Another National Talk Show Host Calls Obama “Impeachable”

Ben Johnson,

The number of people acknowledging that Barack Obama’s lawless actions deserve impeachment has risen by one. Obama’s refusal to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is “impeachable,” according to a nationally syndicated, widely quoted talk show host. Bryan Fischer is director of Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy at American Family Association and host of “Focal Point,” which is heard on the 148 radio stations of the American Family Radio Network. Fischer wrote on the AFA’s website:

Obama is violating his oath of office by refusing to defend DOMA. The Constitution he took a solemn and sacred oath to “preserve, protect and defend” requires him in Article II, Section 3 to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” This refusal to do his sworn duty makes him derelict in his duty, and is both inexcusable and even impeachable.

Fischer also dedicated a segment of his Thursday program to the DOMA decision.

The Christian broadcaster’s influence is only growing. Newsweek magazine (which apparently still exists) paid Fischer a backhanded compliment in a tongue-in-cheek hit piece entitled, “How Bryan Fischer Became the Newest Media Darling.” It describes how Fischer’s straight talking common sense and Biblical conservatism have attracted a growing national audience — a fact that has caused the dinosaur media to frequently distort, mock, and ridicule Fischer’s message and audience.

Fischer joins a growing list of center-Right (and occasionally far-Left) personalities who believe the president should be investigated, and perhaps impeached and removed from office. Radio talk show host Tammy Bruce called for Obama’s impeachment for bringing the Muslim Brotherhood closer to power in Egypt. (It would be difficult to think of two people further apart politically than Fischer and Bruce.) Another Bryan, Bryan Preston of Pajamas Media’s blog, put impeachment on the table the day before Fischer’s blog.

Within the last two weeks alone Newt Gingrich, ACORN expert Matthew Vadum, and others have stated the president’s actions violate the rule of law, ignore legal precedent, and establish a “rule of men” presided over by Obama — and all have had the courage to say these actions could merit impeachment.

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Video: Muslims’ March Will Demand America Submit to Shari’a Law

FBI Investigates Obama’s SEIU Terrorist Pals

Kevin “Coach” Collins,

As we watch the events in Wisconsin and other states unfold, it is instructive to consider who is orchestrating the actions of the unions as they fight to keep their stranglehold on our economy.

Investigated for Terror Ties

Although you might not have gotten it from the old media, last September the FBI raided the homes of several people in the Midwest including those of two current or former Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 73 Executive Board members. The FBI is investigating the SEIU’s Chicago local (a Barack Obama-favored union), for its ties to terror organizations bent on the destruction of America and Israel.

The SEIU Board members are Joe Iosbaker and Tom Burke.

Who are Tom Burke and Joe Iosbaker?

While available sources don’t contain much information about former Board member Tom Burke — he is allegedly a “stay at home dad” who liked to travel at union expense — much is known about Iosbaker.

Joe Iosbaker’s ties to America-hating organizations are clear and longstanding.

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Obama Official Goes to Work for George Soros (Openly)

Ed Lasky, The American Thinker

Yesterday, I blogged that Cathy Zoi, acting undersecretary of Energy at the Department of Energy, was leaving office to go to work for private industry. The New York Times article that mentioned the transition failed to note where exactly she would be working.

Timothy Carney at the Washington Examiner found out today. The answer is George Soros.

George Soros — whom we’re always told is not serving his own economic interests at all by promoting liberal politicians and big-government policies — is launching a new investment fund, that plans to profit off of the “green energy” boom, which is entirely dependent on government subsidies.

As the press release puts it, this fund will “leverage technology and business model innovation to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and emissions, harness renewable energy, and more efficiently use natural resources, among other applications.” As Soros puts it in the same release: “Developing alternative sources of energy and achieving greater energy efficiency is both a significant global investment opportunity and an environmental imperative.” Cadie Thompson at CNBC’s NetNet flagged this.

So, yeah. The big-government policies advanced by the liberal outfits he funds — like Center for American Progress — will enrich the companies in which Soros is investing.

But this story gets better.

The press release casually mentions whom Soros is hiring to run this new fund: Cathy Zoi. As Cadie Thompson at CNBC’s NetNet (edited by my brother John Carney), puts it,

Zoi was Barack Obama’s “Acting Under Secretary for Energy and Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.” An Al Gore acolyte, Zoi was Obama’s point-woman on subsidizing green tech. Now she’s going to work for George Soros to profit off of subsidized green tech.

As I pointed out in my blog yesterday, Zoi has had a checkered career during which she appeared to take actions in her official capacity that benefited her and her husband’s investments in “green energy.” For example, Serious Materials, a “green buildings material” company benefited from federal stimulus dollars. But as I noted in my blog the extent of what appears to be crony capitalism extended beyond that instance….

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Obama: ObamaCare is too Important to be Unconstitutional

Doug Book,

Imagine asking the judge who just revoked your driver’s license if you’ll still be allowed to drive. Last month, Northern Florida Federal Judge Roger Vinson declared the individual mandate–the centerpiece of ObamaCare, also known as the Affordable Care Act–to be unconstitutional. And as Vinson ruled that the mandate could not be separated from the rest of the Act, the entire law was struck down.

Now never having attended law school means that, unlike attorneys, when it comes to thinking and decision making I’ve been reduced to a reliance upon common sense, common decency and a simple understanding of the difference between right and wrong. Of course, lawyers aren’t limited by such pedestrian restraints. So the same people who maintain that the Constitution is far too complex to be deciphered by anyone but a lawyer, are now claiming to not understand the meaning and consequences of the word “unconstitutional.”

”Because the individual mandate is unconstitutional and not severable, the entire Act must be declared void”, writes Judge Vinson in his opinion. And if this were not a  plain enough declaration of his intent, Vinson tells interested parties why he considers injunctive relief unnecessary, stating “…there has been a long-standing presumption that officials of the Executive Branch will adhere to the law as declared by the court. As a result, the declaratory judgment is the functional equivalent of an injunction…There is no reason to conclude that this presumption should not apply here. Thus, the award of declaratory relief is adequate and separate injunctive relief is not necessary.”

So how does the Obama Regime respond? By having the Centers for Medicine and Medicare Services begin adding 650 employees to implement the plan; by continuing to issue waivers to select businesses and groups; by having the IRS go forward with the hiring of 1,000 new auditors and staffers and by including 465 million dollars in the White House budget submitted to Congress for the implementation of the law.

And to provide some slim measure of cover for the breathtaking exhibition of arrogance required to ignore the ruling of a federal court, on February 17th White House attorneys filed a “Motion to Clarify.” As the Heritage Foundation explains this remarkable bit of Democrat stagecraft….

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