18 Reasons Why Obama Is Unfit To Be Commander-in Chief

US President Barack Obama 7372 300x180 18 Reasons Why Obama Is Unfit to be Commander in Chief

For a number of years, it has been known that the guy called President Obama has little to no known qualifications with the exception of being a street hustler and community organizer.  Frankly, the man is not qualified to be a Cub Scout leader and would have difficulty running a lemon aid stand even if he could make proper change.

Give it some serious thought, dear readers. What has he accomplished that benefited our country aside from economic world-wide chaos and rudderless foreign policy which makes the entire world a very scary place? As the worlds remaining superpower, he is doing all he can in his power to destroy our status in that area as well.

As an anti-war candidate, the irony is that there doesn’t seem to be a conflict he is unwilling to enter in Eurasia. Ah yes, do we remember his repeated failures during the Arab Spring.

Now proving that he loathes the military, he has been doing everything possible to destroy it and the morale of its members. Why not? After all, he has become a dictator, and no one in Congress has enough estrogen or testosterone to have him impeached. Below, you will find a number of insults heaped upon our men and women in uniform:

1. He cut the military budget as he gave federal bureaucrats a raise.

2. Obama planned to force early retirement in the military with reduced pay. Not likely to fly as it would need congressional approval.

3.  He made many new friends by changing the rules of military combat pay.  That’s right, no combat pay unless the soldier is being shot at, never mind that most of the deaths and blood shed comes from I.E.D. ‘s.

4.  In a classic move, Obama had the DOD end sale of expended Military brass to re-manufacturers.  Order rescinded almost immediately due to the firestorm of criticism. It sure wouldn’t be a good idea for “right-wing extremists,” particularly those who read the bible and especially members of our armed forces returning home, who have also been designated a threat, to have less expensive “reloads” for ammunition.  Hell no, we just can’t have a well armed militia can we?

5.  Obama has begun negotiating new START legislation that would decrease our nuclear weapons by 80% while our enemies are developing them. But of course he plans to give away our nuclear secrets to the Russians so they won’t fear us.

6.  Obama caves to Saudis as they blackmail him for more US made F-15’s

7.  Military commanders have been ordered to lie about Afghanistan.

8.  Obama made the decision NOT to award the Purple Heart to the fallen and survivors of the Ft. Hood Shooting by Muslim Terrorist Maj. Nidal Hasen, calling it “workplace violence.” This guy is great, isn’t he?

9. As Commander-in Chief, against the advice of his commanders while pandering to his gay constituents, he kept his promise and had Don’t Ask Don’t Tell rescinded. Who knows, he may want to “openly serve” in the military to make up for being a woeful president and leader.

10. Obama disrespected the families of U.S. Navy SEALs. Yep, Mr. 24-7 campaigner-in-chief, always up for a photo-op and against the families wishes, showed up when the caskets were delivered at Dover AFB and gave a pathetic limp-wristed salute.

This from the guy who doesn’t want to offend any of our enemies by wearing an American Flag lapel pin or putting his hand over his heart while saying the pledge of allegiance.  We might need to cut him some slack here; if he’s not one of us as suspected by many, perhaps he will wait for his return to Kenya or Indonesia before following protocol.

11. Obama violated the rights of Military Chaplains. That’s right, he ordered them not to discuss issues of contraception as mandated by his new forced contraception upon the Catholic Church (a clear violation of church and state.)

12.  Obama embarrassed our military by apologizing to Karzai on the Qur’an incident when Afghan soldiers shot two American officers in the back of the head The Quran’s in question were being passed around with messages between prisoners. Interestingly, there has been NO apology from the U.S.-trained-and-funded Afghan military for the murders.

13.  Obama lied about bin Laden’s death, claiming SEAL TEAM VI involvement (completely against spec/ops protocol, putting families of the alleged members and their base in danger.)  No pictures are available because he has been dead since the early 2000s.

14.  Obama wanted injured military to pay for their own medical expenses because they had volunteered to fight in the military.

15.  Proving yet again that his hair-brained ideas are virtually limitless, Obama forced members of the military into Obama Care exchanges and slashed their healthcare benefits in the process.

16. Keeping up with the ever-present need to be politically correct in the military, NCO’s  have been ordered to wear fake belly and breasts to better understand how females in the military feel. Yep, let’s waste tax dollars on such nonsense rather than put the woman on medical leave.  Are male soldiers planning on becoming pregnant in the near future?

17. Obama doesn’t stand with Military as NATO tries to prosecute the soldiers who burned the Koran.

18. Thought by many to not be a natural-born citizen, Obama receives little respect from the military, the most notable example being Lt.Col.Terry Lakin, among many others.

I’m sure there have been more insults heaped upon those that protect our Constitution. Feel free to leave your comments as you remember those I have missed.

To say this author lacks a warm and fuzzy feeling for the guy who calls himself the leader of the most powerful nation on earth until he destroys it would be a very safe bet.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m J.C., and I approve this message.

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  1. VirgoVince says:

    Only 18, huh?? With very little effort you should be able to reach at least, 101, the list is endless, but how many do we really need, he's illegal and ineligible, that's quite enough??

  2. Celticwaryor says:

    "running a lemon aid stand." ROFLMAO What kind of aid does this sort of stand provide? Maybe it's to help those poor lemons who had a near miss with a juicer? Or because they are feeling abused for being squeezed too hard.
    Dude, it's LEMONADE STAND!

  3. Beachsnake says:

    I only pray there is enough of the "common sense" people who will vote this man out of office. He has been a bigger embarassment to the Office than Clinton. He has no regard for the Constitution and the people who have fought for it. This man is simply a "puppet" that was manipulated into the Presidency by a political machine that has no respect for the government that protects them. They should all be dropped into the back hills of Afganistan with only the shirt on their back and forced to fend for themselves. I can't believe these goons would vote themselves a pay raise and ignore the military that has protected their backside. To say I am angered by my government is an understatement. They certainly do not deserve to called "citizens" of this great country much less politicians. Thank you for allowing me to vent my frustration. God bless America, or what's left of it!

  4. he is no leader,he is a disgracful,immoral,ineligible,squatter/upsurp/musmutt.who is a nero complex.and a dangerous muslim,the insanity of this pos,and should be held for treason against the constitution and the bill of rights.he is a threat to we the people.and should be voted out of office.or indicted for fraud against the constitution.god bless america

  5. I agree with all of this with the exception of number 13. Bin Laden WAS killed by seal team six.

    • Angelicsweep says:

      NO ONE could survive being on dialisis for 10 yrs…not even osama bin laden! It WAS NOT osama that was killed! If it was, WHY was Seal Team 6 neutralized???????????????????????????

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Care to provide the proof?

    • AL wittmore says:

      he was not killed by seal team six!!! he was killed in 2003 with a .50 cal at a distance of 959 yards
      and a navy seal sent the pill down range!!! but seal team six were killed by Obama and his handlers!!!

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    We don't need 18 reasons to find Bojangles unfit to be Commander in Chief allwe need is one.The one reason is the man is a traitor to his country.Everything he does is to hurt the military,the same people who would die for him just to protect his half black ass.

  7. Impeach this Liar- in-Chief!

  8. Truly this anti-American saboteur-in-chief needs to be impeached, arrested, and tried for so many felonies and crimes against America and her allies (too many to list here)!

  9. CH-53guy says:

    The call for his Impeachment came way too late. It should have happened within the first 8 months of his Presidency. Hopefully America has learned a valuable lesson over these last four years.

  10. Barack Obama says:

    have any of you ever heard of tolerance?

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  16. I have read those 18 Reasons and I Agree with this Post Admin.

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  18. When did this president, ever need congressional approval, too do what he wants??

  19. thank you poalis

  20. comander in chief my ass, Icould see this comming when they put black non born citizen in the whie house, impeach this man get rid of him while we still have a country left for him to screw up god I can`t stand to watch his lying speeches, how did we let this man in the white house, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED, We woke up one morning and there he is, Like dog shit on the sidewalk, um um um get rid of him now

  21. There should be more to going to school other than just getting a good job. In as much as it does not hurt to get a good job, we need to attach more value to education.

  22. Patriots For America says:

    I can give you one reason why this Fool does NOT qualified to be Commander In Chief, he is a fraud and that should have disqualified him. This article was written in Feb. 2012, 3 years ago, every reason the writer spoke of, Obozo did just that.

    • guesthree says:

      "this Fool does NOT qualified" Read that back to yourself.
      Do you think Roger left because he was used to being the King of stupid and then you took over?
      I think you ran him off.
      Some people are like that if they can't be the head stupid ass then they take their ball and go home.

      On a more positive note (so I don't bring you down) now you are the king of stupid. Congratulations.

      • Patriots For America says:

        Hey guesthree,
        get a life, and STFU, what the hell is your problem? I never claim to be a professional writer and speaking of stupid, when are you going to get your head out of Obama's A$$?

        • guesthree says:

          Hey dummy I've never said I support Obama. Where do you get that I kiss his ass then?

          What I don't support is stupidity I don't think there is any excuse for it, so don't be so f ucking stupid and start proof reading it's like trying to figure out a riddle every time I read one of your or Roger's comments. JFC!

          • Nope, you're just here trolling to distract from his disasters and make this about anything else.

            You're the stupid one, marxism always fails.

  23. So what happened to ROGER?
    Did you guys kick him out? Did ISIS kidnap him?
    Poor ROGER, he had so many friends here. We all miss his intellect

  24. Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Who is the ugliest of them all?
    Must be pink face ROGER

  25. He's not a bad lad.

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