Awesome: This Politician Just Took A Major Stand For Sgt. Tahmooressi That Mexico Can’t Ignore

Photo Credit: Facebook/Assemblyman Tim Donnelly

As Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto prepares to be honored at a luncheon hosted by California Gov. Jerry Brown, at least one of the state’s elected officials will be noticeably absent.

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly sent a pointed letter to Brown expressing his disapproval of the upcoming luncheon and explaining what he will be doing instead of attending it.

“I am writing to decline your luncheon invitation,” he wrote, “and to express my deep disappointment that you would entertain the President of a nation that is holding an active-duty US Marine captive.”

Referring to Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, Donnelly chided Brown for his failure to use his public voice to call for the return of the California native.

Tahmooressi was arrested and imprisoned earlier this year after he reportedly took a wrong turn into Mexico while in possession of legally owned firearms and ammunition. A subsequent effort by many Americans, including Donnelly, to facilitate his return has thus far been unsuccessful.

The assemblyman previously sent Barack Obama a letter asking him to intervene on behalf of Tahmooressi and has taken part in a number of other related events, including an Independence Day prayer vigil near the Mexico border.

Donnelly’s next effort to bring the Marine sergeant home is outlined in his letter to Brown.

“I know that my absence may distress you,” he wrote, “but it may comfort you to know that I’ll be standing outside leading a protest, doing the job you should have done as the highest elected official in California: demanding the release of one of our one, our Marine, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.”

He accused Brown of being “too tired” to fight for the American hero, claiming he has used his energy “fighting for the rights of the only constituents you truly represent, elitists, illegals, and public sector union bosses.”

Details of the protest are available on a Facebook page inviting concerned citizens to join in the effort on Aug. 26.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Assemblyman Tim Donnelly

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This Pastor Makes A Compelling Argument For God Being On The Side Of Free Enterprise


Chad Hovind, senior pastor at Horzion Community Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, found that many Christians were unsure about what God says about economics and personal finance; so he decided to write a book called “Godonomics” to inform believers and correct the myths. In an interview with the Blaze, Hovind shares some of the same important information in the book.

Hovind, who says he was frustrated that many Christians ” had been brainwashed into thinking that Jesus was a socialist or Marxist,” also says that “Jesus was no more a Marxist than a murderer.”

He contrasts the view that Jesus was a Marxist or socialist with his strongly pro-capitalist view:

‘Godonomics’ brings liberty, productivity, and generosity to an individual, a family, and a nation. Entrepreneurship and capitalism is not just a good idea, it’s God’s idea. Capitalism is the free exchange of privately held goods and services. The Ten Commandments talk about private property … and liberty is mentioned from Genesis to Revelation: “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” and “Proclaim Liberty unto all the land.”

When it comes to the realm of personal finance, Hovind offers a simple formula: “Produce, Profit, Save, Invest, and Give in contrast to Consume, Borrow, and Enslave to Credit.” He talks about how his sixteen year old bought her own car, and his fourteen year old started his own video production business. It is not just principles for adult finances but also for raising children who think in a godly and wise way about money.

Regarding US finances, Hovind debunks the notion that capitalism=greed and socialism=generosity. He states: “When folks think Christianity endorses socialism, I wonder if they’ve ever read the Bible or studied history.” On the national debt, he quotes Deuteronomy 25, which says “You will lend to many nations, but you will not borrow; and you will rule over many nations, but they will not rule over you.” God had early on linked the connection between debt and loss of freedom, a connection Hovind states our country has ignored now that it is in debt to the tune of $17 trillion dollars.

Hovind presents a positive view of capitalism, profits, and entrepreneurship that contrasts sharply with the common notion that Jesus would have opposed the free market.

What do you think? Have you encountered those who think Jesus would have opposed free market capitalism if He had been around today?

h/t: the Blaze

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If What Pat Buchanan Just Said Is True, Ferguson Could Be The Downfall Of The Democratic Party

Photo Credit: Bbsrock (Creative Commons)

As looters and rioters continue to wreak havoc in the aftermath of Michael Brown’s shooting death by a Ferguson, Mo. police officer, prominent conservative Patrick Buchanan sees the civil unrest having a much broader effect on the nation.

In a recent Daily Caller interview, Buchanan expounded on some similarities between the current situation and the riots that came out of the civil rights movement nearly half a century ago. During that period, he served as a presidential adviser to Richard Nixon and witnessed firsthand the aftermath of the violent protests.

He explained that the violence unleashed on the streets of Ferguson is having a polarizing effect outside of that community, noting that the Democrat Party will likely bear the brunt of the citizenry’s outrage.

While radical leftists might be emboldened by the riots to become even more politically active, Buchanan seemed confident that those who “recoil” from such “looting and vandalism” will far outpace them on Election Day.

“I don’t think that that is going to be helpful to the party of Rev. Sharpton or Jesse Jackson,” Buchanan noted, clarifying that he believes “the violence and the looting are going to cause a lot of folks to recoil from those who appear to be condoning those sorts of acts.”

While there might be little vocal opposition among a majority of Americans, he said that upcoming elections will give voters an opportunity to speak with their ballots.

“A lot of people just watch these things, observe quietly and talk with each other,” he said, predicting the culmination of this brewing tension will be apparent after the midterm votes are tallied.

He said the “silent majority” typically reacts this way, noting that Barack Obama is not doing his party any favors by interjecting his opinion into the national debate without the benefit of all the relevant facts.

“The president should really call for calming down,” Buchanan advised, “let the law go forward and the facts presents themselves.”

Photo Credit: Bbsrock (Creative Commons)

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If China Keeps Ignoring These Red Flags, The Entire World Could Be Paying For It

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We have written before about the astounding amount of corporate debt defaults expected in the near term in China, which threatens the economic growth in the Middle Kingdom that is needed to keep the population happy and prevent civil unrest.

Well now, the other shoe is starting to drop.

The Financial Times reports that the housing market in China is tanking. Home prices recently fell for the third straight month, the most since records began in 2006. This housing market decline directly threatens a nascent economic recovery that is badly needed not just for China but for global growth. Default pressure is growing not just on the corporate sector but in the lower tier housing area as well.

China is in a major catch 22. Corruption is rampant; and bad incentives for investment abound, leading to improper allocation of capital. The only way China can maintain the growth economic rate needed is to prop up the credit market by loosening standards or lowering rates. However, this just digs the default hole bigger and kicks the needed credit correction down the road.

The bottom line is that there are red flags all over the place in the Chinese economy. This will not end well.

Europe is still struggling to recover from the housing crisis. The Russian sanctions threaten major damage to European markets and could tip the balance into an economic contraction. Russia itself is most likely in recession, and things will get worse there as oil prices fall. Latin America is stagnant with Argentina defaulting, and now China is having major problems. America seems to be the only country where growth is steady, feeble as it is.

If China sinks into a major recession, this will impact the world economically. There could also be serious political ramifications that could reverberate around the globe. More to come on this situation.

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Weakening US Leadership Could Have European Countries Begging For America To Defend Them, Again

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The Europeans must be wondering: what happened to the America we used to know?

An Islamic caliphate has been established in the Middle East, where American troops only recently enjoyed hegemony. Russia is invading its neighbors; and China is rattling its saber, threatening the historical American naval dominance in the Pacific. Vietnam, Japan, and the Philippines are all threatened. It’s been quite the turn in global events during the Obama administration. The incident that really sharpened the European mind regarding geopolitics was the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. With bodies falling from the sky, Europe could no longer avoid the obvious aggression by its eastern neighbor.

Perhaps the one thing that Europe can be sure of as the world burns is that the continent can no longer count on the American defense umbrella. Under President Obama, America has shown reluctance to lead and to be drawn into global conflicts–hence the classic leading from behind statement. This has allowed evil to triumph and to even flourish.

As uncomfortable as it is, the President of the United States is the leader of the free world. Leadership carries responsibilities. America has taken it upon itself to basically keep the world peace since the end of World War II. This world state of affairs has been threatened. (I wonder if the Europeans even secretly miss W, but maybe I can’t go that far.)

Western Europe has freeloaded on the American defense budget for decades, all the while pouring money into their social welfare programs and creating a socialist wonderland of entitlements. Now the bill is coming due, and they can’t pay it. Their economies are in recession. Their defense budgets are miniscule. There debts-to-GDP ratios are unsightly high. In short, Europe is broke at the exact time they need to pump money into defending themselves. (Of course, this must be all George Bush’s fault.)

The French government, when trying to cynically decide on sanctions against Russia, informed the world that they would be willing to cancel the second aircraft carrier they are building for the Kremlin–but not the first. After the downing of the Malaysian airliner, Paris said that if the Russians do something really bad, then they would consider cancelling the first contract. One could be forgiven for wondering what would be considered really bad if three hundred bodies falling from the sky don’t fit the bill.

Europe is going to be forced to decide what direction they take in regard to the welfare state and their collective defense budget. Russian aggression in Ukraine is not the only challenge they will face in the coming two years before President Obama leaves office. It will be very interesting to watch how the continent deals with a future crisis. The stakes are high, as we all were taught in school about the tragedies of the twentieth century. Don’t think they can’t happen again, because they can. History may not repeat itself, but it can rhyme.

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