100 Ways Mitt Romney Is Just Like Barack Obama

Obama Romney SC 100 Ways Mitt Romney Is Just Like Barack Obama

The New York Times recently made a less than half-hearted attempt to summarize the similarities between President Barack Obama and presumptive Republican Party nominee, Mitt Romney. As New York Magazine reports, the Times wasn’t able to do much better than: They both like Star Trek, Modern Family, and Chicken. Here at IVN, I thought we could find just a few more similarities of just a little more substance.

The following list isn’t just a bunch of opinions, but documented facts that together draw a compelling picture: Far from being polar opposites, the two “choices” offered as presidential candidates by this country’s two main parties are nearly indistinguishable on the substantive public policy challenges Americans face. Using the New York Times piece as a starting point, here are 100 ways Mitt Romney is just like Barack Obama:

1. Star Trek

2. Modern Family

3. Chicken

4. The signature legislative accomplishment of the man that Republicans have chosen to repeal and replace “ObamaCare” was “RomneyCare,” which was the blueprint and model for The Affordable Care Act.

5. The most controversial aspect of “ObamaCare” for its critics, was the individual mandate. Mitt Romney, like Barack Obama, believes individual mandates can be a good ingredient of public policy.

6. Mitt Romney reminds critics that he believed “RomneyCare” was good for the state of Massachussetts, but shouldn’t be implemented nationwide, and that’s how he’s substantively different from Barack Obama. In 2007, however, Romney said: “I’m proud of what we’ve done. If Massachusetts succeeds in implementing it, then that will be a model for the nation,” suggesting that, like Obama, he is not opposed to federal mandates either– just controversial ones that his partisan opponents pass.

(Items 7 – 9) As Jon Stewart points out on The Daily Show, Mitt Romney’s proposed legislative replacement for “ObamaCare” would keep everything in it other than the individual mandate,according to Mitt Romney’s own words:

7. Like Obama and the Democrats provided for in the Affordable Care Act, Romney’s legislative alternative would make sure people who want to keep their current insurance can do so.

8. Like Barack Obama, Mitt Romney wants to expand federal spending on Medicaid to help each state cover residents who cannot afford health insurance.

9. Also like Obama, Romney’s “alternative” would make sure people with preexisting conditions will be covered.

10. Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama flip flopped on whether “ObamaCare” is or is not a tax when it was politically suitable.

11. The same Wall Street recipients of TARP bailout money that were top Obama donors in 2008 are top Romney donors in 2012.

Read more at the Independent Voter Network. By W.E. Messamore.

Photo credit: Cain and Todd Benson (Creative Commons)

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  1. VirgoVince says:

    Who wrote this drivel, some idiot libturd??
    Romney IS American and Americans WILL keep a close eye on him from the get-go, he won't get away with crap like ovomit!! WE'LL see to that!! He's going to need severe attitude adjustments!!
    WHY was anyone afraid of ovomit, he's just another ugly bastard mu slime, why is he still breathing??

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Don't forget Obuttholes wife use to play Cheetah in Tarzan movies until she had all that plastic surgery.
      Your also right with those monkey ears and purple lips it sure does look like he could swing from a tree

    • Disgusted says:

      Proud American!! HAHAHAHAAA!!! I thought I was the only one who thinks he looks like an ape, a monkey, a baboon! That picture of him on some of these articles, where he is sitting there, with his lips compressed, and his head shoved down, making him neckless, he is the very picture of an ape! A BABOON! His ugly, lard butt wife, the sow who “was never proud of America” has the same sort of looks, only a female baboon. They both need to go live in the jungles where they would be right at home. Maybe they could convince the ape population that they are really are as smart as they seem to think they are, and just as “special”! Edward. your “history” of old Mooo seems about right, she probably was Cheeta! if not, then she should have been! Both of them should have gone to the crap hole in CaliFORNICA and became actors, they might just have been better at that than they are at the First Baboon, and Baboonette. Either way, they neither one belong in our, OUR White House! Time to flush the toilet!

  2. sean murry says:

    This is Bullcrap.

  3. Carl Manning says:

    Reason Number 101: They both attended the Global Bankster Bilderberg meetings in private at the Marriott Hotel in Chantilly Virginia. That's really all you need to know. They are both just globalist puppets and sell-out whores. These guys spend their spare time laughing their butts off at how gullibly stupid we are to fall for the false, MSM-generated, 2-party paradigm to give us the illusion of a democratic republic.

    • Oscar Dar says:

      If you are still around, the millions of Americans disagree with your "NO MANNERS", style of expression. You can not compare Romney to Obama…. You must know that OBAMA is a LIAR, HE IS IGNORING CONGRESS, he violates the law (DOMA) by not preserving, protecting and defending. You only know things that no one in America believe it's true. What you are talking about is something out of this world. It's plain and simple, OBAMA is "destroying America" while Romney is building America.

      • Carl Manning says:

        Enjoying that fermented staid sour stinky rotten putrid Grand Ol' Propaganda Kool-Aid, aren't you??? Drink up!! Isn't ignorance bliss, my friend??? Do you base all TRUTH on popular opinion??? Most Americans still believe Kennedy was shot by Oswald, yet this has been virtually proven that it was a gunman on the grassy knoll. Most Americans still believe the government's fairytale of 911, but most engineers, architects, and pilots know its pure hogwash. You, my friend, like far too many others suffer from cognitive dissonance. When faced with glaring PROVEN truths, you would rather prefer to crawl back under your rock than face the music. How pathetically sad that is because it only serves to seal your eventual fate as a slave of the State. Enjoy your servitude under either globalist NWO nutjob.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        You are kinda right. There is no comparison between Romney and Oblameo. They are so much alike it's almost like comparing twins.
        While Romney is the "better choice" than oblameo, he is not THE choice.
        You don't really believe Romney is some great savior do you? He will be just as bad as oblameo, but without the arrogance. He knows he'll be in his first term so he'll mind his manners during this time.

        There is only ONE who WILL rebuild America. Take us back to being a great country.
        That's Ron Paul hands down.

  4. Oscar Dar says:

    WE do not believe that OBAMA and Mitt Romney are alike. First, OBAMA has darker "SKIN". While Romney has fairly whiter skin.. . Obama, is a "LIAR" and does not show his real birth certificate, he does not show his schools records, his past as a whole. Obama uses a social security that belong to someone else. Obama wasted the America's dollars to his own cronies to benefit his election and reelection. While Romney, IS AN OPEN BOOK; did not receive PAY IN THE MANY SERVICES HE RENDERED DURING HIS YOUNGER YEARS OF HIS LIFE. Therefore, there is NO COMPARISON between Obama and Mitt Romney..

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