we must by all means, FLUSH THE TOILET IN THAT PLACE, STARTING WITH THE WHITE HOUSE TOILET WHICH IS THE WORST OF ALL!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Dis I also seen that Brad Meltzer Show and your right we'd better stand up to be counted before it's to late.

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