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Breaking: Judge Makes Big Decision Regarding Officers Charged In Freddie Gray’s Death

The judge presiding over the Freddie Gray trial refused to dismiss charges against the six Baltimore police officers in the case.

Attorneys for the defendants filed a motion arguing that the charges should be dismissed due to prosecutorial misconduct by State Attorney Marilyn Mosby, or alternatively require her office to be recused from trying the case due to conflicts of interest.

The arguments for dismissing the charges due to prosecutorial misconduct focused on public statements Mosby made in May announcing the case against the officers, during which she adopted the slogan of the protesters, “No justice, no peace.”

The defense also argued that Mosby has a conflict of interest because her husband, Nick Mosby, serves as a City Councilman in the district where Gray was arrested. 

Twenty-five year old Gray died in April due to spinal injuries received while in policy custody. His death sparked the largest riots in Baltimore since the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968.

The Associated Press reports that while Circuit Judge Barry Williams found Mosby’s public comments about the case troubling, he did not believe they were likely to prejudice a jury.

Preliminary hearings in the case will continue next week, including considering whether the trial should be moved outside of Baltimore. A trial date is set for the middle of October.

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On This Day In History: A Life Transformed

Imperial Japan’s emperor claimed to be an incarnate divinity who was to be obeyed completely. It was forbidden for his subjects to criticize him.The Japanese empire he inherited grew into one of the largest maritime empires in history, becoming the 3rd largest naval power and having the 9th largest economy in the world. In 1910, Imperial Japan annexed Korea, and in 1918 took control of Russian ports in Siberia. In 1937, Imperial Japan’s Army killed an estimated 200,000 in Nanking, China. In 1941, over 3,000 Americans died when Imperial Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. In 1942, over 20,000 Americans and Filipinos died on Bataan’s Death March, where starving prisoners marched 65 miles in heat and jungles to a disease infested camp.

Imperial Japanese fought fiercely, resulting in over 100,000 deaths as the Allies took Okinawa and Pacific islands through 1945. Similar to jihad suicide-bombers, kamikaze suicide-pilots were indoctrinated with a samurai code, believing it was more honorable to die killing the enemy than to shamefully surrender or be captured. About 3,860 kamikaze pilots met their deaths hitting more than 400 Allied ships.

Democrat President Harry S. Truman made the controversial decision on August 6, 1945 to drop the Atomic Bomb. Though devastating, it is suggested to have prevented an additional one million casualties on both sides. Emperor Hirohito’s Imperial forces officially surrendered aboard the U.S.S. Missouri, anchored in Tokyo Bay, on September 2, 1945.

An interesting story occurred after the war ended. Mitsuo Fuchida was the Imperial Japanese Navy pilot who led the attack on Pearl Harbor, shouting, “Tora, Tora, Tora.” In 1950, he became a Christian, later an evangelist, and in 1960, an American citizen. His story was written in Readers Digest “God’s Samurai: Lead Pilot at Pearl Harbor,” (Feb. 1954).

Mitsuo Fuchida wrote in From Pearl Harbor to Calvary (1953):

I was in Hiroshima the day before the atom bomb was dropped…

Fortunately, I received a long distance call from my Navy Headquarters, asking me to return to Tokyo.

With the end of the war, my military career was over, since all Japanese forces were disbanded. I returned to my home village…

…Though I was never accused, Gen. Douglas MacArthur summoned me to testify…

As I got off the train one day in Tokyo’s Shibuya Station, I saw an American distributing literature.

When I passed him, he handed me a pamphlet entitled “I Was a Prisoner of Japan” (published by Bible Literature International)…

What I read was the fascinating episode which eventually changed my life…

Though I was never accused, Gen. Douglas MacArthur summoned me to testify…

As I got off the train one day in Tokyo’s Shibuya Station, I saw an American distributing literature.


Fuchida continued:

Jake DeShazer… volunteered for a secret mission with the Jimmy Doolittle Squadron – a surprise raid on Tokyo from the carrier Hornet… After the bombing raid… DeShazer found himself a prisoner of Japan…

…There in the Japanese P.O.W. camp, he read and read and eventually came to understand that the book was more than a historical classic…

The dynamic power of Christ which Jake DeShazer accepted into his life changed his entire attitude toward his captors. His hatred turned to love…

He wrote further:

DeShazer…returned to Japan as a missionary. And his story, printed in pamphlet form, was something I could not explain…

Since the American had found it in the Bible, I decided to purchase one myself, despite my traditionally Buddhist heritage…

…In the ensuing weeks, I read this book eagerly. I came to the climactic drama – the Crucifixion. I read in Luke 23:34 the prayer of Jesus Christ at His death: ‘Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do’…

I was certainly one of those for whom He had prayed. The many men I had killed had been slaughtered in the name of patriotism, for I did not understand the love which Christ wishes to implant within every heart.

Right at that moment, I seemed to meet Jesus for the first time.

I understood the meaning of His death as a substitute for my wickedness, and so in prayer, I requested Him to forgive my sins and change me from a bitter, disillusioned ex-pilot into a well-balanced Christian with purpose in living…

I became a new person. My complete view on life was changed by the intervention of the Christ I had always hated and ignored before…

Fuchida added:

I have traveled across Japan and the Orient introducing others to the One Who changed my life.

I believe with all my heart that those who will direct Japan – and all other nations – in the decades to come must not ignore the message of Jesus Christ.

Youth must realize that He is the only hope for this troubled world…

I would give anything to retract my actions of twenty-nine years ago at Pearl Harbor, but it is impossible.

Mitsuo Fuchida concluded:

Instead, I now work at striking the death-blow to the basic hatred which infests the human heart and causes such tragedies. And that hatred cannot be uprooted without assistance from Jesus Christ.

During World War II, on September 2, 1944, a torpedo-bomber was hit by anti-aircraft fire while making a run over Bonin Island, 600 miles south of Japan. The pilot headed out to sea, ejected from his burning plane and was rescued by a submarine. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross, graduated from Yale, worked in the Texas oil industry and entered politics, eventually being elected the 41st U.S. President. His name was George H.W. Bush.

President Bush began his Inaugural Address, January 20, 1989:

I have just repeated…the oath taken by George Washington 200 years ago, and the Bible on which I place my hand is the Bible on which he place his…

My first act as President is a prayer…

Heavenly Father… Make us strong to do Your work…And if our flaws are endless, God’s love is truly boundless.

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Trump Just Asked O’Reilly And Fox News One Simple Question That Many Are Wondering

Donald Trump doesn’t think there’s much point in listening to Karl Rove. He’s not alone.

On Wednesday, Trump tweeted his latest salvo at Fox News in general and Rove in particular.

“Why does @oreillyfactor and @FoxNews always have Karl Rove on. He spent $430 million and lost ALL races. A dope who said Romney won election,” tweeted the billionaire. Trump’s tweet came shortly after Rove appeared on Fox News and downplayed recent poll results that show Trump surging in the GOP 2016 presidential primary.

“Every poll has me wining BIG,” Trump later tweeted. “If you listen to dopey Karl Rove, A trump hater, on @oreillyfactor you would think I’m doing poorly.”

Rove appears on many Fox News programs to provide political analysis. However, his status may be slipping. After TheBlaze reported on the latest chapter in the Trump-Rove feud, its website logged comment after comment taking Trump’s side.

“If there is one thing that is clear this time around on both the Democrat and Republican side it is that people have had it with the established political structure!” commented a poster using the name ‘John 1776.’ “Rove is part of that structure, so his analysis is most likely completely obsolete. Not much point in listening to him.”

“I’ve asked that same question (as Trump) Why do they continue to interview Rove when all he is is a has-been political advisor who’s been wrong more than he’s been right,” wrote a reader using the name ‘hialtitude.’

Many commenters expressed their feelings that differences between Rove and Trump represent fundamental differences between the party establishment and the people.

“Trump has a strategy and microphone. You don’t make that much money, even if you start with money, by being an idiot. He is working the press over as well as the D.C. establishment. He is taking on the pundit and consulting class and walking all over them. Amazing when you don’t have to grovel for money from people for your campaign how it frees your mouth,” wrote a reader using the name ‘gz22ll.’

h/t: TheBlaze

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He Thought It Would Be The Coolest Selfie Ever. Seconds Later, He Was Dead…

A 19 year-old man shot and killed himself Tuesday in Houston while trying to take selfies, according to police.

KPRC reports that Deleon Alonso Smith was taking pictures with a gun he and his cousin had found earlier in the day when the gun went off, shooting the teen in the throat and killing him. Police told the station that Smith believed the gun was not loaded. 

Family members were shocked and in disbelief.

Smith’s sister said he was supposed to begin community college on Wednesday.

“It’s the worst feeling in my life,” Eric Douglas, the victim’s uncle, said.

“It’s a numb feeling. It’s still unbelievable,” Smith’s grandmother, Alma Douglas, told the station. “Yesterday was my birthday and he came to wish me happy birthday, and then to hear this kind of news.”

Police are investigating who the owner of the gun is.

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See The Incredibly Strange Donald Trump Billboard That’s Causing ‘Quite A Stir’

High atop a billboard along US Route 50 in Grand Junction, Colo., Donald Trump the dragon slayer stands larger than life, battling a monster labeled “PC Muslim Marxist Media.”

In vivid colors that cannot fail to be seen, Trump is portrayed as a white knight ready for combat. He is holding a sword, labeled the Constitution. His shield is emblazoned with Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Opposing him is a bulging drag with scales and wings labeled “PC,” “Muslims,” “Libtards,” “NSA,” “FEMA,” “IRS,” “Iran,” “GLBT,” and “RINOs” (Republicans in Name Only).

“Freedom of speech is everything, and that’s why I really put the media in there, it’s politically correct Muslim Marxist influence media,” said Arvid Mosnes, who commissioned the billboard to support Trump and voice his convictions that a heavily influenced media has ruined America.

“People are offended too easily these days and need to try to be more open minded,” said cartoonist Paul Snover. Snover and Mosnes collaborated in 2010 with a billboard that depicted President Obama as a bandit, an illegal immigrant, a terrorist, and a homosexual.

“The First Amendment allows us to say such things and present such things, and I think we have been stifled many times and many ways with political correctness,” said Snover.

The billboard is 10 feet high and 20 feet wide. It is attached to a building Mosnes owns just south of the US 50 bridge over the Colorado River.

The billboard reflects the type of support for Trump discussed by Sarah Palin this summer.

“Trump’s unconventional candidacy is a shot in the arm for ordinary Americans fed up with the predictable poll tested blather of squishy milquetoast career politicians who campaign one way and govern another,” Palin wrote.

h/t: KJCT-TV

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