911 Operators Play The “Racial Profiling Game”

suspect2 911 Operators Play the Racial Profiling Game

I live in Mesa, AZ, which has become the latest mecca for American politics. We’ve been invaded by the Communist Party. Party leaders are showing up from Detroit, Chicago, and California to organize the immigrant labor unions. Any path to citizenship leads directly to the left. They are trying to change the political dynamics and deliver Arizona to Obama.

Of course, with Chicago-style politics, you get a lot of gangs and shootings. Last week, a guy (pictured above) walked into the local Mesa convenience store and allegedly shot and killed the clerk, which is highly unusual for Mesa. Everybody in Mesa is out past midnight in the summer because it doesn’t even cool off until the sun goes down. If you shoot somebody in Arizona in the summer, there will be a lot of witnesses.

There were people in the convenience store watching this go down. The police released a photo of the suspect, and I swore I saw this guy in the area (and he was not from Mesa.)

Then this morning, we was driving to Scottsdale, and there he was – or at least a guy who fit the description. Looked just like him, staggering across the crosswalk. He stopped directly in front of our car, leaned forward, stared at both of us for 5 seconds, and then flipped us off with both hands.

If this had been LA (or even Chicago), I wouldn’t give it much thought. So like a good citizen, as we all are, I called 911, trying to prevent him from going up to the mall and go on a shooting spree.

Here’s where the fun starts. The 911 operator tried to play the “racial profiling game.” She refused to dispatch the police and kept arguing with me to “describe” the suspect. She wanted me to say “Black”, so she could say “Well, you can’t accuse just any Black man of being a suspect . . .”

I told her “I don’t have to take a lot of abuse off some 911 operators” and hung up the phone. And that’s my best advice. If they argue, you do the same thing. The 911 operator’s job is to dispatch the police and let them make the judgment call.

This is an old racial profiling game that has been going on ever since 9/11. I was living in St. Louis, MO on 9/11. The FBI was chasing four suspects that they said eluded their net. When I went for groceries, I overheard the clerks talking about 4 suspicious Middle-Eastern men who came into the store, grabbed up boxes of soft drinks and a dozen bags of chips, a couple pounds of cheese, and rushed in and out in about 5 minutes. And paid cash.

One of the clerks went to the parking lot to get their license plate, but only saw a black Mercedes skidding out of the lot.

Why does this always fall on my shoulders? I’m the one who feels the big responsibility to report it. So I called 9/11, and guess what I was told?

“You can’t just accuse a bunch of men from the middle east of being terrorists.”

The FBI finally caught up with these guys; I remember reading it in the paper. They were driving a black Mercedes. So let that be a lesson to you. When it really gets out of hand, and pressure cookers start blowing up, and people start attacking grandma and grandpa in the mall — you be somewhere else. As long as Americans still fall for Obama and his communist propaganda, they will have to learn the hard way.

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