9 Mind-Blowing Facts About Obama’s Unemployment Crisis

Unemployment Line SC

Everything Barack Obama says is a lie.

Aside from his lies about Obamacare and global warming, Barack Obama’s biggest lies are about the “growing” recovery of employment in America. All of what he says is a lie.

Here are the facts to counter Democrat lies.

There are 102 million Americans of working age who don’t have a job. This number represents 58.3% of working age Americans, the highest percentage since 2000.  This means that for fifty straight months, there has been sub 59% participation in the job market.

Last month alone, America lost 623,000 full-time jobs. How does that stack up with what the Obama administration tells us?

In the same month, 357,000 women lost their job. More lies.

The average duration of unemployment is almost three times as long today as it was in October 2000.

In October of 2013 alone, the number of Americans falling out of the labor force hit 932,000. Think of that: almost a million people’s lives and futures disappeared in a single month.

The 62.8% of people who fell out of the work force in October puts us at the highest level since Jimmy Carter’s numbers in 1978. How can we accept this lie? How can the media keep ignoring this point?

An honest evaluation of the unemployment statistics would put the number of jobless Americans near 11 percent.

Almost 25% of American workers can only find part time work, which keeps them below the poverty level.

In 2000, there were 75 million Americans who could be working but weren’t. Today, there are 102 million. That’s roughly 1/3 of America. We are being lied to by the media and Barack Obama.

Remember these numbers the next time you hear Obama tell you he will not rest until anybody who’s looking for a job can find one.

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  1. Diana Buckingham says:

    Obama has made all and I mean all the wrong decisions for Americans,no jobs ,free phones,all give away programs and Americans want jobs,jobs,jobs. And the latest biggest screw up is Obamacare whos care? Obamacare well he can have It .As for all the jobs we need lets put all the healthy people that cannot find jobs but are collecting welfare of some kind) If they are of good health) On W.P.A. It worked many yrs ago –now there are shovel ready jobs (lots of them) the whole infrastructure is falling apart,roads ,bridges. clean streets and parks,etc.all that need repair or cleaning. Think about It No additional cost for the tax payers welfare is sending their checks to them already,now they have a chance to earn the money and repair all that needs repair.at the same time. W.P.A. and those on welfare are already getting a check. W.P.A. Its not a dirty word! Its a clean,fair thing and as Potus often says ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

    • Linda From NY says:

      is in it strange how Obama always says ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO, and yet all of his policies are wrong for Americans, more Americans right now are in poverty then 5 years ago, what a disgrace he is.

      For every year that he is in charge, America sinks lower and lower, and we are worst off. I pray that he will be remove, I have a bad feeling this man is not going to want to leave when 2016 comes around, he likes power too much, it is just a feeling. I can't wait till he is gone out of our lives.

      • Kathleen Brady says:

        Oh, Linda… I'm with you…he declares Martial Law… That suspends the any voting. We have been listened to by the NSA through our computers, cell phones, tablets for over 20 years… NOW they are installing cameras and microphones in street lamps, transformers and all kinds of normal looking things… Apparently this is to not only get info on our opinions, but also new technology will allow them 3D portraits through your walls and humans so they can get the lay out of our homes. It is APPALLING! Don't believe me? http://www.infowars.com there is an article on this written by Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones. This is SERIOUSLY ILLEGAL! I want this man impeached and jailed for all kinds of crimes he has, in my opinion, committed murder, crimes against humanity, Holder, Clinton for Bengahzi! What has been done with the IRS, the MASS Survielance … I'm just sick of all the LIES

        • Linda From NY says:

          Hi Kathleen,
          I do believe you, I did hear about this technology of spying on citizens in their own homes they the government will be able to see through the walls of your home and they are using this technology with the latest Smart TV too.

          This Obama is very dangerous and he is cable of anything, I too get much information from Alex Jones inforwars.

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          Kathleen If you watch that show Person of Interest they tell you how we are being spied upon .I guess this show isn't that far fetched.

      • I agree with you 100% He is one sorry "PERSON"!
        I hate to believe he is a member of the human race!
        He needs to be removed ASAP! If he isn't America is
        in bad trouble! I can't believe American voters would
        put such a bad "person" in position to lead our beloved
        nation! He is not for America at all! Somehow we have
        got to get him out of office and deported to a muslim nation
        where he belongs. This is an evil man and will do most
        anything to ruin America. I guess he wants to destroy
        America because he is a muslim! Our Congress is not
        worth a dime. They could remove him from office but they
        do nothing! Its just like everyone in the administration hates
        America! Don't understand! I pray every night that God will
        remove him before its too late!

        • Linda From NY says:

          To Evan,

          The reason Obama can't be remove, Harry Reid is the road block, as majority leader Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi the Dingbat knows full well that Obama's B.C is a fraud and dirty Harry is protecting him. If congress were to vote on a Bill to remove Obama, Harry will veto it. Even with all of the evidence Harry looks the other way.

          Coming Nov 14 2014 vote all of the democrats and some traitors such as John McCain and Graham OUT. It is very important for all Patriots to get out and vote next year.

          This year in NYC many people stay home and the low information voters came out and voted for a communist mayor, we must all get out and vote these bums out, if we want to save the Country.

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            Linda your telling it like it is that little dwarf Dingy Harry is one of the biggest roadblocks going to keep Obutthole in office and Poopalosi is the other.As farbas your NYC mayor goes all i can say is how could the people of NYC vote in a commie.We know he will stick up for the coons because he married one.I gues the white women had to many brains

      • That’s because he is more aligned to European elites that sit in their six figure jobs doling out socialist doctrine in the form of wealth distribution, political correctness and attacks on free speech and existing traditions. The E.U is already proposing a new administrative body that will have more teeth. That’s the kind of administration that Obama wants for America. He knows nothing of history where democracy is strengthened by diversity. These modern day Jacobite elites want a revolution and you should tiss them out like the people did in Naples a those years ago. Read Madison on thr strength of diversity ad the lifeblood of democracy. Instead these left wing illiberals are persecuting freedoms. The governor of Ohio has sold out.

    • That's a good idea but in reality the unions would never let that happen.

    • These are not health care changes but a revolution Obama is bringing forcing changes on popular culture by introducing more communist brickwork for the foundations to be poured on a big new beauracracy. His is the new America building an enlarged base of dependents. If he wants to continue momentum with this revolution with lies then that will be a difficulty for both Republicans and Democrats. Like the Jacobin revolution in Naples it failed because it became disconnected…its own beast. People no longer understood what the revolutionary elites were representing. Don’t be fooled this administration is revolutionary and it is a revolution based on lies. One Democratic zombie said it all…”He had to lie about Obamacare or it would never have passed.” Obama new this. His administration knew this and it is comforting to know that most Americans do not believe Obamas and the administrations lies told about the lies. A counter revolution is in the air and its up to the spineless members of Congress and Republican Governors not to sell their souls for the same price as the handout welfare dependent classes. The Govenor of Ohio has gone down this path with a message of sanctimony that just is not suited for the long game. I don’t think he will be sleeping singing “It is well with my soul.”

      There should be a new definition applied to conservative:- Those who can see the long game and are not fooled by the short game and stoppage time. Yes this should be the proper defenition for a conservative.

  2. He and his admin are all liars!

    • It is all part of his plan to change this country into a socialist nation. The more people you have out of work the more people you have dependant on government handouts. That is why Obamacare was meant to become a single payer system. Why do you think he is trying to get control of guns? A nation without a means to defend itself is a nation easily taken over.

  3. Dear People: Barack Obama said he was going to fundamentally change our country, and that's exactly what he is doing. We are toast–unless Congress decides he should be impeached. But that ain't never going to happen!

    Next time, be sure to vote and be sure to vote for a Republican Conservative.

    • Just wait until he gets going. Ask yourself this question. What country would leave their currencies in an unstable communist country? That’s exactly the questions people will be asking on a more frequent basis as America withdraws itself and alienates its previous partners like Saudi Arabia and Egypt and so on and so on. A new currency leaving America isolated should be your worst nightmare but it is Obamas inadvertent idiocy in clamping down hard on American exceptionalism imcluding in the military.

  4. HE MUST HAVE MISSPOKEN AGAIN!! imagine that?

  5. The unemployment numbers are unbelievable. We have very few full-time jobs available here in Cleveland, Ohio. Obamacare has killed hiring and our economy here. I do not know if the city of Cleveland will exist much longer. Vacant buildings are every where. Last one out turn off the lights. The buildings that are occupied are largely taken up by government offices. The tax base is eroding rapidly. We neeed JOBS. Thank you Obama and Obamacare. Just the thought that Obamacare helped to finish off any hope we had here.

  6. Lies upon lies upon lies… This lier has got to go, Impeach… Impeach…… IMPEACH!!

  7. Obama is making most, if not all these people losing their jobs dependent on government, which is precisely what he wanted to do when he came into power in January 2009.

  8. I noticed that WND has a new " poll " out for voting for Ted Cruz as a Presidential candidate.

    He is still not qualified to run due to his parents birthplace right ? His father was Cuban born and his mother was born in the USA. I believe that the term " Naturalized Citizen " refers to those born of both parents who were born in the USA. Was Cuba part o the USA at the time of Cruz's birth ? I didn't think so.

    If Cruz was a Natural Citizen I would probably vote for him – barring of course another run by Ron Paul ( the ONLY Presidential candidate that actually had a platform of abolishing the IRS , removing the Federal Reserve Banks from their present role as " HEAD PRINTER OF FICTICIOUS CURRENCY " , auditing the Federal Reserve thoroughly and auditing Fort Knox ( open up the vaults and let's see how much gold remains. )

    • Angryman.. I agree with you but on top of his parents not both being American Citizens Ted Cruz was born in Canada, not on American soil (Military Base, etc). I think he would better serve as Speaker of the House. If we could not draft Dr. Ron Paul into being POTUS (overwhelming write in vote), Mike Lee or Rand Paul would be a great duo. Also Sarah Palin is a true American Conservative Pariot and would do well in the running with another strong conservative candidate like Mia Love or the female Governor of New Mexico whose name escapes me at the moment. Any combination of the 5 would put us back on the Founder's path in short order.

  9. The truth about this administration is going to rock this bunch of low info's on their butts and I can bet when the smoke clears and the ashes stop falling, the education system in this country is going to have a whole new thought about why the kids have to learn about government, civics and American History…maintenance and repair has become pretty damn shoddy as of late….

  10. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    And of course nobody considers the Hidden unemployment: Is the unemployment of potential workers that is not reflected in official unemployment statistics, due to the way the statistics are collected. In many countries only those who have no work but are actively looking for work (and/or qualifying for social security benefits) are counted as unemployed. Those who have given up looking for work (and sometimes those who are on Government "retraining" programs) are not officially counted among the unemployed, even though they are not employed. The same applies to those who have taken early retirement to avoid being laid off, but would prefer to be working. As well, persons on disability benefits do not count as unemployed. The statistic also does not count the "underemployed" – those working fewer hours than they would prefer or in a job that doesn't make good use of their capabilities. In addition, those who are of working age but are currently in full-time education are usually not considered unemployed in government statistics. Traditional unemployed native societies who survive by gathering, hunting, herding, and farming in wilderness areas, may or may not be counted in unemployment statistics. Official statistics often underestimate unemployment rates because of hidden unemployment.

  11. join our movement and impeach obama!! http://eb21296dlx1s3z577k64h1cn85.hop.clickbank.n

  12. Obama will not rest until anybody who’s looking for a job can find one. As many vacations as this guy takes, he seems plenty rested…that and the fact that he doesn't seem to do anything other than shoot his mouth off. And we know what we call the words when he shoots his mouth off.

  13. He’s a way overeducated Lying Negro, plain and simple.

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