3 Kenyan Mall Attackers Were American-bred Terrorists

Kenyan Mall 300x197 3 Kenyan Mall Attackers were American bred Terrorists

In further proof radical Islam has infiltrated deep within the borders of the U.S., a recent report shows three individuals involved in the weekend raid of a Nairobi, Kenya, mall were recruited on American soil.

According to CNN, a social media account for the al-Shabaab terrorist group behind the attack listed the former U.S. residents among its members. A source connected to the terror organization confirmed all three were active in what has now been called Kenya’s deadliest terrorist attack in 15 years.

At least 69 people are confirmed dead in the wake of a three-day attack, which was still ongoing as of Monday morning. Another 175 have been injured while 63 other are reported missing.

The three Americans — two from Minneapolis, Minn., and one from Kansas City, Mo., were apparently among the 10-15 militants responsible for the unconscionable violence.

Unfortunately, a Minnesota connection is not entirely surprising, considering reports earlier this summer indicated al-Shabaab has been actively targeting young men in the state for a life of jihad. The Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area is home to America’s densest Somali population and a number of radicalized Islamists have left the state in recent years to engage in terror attacks in their native land.

A video chronicling the troubling trend included a call for other prospective terrorists, referring to jihad as “the real Disneyland.”

As the Kenyan attack proves, the U.S. is home to far more Islamic terrorists than anyone wants to admit. While we have been relatively fortunate thus far in avoiding major attacks by home-grown radicals, it is obvious the U.S. is a breeding ground for future jihadists. The training these monsters receive is obviously quite effective, considering about a dozen heavily armed individuals have held security forces at bay for three days while only losing two of their own in the process.

The luxury mall, which caters to wealthy Westerners, is certainly in line with other terrorist attacks around the world. Considering the prevalence of such sites within our borders, one realizes just how easy it would be for U.S.-groomed Islamists to set their sights on domestic targets.

Until we as a nation are willing to see the world for what it is, confront terrorism head on, and substantively control our porous borders, America will always be at an unacceptably high risk.

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  1. Boehner needs to get the impeachment process started against O or this will happen here soon (what O wants – and O will join them)

  2. Why we need guns for self protection and the protection of others. Guns are needed to kill the bad guys with guns who are murdering innocent people. If 5 people were similarly armed, they coud have taken these murdering SH*TS OUT.

  3. And what are we going to do when all of these people of Islam decide to go shopping at the Mall of America with all of their guns and head chopping knives? Let me see would they be Muslim Brotherhood folks or Somali Folks or Egyptian Folks or Lybians or Syrians or … some other Muslim group from Iraq or Palestine or Lebanon? But, you can rest assured that they are going to target Americans because almost all Americans are INFIDELS IN THE EYES OF ISLAM….. Trouble is coming to a Mall near you and it will not be pleasant…. WELCOME TO MULTICULTERISM….. ENJOY!!!

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