Obama’s Analysts: Oops! We Put Muslim Radicals in Charge of Libya

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

Even as the Obama administration celebrates the killing of American-born al-Qaeda operative Anwar al-Awlaki and his traitorous friend Samir Khan in Yemen, its analysts are beginning to admit their war by decree in Libya empowered Islamic extremists bent on exporting jihad throughout the region. Thanks to Obama’s policies, al-Qaeda-linked radicals may be pillaging Muammar Qaddafi’s stockpile of weapons and receiving shipments of contraband from overseas.

In the closest thing to an admission Obama administration figures lied us into war, Reuters reports:

During the half-year campaign by rebels to drive Muammar Gaddafi from power, U.S. and NATO officials downplayed fears that al Qaeda or other militants would infiltrate anti-Gaddafi forces or take advantage of disorder to establish footholds in Libya.

Since then, however, the assessment of top experts inside the U.S. government has sharpened.

Former CIA asset and Obama adviser Bruce Riedel summarizes, “There is a great deal of concern that the jihadi cadre now are going to be exporting their ideas and weapons toward the east and west.”

This author reported the cause of their alarm a month ago. The National Transitional Council (NTC), the body the United States now exclusively recognizes as the official government of Libya, elected Abdel Hakim Belhaj commander of the Tripoli Military Council in late August. Belhaj is the co-founder of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which the State Department designated a foreign terrorist organization in December 2004. The New York Times relates that LIFG members received “combat experience in Iraq or Afghanistan” — fighting the United States. Belhaj, who met Osama bin Laden twice, now commands 8,000 troops, Libya’s largest fighting force.

U.S. analysts, who covered up the links the “rebels” have to Islamic fundamentalists, now worry Belhaj and his LIFG warriors have raided Qaddafi’s arsenal, despoiling it of anti-aircraft weapons that could one day be turned against U.S. or NATO planes.

The radicals may not need Qaddafi’s weapons, as other nations in the area are reportedly replenishing their cache. Rebels in the city of Zintan intercepted a cargo shipment to Belhaj from the nation of Qatar, which Belhaj insisted contained food and milk. Those who opened it say it contained weapons. Taking note of the interference Mohamed Benrasali, a leading figure in the Libyan government, replied, “We are very sorry the Qataris have taken the decision to support Belhaj’s brigade. This will backfire on our Qatari friends.”

Despite Benrasali’s tough talk, one suspects the fire will aimed in his direction.

Qatar was influenced to support the rebels by Sheik Ali Salabi, a Libyan Islamic scholar who lives in the monarchy….

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Video: Rush, The Threat of Suspended Elections is Real

Was the Justice Dept. Forced to Make Fast and Furious Tapes Public?

Doug Book, FloydReports.com

Did a threat to “go public” by the man who made the recordings, Lone Wolf gun store owner Andre Howard, force the Justice Department to provide the previously “secret” Fast and Furious tapes to CBS News?

Andre Howard was in a tough spot. For two years he had provided valuable assistance on Operation Fast and Furious to the ATF, the FBI, and the Phoenix office of the U.S. Attorney, selling nearly 1,000 firearms at the insistence of these agencies to unsavory characters.

But Howard knew many of the buyers should not have been approved by the FBI for the purchase of guns.

On December 17, 2009, Howard met with Assistant U.S. Attorney Emory Hurley, ATF case agent Hope Macallister, and ATF Group Supervisor David Voth.

According to an e-mail Hurley sent by his boss, U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke a year later in January 2011, Howard “expressed concern about the cooperation he was providing and whether he was endangering himself or implicating himself in a criminal investigation.”

According to his e-mail, Hurley told Howard to simply comply with the law when selling weapons. That is, “as long as the required forms are properly filled out and [Howard] did not know or have reason to know that the firearms were part of a straw purchase or intended to be used in a crime, that he could complete the transfer.”

There is no way of knowing whether this was really what Hurley related to Howard in that 2009 meeting. But it seems far more likely that Hurley simply told Howard what an important job he was doing and that he should continue providing assistance to the ATF, the FBI, and, of course the U.S. Attorney’s office.

It’s not unreasonable to assume that the “follow the law” diatribe was specially improvised in an e-mail to cover the posterior of Emory Hurley, given the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry one month before the e-mail was written and the very real possibility that these agencies were thinking of setting up Howard as the fall guy.

After all, Howard’s Lone Wolf store had sold two of the weapons found at the murder scene, the only two known of and attested to in court records at the time.

But Terry’s death in December 2010 changed a few things.

Now Emory Hurley was making it clear to Howard that he should keep quiet. “We’re all in the same boat,” he told Howard. And ATF Group Supervisor Voth agreed, saying, “we are all on the same sheet of music. And if we stay on the same sheet of music,  we will be all right.”

But Howard had no intention of lying or covering up for the Obama regime. Indeed,  shortly after Voth’s “sheet music” nonsense, “ATF officials were quoted in a Washington Post article and [in] the Spanish language daily La Opinion…blaming Lone Wolf for  ‘selling guns to cartels’ with no mention that Howard was operating under the federal government’s direction,  encouragement and approval.”

Clearly they intended to blame Howard for the Fast and Furious related deaths of Brian Terry and countless Mexicans….

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Does Fast and Furious Put Impeachment on the Table?

Ben Shapiro, Patriot Post

“The story is one of not covert activity alone,” intoned Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, “but of covert foreign policy…It is a tale of working outside the system and of utilizing irregular channels and private parties accountable to no one, on matters of national security, while ignoring the Congress and even the traditional agencies of executive foreign policy making. The story is both sad and sordid.”

Sen. Inouye was speaking not of the biggest scandal of the Obama administration, but of the biggest scandal of the Reagan administration — the Iran-Contra scandal. In that scandal, the United States sold weapons to parties in Iran in an attempt to free Lebanese-held hostages, then funneled the weapons cash to the anti-communist Contras in Nicaragua. The outcome of that scandal: indictments against the secretary of defense, the national security advisor, the assistant secretary of state, the chief of covert ops at the CIA, and several others.

That scandal pales by comparison to the so-called Fast and Furious scandal now bubbling in Washington, D.C. In fall 2009, Eric Holder and the Department of Justice decided on a strategy supposedly designed to combat gun trafficking on the Mexican border. They didn’t want the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to seize illegal firearms anymore; instead, they wanted them to give firearms to members of the Mexican cartels…

How high does this go? Apparently, all the way to the top. The attorney general of the state of Arizona, a Democrat operative, has already resigned in an attempt to avoid the consequences of participating in this fiasco. Middle management at DOJ and ATF has already been thrown under the bus. The acting director of the ATF, Kenneth Melson, has already been defenestrated.

For his part, Obama has denied that Attorney General Eric Holder green-lit the operation, stating, “My attorney general has made clear he certainly would not have ordered gun running to be able to pass through into Mexico.” This is less than credible — how could the head of the DOJ not know about an operation of this magnitude handled by the DOJ? And how could President Obama not know? And why, if the DOJ is uninvolved, do they want a copy of Kenneth Melson’s confidential interview with Congressional staff?

If this scandal runs all the way up the chain of command — and by all indicators, it could — it is certainly an impeachable offense. This is a high crime, not a misdemeanor. Pushing an operation designed to undercut American freedoms that ends with the death of Americans is not only illegal, it is unconscionable. And unlike Iran-Contra, it wasn’t done for the right reasons.

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Govt Report: Drug Cartels Control Mexican Border in Obama’s America

Judicial Watch

Janet Napolitano spent much of the spring sounding like a broken record ensuring that the U.S.-Mexico border is safe when the reality is that stretches are controlled by drug-trafficking organizations.

A new federal report exposing the ugly truth about the southern border has left President Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary with egg on her face…

The truth is that Mexican drug cartels do in fact “control access to the U.S.-Mexico border” and the “smuggling routes across it,” according to the Justice Department’s drug assessment, which has been kept quiet by the administration. No press conferences or photo ops to promote this report, which concludes that the “unprecedented levels of violence in Mexico” will continue for years to come.

The crisis has also flowed north because cartels—including Sinaloa, Los Zetas and Juarez—have joined forces with U.S. street gangs that operate in more than 1,000 cities throughout the country, according to the report. Together they run profitable enterprises that sell cocaine, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamines brought into the U.S. through the southern border. This sort of “collaboration between U.S. gangs and Mexican-based” criminal organizations will continue to increase, facilitating wholesale drug trafficking into and within the United States, the report says….

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