BREAKING: What This Defiant Ebola Nurse Just Did Could Intensify The Quarantine Battle Big Time

Ebola Nurse

With state police cars following behind, Ebola nurse Kaci Hickox went for a bike ride with her boyfriend in the bright Maine sunshine Thursday morning, defying state orders to remain at home in virtual quarantine.

USA Today reports that the combative 33-year-old nurse, who seems to enjoy the media spotlight as she earlier vowed on national TV to ignore the state isolation order, was not stopped by authorities because the courts have not given them the power to restrain her.

Hickox, a nurse with Doctors Without Borders, arrived in Maine on Monday after being forcibly held in an isolation tent in New Jersey for three days under that state’s strict new law for health care workers who have recently treated Ebola patients in West Africa.

Hickox was the first person pulled aside at Newark Liberty International Airport on Friday under new state regulations after her return from Sierra Leone, one of the West African countries hardest hit by an deadly Ebola outbreak.

Maine Governor Paul LePage is reportedly seeking that legal authority to force Hickox to stay at home for a 21-day period to make sure she doesn’t develop signs and symptoms of Ebola.

Hickox has resisted any sort of forcible quarantine, even going so far as to threaten legal action against officials who have tried to keep her away from contact with the public.

Before the nurse took that morning bike ride with her boyfriend, an ABC News report detailed the status of the ongoing controversy over the rights of Kaci Hickox vs. the responsibility government has to try to protect public health.

By clicking on the video above, you can see the ABC News story describing how the people in her tiny Maine town are scared.


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Phil Robertson Demands That His Family Values Be Followed By New Family Members As Well


Already recognizable from her prominent role in the hit A&E reality series ‘Duck Dynasty,’ 17-year-old Sadie Robertson has since become an even bigger star during her fan-pleasing stint on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

She spoke about her latest venture and the unusual life she leads as part of the Robertson clan in a recent Boston Herald interview. Given her family’s penchant for firearms, the interviewer wondered if the “tough men” looking out for her intimidate potential suitors.

“Every time you bring a boyfriend over,” Sadie explained, “Papaw Phil says, ‘Hey, nice to meet you.’ Then he says, ‘Keep it in your pants, brother.’ It’s so awkward.”

The teen is currently dating 18-year-old Blake Coward. So far, she said, there have been limited interactions between the young man and her protective grandfather.

“My boyfriend lives in Alabama,” she said, “so Papaw Phil has only met him a couple of times.”

During their first meeting, Sadie noted that “the only thing he had to say to Blake all day was, ‘You hurt her, I’ll hurt you. I’m watching you like a hawk and I’ll break your legs if you do anything to her.’”

Coward, she said, took the pointed advice in stride and promised to abide by his rules. As for the rest of the family, Sadie said her boyfriend of 10 months is already fitting in nicely.

“Basically, we’re best friends,” she said. “He’s a great guy who really has a heart searching for God. He’s not perfect but he strives to be; and that’s all I can ask for. He’s really good at being kind.”

WIthin the scope of the interview, Sadie also touched on her brother’s recent engagement and the role her father plays in selecting her wardrobe for the ABC competition series.

“That annoys me when people say they’re ‘daddy-approved,’ she said. It’s not that it’s a rule, it’s just out of respect — not just for my dad, but God.”

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Israel Closes The Temple Mount – Abbas Says This Is Act Of War

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In an update to the piece we wrote recently on violence in Jerusalem, the Israeli Security Services today closed the Temple Mount to all peoples, Jews or Arab. This action was taken after an assassination attempt on a right-wing rabbi in Jerusalem recently.

As we have written before, both Jews and Muslims consider this site to be holy. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called the action a declaration of war not just against the Palestinian people, but against Islam and all Muslims.

CNN reports:

Ofir Gendelman, the Israeli Prime Minister’s spokesman for Arab media, tweeted Thursday that the closure was “temporary & meant to prevent riots & escalation as well as to to restore calm and status quo to the Holy Places.”  

Yahuda Glick, the Jewish activist who was shot, has been an advocate for Jewish access to the holy places. Israeli officials have prevented Jews from accessing the Temple Mount; therefore, Jews are relegated to “wailing” at the last remaining wall of the ancient temple, where they believe God exists.

The rabbi was in serious but stable condition.

The city of Jerusalem contains the holy sites of all three of the world’s main religions, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.  People from all three faiths coexist in the old city in the center of Jerusalem. The streets are small and packed with worshipers from all three faiths.

It is a wonder there has not been more violence.  However, this may be starting to change as tensions from the global Islamic jihad and Islamic violence against others spills into the ancient town.

The Palestinian cause is one Muslims have grabbed onto and used as an excuse for violence against Israel and the West in general. Abbas seems to be attempting to threaten more violence everywhere as a consequence of the Temple Mount being closed.

The second Intifada started in 2000 after Ariel Sharon, then candidate for Israeli Prime Minister, visited the Muslim mosque on the Temple Mount.  Since both religions consider the site holy, the Arabs took this visit to undermine Arab control of the site.  So Abbas knows full well the ramifications of starting up violence again over this issue; the historical connections to previous violent campaigns are obvious.

This comes on the heels of another slur by King Obama against the Israeli Prime Minister. It seems that our Dear Leader is looking for a fight with Israel. Abbas may be just trying to give it to him.

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Democrats Tell Illegal Immigrant She Can Vote In North Carolina


James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released a new video exposing campaign officials condoning voter fraud in North Carolina.

The video features a woman presenting herself as an illegal immigrant from Brazil who said she has a driver’s license and is registered to vote, even though she is illegal. Several of the officials she encounters are working for law enforcement candidates. When she asks for verification of her ability to vote, they all tell her she can, even after some of them consulted their supervisors.

Last week, The Winston-Salem Journal reported there is a list of 145 people who have been granted President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status in North Carolina and have also appeared on the voter rolls. They note the actual number of illegal voters could be much higher.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections (SBOE) sent letters last week those who had been granted DACA status, asking for additional documentation of citizenship.

Breitbart News reported Wednesday the figure of non-citizens on the voter rolls in North Carolina is as high as 1,400. It is illegal for a non-citizen to vote, even if they have accidentally been placed on the voter rolls, Assisting a non-citizen in voting is also illegal.

North Carolina is home to one of the hottest United States Senate campaigns in the country, where Republican state House Speaker Thom Tillis just opened up a five point lead against Democratic incumbent Senator Kay Hagan–48-43 percent–in a poll conducted by Vox Populi between October 26-27, according to Politico. The poll’s margin of error was 3.95 percent.


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Kay Hagan Dodges Questions About Healthcare, Committee Meetings, And Obama


Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) has a pattern of refusing to answer direct questions. In an interview on WSOC-TV, she was asked about Obamacare, the Armed Services Committee, and President Obama’s performance in office.

When the Senator was asked if she regretted repeating President Obama’s famous lie, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” she indirectly admitted that Obamacare has its problems by saying, “Let’s fix it, improve it, and make it work.”

Senator Hagan has also been criticized for her absenteeism at Armed Services Committee meetings. 

“You know, I am well-informed. I can pick up the phone. I have talked to Secretary Hagel on numerous occasions, right before we took the vote to arm and train the moderate Syrian rebels.”

She claims that she missed only one meeting because of a fund-raiser.

In a moment of déjà vu, Hagan was asked the same question posed to her last week by MSNBC reporter Kasie Hunt: “Do you think the president has done a good job.” Hagan answered in much the same way by mentioning that President Obama has a very difficult job.

“You know, I think we look at what’s happened in our country today, whether it’s Afghanistan, Iraq, the issue right now in ISIS, Ebola–there are so many things that have hit our country, and that he’s got a very, very difficult job. And I think everybody, with a 24-hour news-cycle, wants instantaneous answers. They want everything, they can go back and, you know, 20-20 hindsight is always, sort-of, the answer. But I think he’s got a very difficult job.”

Election Day is less than a week away and the Charlotte Observer has just “endorsed” Senator Hagan in a less than complimentary fashion:

  • Kay Hagan has been a disappointment to many voters who sent her to the U.S. Senate six years ago.
  • She has done about the minimum you’d expect from a U.S. Senator, with few if any notable legislative achievements.
  • She needs to accept that while N.C. is a difficult, divided state to represent, it deserves a senator who is not perpetually fearful of upsetting half the state’s voting population.

Senator Hagan’s campaign against Thom Tillis, currently the speaker of North Carolina’s State House, is one of the closest races this election year.


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