Epic Rant: White Guys Says America’s Not Racist, Gives 13 Reasons Why

I am not going to fall into the trap.  I refuse to apologize for LA Clipper owner Donald Sterling.  I refuse to wear the yolk of “racist” that the media is trying to throw over the neck of white Americans.  His beliefs have nothing to do with me.  Permit me to skip the “I am not a racist” confession normally required for a white man to speak to the issue of blackness and race in America.  The constant bellowing of “racist” has worn thin with me.  I think it is time to bark back.

Our media have become race-barkers, as obnoxious as the carnival-barkers who drove customers to the bearded lady…or the Siamese twins…or the sword swallower for a fee on the midway.  Today, they are race-barkers who see racism behind every action…every thought…it is now “thought” that destroys people.

FEP (facts-evidence-proof) trumps emotional reactions every time. Charges of racism can destroy a reputation. Ask Paula Deen, George Zimmerman, Phil Robertson,  The Tea Party, or Cliven Bundy.  Do racist words justify government tyranny? Ask Glenn Beck.

So here we go.  I am going to give you some observations based on FEP…questions really…for you to ponder. You are free to draw your own conclusions. At least for now. Make sure your phone is off.

1. Do you wake up in the morning and think about your skin color or gender?  I wake up ME, just like you do. Our precious granddaughter does as well.  She doesn’t know people are different. Her playmates are black. She doesn’t know that.  She thinks they are people.

2. Obama has done more to fan the flames of racism than any man in history. Millions of white faces voted for him hoping to prove Americans weren’t racist. He has made racism worse.  He uses it to escape responsibility. He blames all criticism on his skin color.  Others bark for him as well. Especially the media. He is nothing that he told us he was.  Obama has done more to fuel racism than George Wallace could have ever done.  If you criticize him, you are (all together now) RACIST!

3. Fox News is a sellout.  O’Reilly, Hannity, and Van Susteran fall all over themselves apologizing for whitey. Their lead “house negro” is Juan Williams. He is their expert on all thinks black. Why doesn’t “conservative” Fox News have a stable of conservative blacks to make the conservative position? Where are Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Alan Keyes, Jesse Lee Peterson, Pastor James David Manning, Mychal Massie…black voices who can speak to “conservative” solutions to race in America?  If Juan Williams was white, we would never have heard his name. Only liberal blacks’ opinions are heard on Fox. Criticism of Obama is racism. Who wants to be called racist?  Can’t you see it?

4. Institutional racism is a code word for extortion and corporate shakedown. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have made millions riding that horse.  They make powerful white men kneel and beg. The head of the NAACP is a man named Benjamin Jealous (Jealous…need I say more?) Racism is big business, and business is good.  The race-barkers have created a feeding frenzy. The media creates their own  “experts” who make whites feel guilty for simply being white.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    This man hits home with this comment.I've thought the same thing about Williams he is the Fox Network nigga.Will that blow hard O'Reilly ever have a conservative black American on,Juan is so far up Obumas ass that it will take a tow truck to get him out.I have to point out thatbig Bill isn't the only one all of Foxnews people idolize the chocolate bunny.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Ever notice that more blacks cry racism when they have nothing else to say

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