Conspiracy Theorists Will Be Buzzing After This Strange Thing The Obama Admin Just Ordered


Preppers sometimes get a bad rap, especially the hardcore survivalists who stockpile tons of packaged food and ammunition in underground bunkers. But what about the apparent prepper mentality of U.S. government officials now awaiting bids on a solicitation they recently made for “emergency preparedness” survival kits for banks?

According to the update on a recent article published at, the survival kits are not for the military, not for Homeland Security, the FBI, or FEMA–but for bank workers.

A spokesperson for the Treasury Department told the Washington Free Beacon that survival kits being ordered for government workers at every major bank in the United States are for “emergency preparedness.”

Once the government finds a bidder, reports, every one of the more than 3,800 employees of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency will receive a well-stocked survival kit.

…the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which conducts on-site reviews of banks throughout the country, is ordering survival kits for each of its employees.

The survival kits will reportedly be delivered to every major bank in the United States, including Bank of America, American Express Bank, BMO Financial Corp., Capitol One Financial Corporation, Citigroup, Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Company, and Wells Fargo.

The Treasury Department doesn’t specifically say why it feels the kits are needed. But the contents of each survival kit are specifically named in the government’s solicitation for a contractor to provide them:

• 2400-calorie food bar (minimum 5-year shelf life)
• 3-pack 8.5 oz. water (minimum 5-year shelf life)
• 50 water purification tablets (minimum 5-year shelf life)
• Reusable solar blanket 52” x 84”
• Dust mask
• One-size fits all poncho with hood
• 12 hr. light stick
• 1 pair of latex gloves
• Whistle with lanyard
• 33 piece personal first aid kit
• 5 Wet Naps
• Dynamo rechargeable lantern with AM/FM radio
• Air-Aid emergency mask

And everything must be neatly packaged in a fanny pack or backpack for distribution to the bureaucrats who oversee the federal banking system.

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Rush Limbaugh: Hillary And Jeb ‘Perfect Ticket’ For Establishment

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush

On his syndicated radio program Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh argued that the “perfect ticket” for the establishment of both the Republican and Democratic Parties would consist of former Governor Jeb Bush and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, asserting that “both parties agree the Tea Party has got to be dealt with somehow, some way.”

Limbaugh said Wednesday that Clinton had “a little problem.” The former Secretary of State “has to run for the presidency away from Obama, because Obama is death politically to Democrats seeking office.

“I give you the 2014 elections. Every Democrat senator [who] voted for Obamacare [is] toast. They’re gone, one way or the other; defeated, quit, retired, or dead. Hillary Clinton, Benghazi, all kinds of controversies and scandals, Hillary Clinton was tied. She’s got to distance herself.

The syndicated radio host argued that Clinton needs to win in another fashion because the Democratic base belongs to Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who Limbaugh claimed is playing coy about running for President. Limbaugh gave his perfect solution for 2016 for those in the establishment:

“The ideal perfect ticket for the 2016 election: Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush. Now they can figure out who’s on top of the ticket on their own. But when you compare their positions, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, on the key important issues, they are two peas in the same pod.”

Limbaugh buttressed his argument by noting that both Bush and Clinton are pro-amnesty candidates. “Jeb Bush wants it; Hillary wants it. Both parties want to win the nomination, Hillary by running away from the Democrat base, Jeb by running away from the Republican base.”

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Is Government Ever Faithful To The Constitution?

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When the government is waving at us with its right hand, so to speak, it is the government’s left hand that we should be watching. Just as a magician draws your attention to what he wants you to see so you will not observe how his trick is performed, last week presented a textbook example of public disputes masking hidden deceptions. Here is what happened.

Last week was dominated by two huge news stories. One was the revelation by the Senate Intelligence Committee of torture committed by CIA agents and contractors on 119 detainees in the post-9/11 era — 26 of whom were tortured for months by mistake. In that revelation of anguish and error were the conclusions by CIA agents themselves that their torture had not produced helpful information. President Barack Obama acknowledged that the CIA had tortured; yet he directed the Department of Justice not to prosecute those who tortured and those who authorized it.

The other substantial news story was the compromise achieved by Congress and the White House to fund the government through the end of September 2015. That legislation, which is 2,000 pages in length, was not read by anyone who voted for it. It spends a few hundred billion dollars more than the government will collect in tax revenue. The compromise was achieved through bribery; members of Congress bought and sold votes by adding goodies (in the form of local expenditures of money borrowed by the federal government) to the bill that were never debated or independently voted upon and were added solely to achieve the votes needed for passage. This is how the federal government operates today. Both parties participate in it. They have turned the public treasury into a public trough.

Hidden in the law that authorized the government to spend more than it will collect was a part about funding for the 16 federal civilian intelligence agencies. And hidden in that was a clause, inserted by the same Senate Intelligence Committee that revealed the CIA torture, authorizing the National Security Agency to gather and retain nonpublic data for five years and to share it with law enforcement and with foreign governments. “Nonpublic data” is the government’s language referring to the content of the emails, text messages, telephone calls, bank statements, utility bills, and credit card bills of nearly every innocent person in America — including members of Congress, federal judges, public officials, and law enforcement officials. I say “innocent” because the language of this legislation — which purports to make lawful the NSA spying we now all know about — makes clear that those who spy upon us needn’t have any articulable suspicion or probable cause for spying.

The need for articulable suspicion and probable cause has its origins in the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, which was written to prohibit what Congress just authorized. That amendment was a reaction to the brutish British practice of rummaging through the homes of American colonists, looking for anything that might be illegal. It is also a codification of our natural right to privacy. It requires that if the government wants nonpublic data from our persons, houses, papers or effects, it must first present evidence of probable cause to a judge and then ask the judge for a search warrant.

Probable cause is a level of evidence that is sufficient to induce a judge into concluding that it is more likely than not that the place to be examined contains evidence of crimes. In order to seek probable cause, the government must first have an articulable suspicion about the person or place it has targeted. Were this not in the law, then nothing would stop the government from fishing expeditions in pursuit of anyone it wants to pursue. And fishing expeditions turn the presumption of liberty on its head. The presumption of liberty is based on the belief that our rights are natural to us and that we may exercise them without a permission slip from the government and without its surveillance.

Until last week, that is. Last week, Congress, by authorizing the massive NSA spying to continue and by authorizing the spies to share what they have seized with law enforcement, basically permitted the fishing expeditions that the Fourth Amendment was written to prevent.

How can the president and Congress defy the Constitution, you might ask? Hasn’t every member of the government taken an oath to uphold the Constitution? Doesn’t the Constitution create the presidency and the Congress? How can politicians purport to change it?

The answers to these questions are obvious, as is the belief of most of those in government that they can write any law and regulate any behavior and ignore the Constitution they have sworn to uphold whenever they want, so long as they can get away with it.


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Is Barack Obama Melting Down?


Barack Obama is melting down. Desperate to leave a positive legacy, he is beside himself and grasping at straws. With popularity polls at an all time low and virtually no one approving of how he is doing his job, he is doing an end run around the U.S. Constitution by ramrodding through executive orders and executive actions to implement his policies.

But even this is failing as the courts are blocking his attempt at slam-dunking an amnesty of illegal immigrants.

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Feds Flooding U.S. With Muslim Immigrants, As Government Data Shows Economy Is Falling Apart

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While everyone is worried about the illegal immigrants flooding over the Southern border, the federal government over the last decade has granted legal status to millions of  Muslim immigrants.

This week, we learned the Obama administration is in the process of granting refugee status to 9,000 Syrian Refugees, many of whom could have direct ties to Syrian Terrorist organizations. Once those 9,000 “refugees” are brought into the U.S., the federal government plans to bring in 1,000 Syrian refugees every month, until at least 75,000 Syrian refugees are implanted into 180 cities throughout the United States.

Unlike the surge at the southern border, most of the immigrants from the Middle East have come here legally, with full support and aid from the Federal Government.

Illegal Immigrants from Middle East allowed to Join U.S. Military & Granted Citizenship

Back in 2010, President Obama issued an executive order expediting immigration visa requests from Islamic countries. As part of his plan, people from Islamic countries who had “special skills” like speaking Arabic, Dari, Pushti, or any other Islamic dialect could be granted citizenship in return for serving in our military.

So at the same time this President was purging hundreds of thousands of American citizens from the military, he was granting citizenship and recruiting Muslims to join that same military. These are people who have arrived in the U.S. illegally, with no proof of who they are, or where they actually came from.

Anyone else see a problem with allowing them to join our military? Does the Fort Hood Terrorist attack come to mind?

Why are we dumping Refugees in a Country that’s already bankrupt?

I have no problem with legal immigration, especially if the people we are bringing in can actually contribute to our society by creating jobs. Unfortunately, this administration seems to cater to those with no skills, ensuring even more people will become dependent on this government and its welfare programs.

According to the latest census numbers, one in five U.S. Millennials – adults 18 to 34 years old – now live in poverty. According to the Census bureau, these Millennials are likely to be foreign born and speak a language other than English at home.

The latest Census data paints a pretty grim picture. While the government media machine continues to push the phony mantra that out economy is in recovery mode, the real numbers aren’t so rosy.

The government would like you to believe that everyone now has a job, but the real unemployment number sits at 12.6%. Even more troubling, especially when you consider that this country is being flooded by low-skill workers who will never find a job, is the number of children now living in households that receive government assistance.

A new study just released by the Census Bureau found that almost two-thirds (65 percent) of children in this country now live in a home that receives assistance from at least one government welfare program.

The Collapse is coming, and it’s not going to be pretty.

Unfortunately, most of the country has forgotten how close we came to a complete meltdown of the entire financial system back in 2008. Even more troubling is we’re now in even worse shape than we were during the lead-up to the 2008 financial meltdown.

If you haven’t started taking steps to prepare yourself for coming economic problems, you really need to take a hard look at what’s going on in this country, and then figure out if you’re prepared to face the coming chaos. I devoted an entire section to financial preparedness and the collapse in my book, The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide, because I believe it’s one of the most pressing issues we face as a country. It not only has the ability to destroy this once great nation, but the ensuing chaos that will come as a result of the collapse will be beyond anything we’ve ever seen.

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