3-year-old Among Victims Of Latest Chicago Mass Shooting

Chicago Airline SC 3 year old among victims of latest Chicago mass shooting

The same week it received the dubious distinction as America’s murder capital, Barack Obama’s hometown was rocked by a shooting spree that wounded at least 13 people. The southwest side of Chicago was shut down as authorities investigated the incident that included a toddler among the victims.

According to a relative, the three-year-old boy was shot in the face; and initial reports listed his condition as critical. Two other victims were also in critical condition, according to local media; and others received somewhat less serious injuries.

Julian Harris, an uncle of the youngest victim, described the shooting that took place late Thursday night, saying he witnessed the shots coming from a gray sedan and said there were multiple shooters.

“They’ve been coming round here looking for people to shoot every night,” he said, explaining such activity is “what they do.”

For a city with 500 reported murders last year — dozens more than in New York City, which has three times as many residents — random shootings are nothing new. Widespread violence over Labor Day weekend, for example, resulted in the death of eight individuals and left another 20 wounded.

The most frustrating reality surrounding these shootings is that they are deeply rooted in foolhardy gun control laws purportedly meant to stop them.

Few modern politicians are more adamant about restricting legal gun ownership than Barack Obama, whose goal is to extend Chicago’s restrictive laws to the rest of the nation.

When one considers evidence instead of relying on flawed ideology, it becomes apparent that the issue of gun violence is exacerbated where legal gun ownership is curtailed.

Whether at a Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., or a “gun-free” theater in Aurora, Colo., the absence of good people with guns only emboldens bad people with guns.

While law-abiding Chicagoans are told to feel secure in the fact that no one — including themselves — are allowed to have firearms, the individuals riding in that gray sedan Thursday evening sent an entirely different message.

Photo credit: Frank Kehren (Creative Commons)

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    Strictist gun laws going and that loser Rahm can't stop the killings in Chicago.Maybe he can get John McCain and Grahamnesty to arm the people like tey want guns for terrorist fighting Assad.Where are you John?

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