10 Questions Obama-Lover Chris Matthews Will Ask Obama Today

Machine Gun Chris Matthews MSNBC SC

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, an Obama sycophant, has been selected by Obama himself to interview him regarding Obamacare. This is a key interview to rally flagging support for Obamacare.

Matthews is well known for having an unabashed love for Obama and shows no semblance of journalistic objectivity. So, in light of that, I thought I’d put together 10 questions that I think he will ask Obama in his interview.

1. Why are you so absolutely wonderful?

2. Do you ever hurt yourself when you flash that megawatt smile of yours into the mirror?

3. Has anyone ever told you that you are the most amazing person in the history of the world?

4. Is it okay for people to drop to their knees and worship you?

5. Obamacare…oh…sorry, I mean, the “Affordable Care Act” has been an absolute failure up to now. Many well-regarded analysts like George Will say the worst is yet to come. Please give me seven reasons why this is the Republican Party’s fault? And could you use vague, generalized rhetoric and political talking points only as you are wont to do?

6. Your presidency has been the most remarkable presidency in the history of the country. You are a combination of Lincoln, Jefferson, JFK, Washington, and dare I say it Reagan. How is it possible that you just don’t explode under the sheer weight of your undeniable magnificence?

7. We have the most miserable economy since the Great Depression, with a doubling of food stamp recipients during your administration. Massive unemployment and underemployment is rampant as well. Plus, the national debt has soared from an astronomical $10 trillion to $17 trillion under your leadership. Please explain how George W. Bush is at fault again, for I never get bored when you blame someone else for your leadership failures.

8. CNN’s Piers Morgan said you were “a perfect physical specimen?” Do you ever stare in the mirror at yourself nude and just bask in your godlike divinity? Or does your Muslim religion forbid such narcissistic megalomania?

9. After you were born in Kenya, and then moved to Hawaii, and then to Indonesia where you became a devout Muslim, and then moved back to Hawaii where you became well known as a foreign-born, homosexual high school student who liked marijuana and cocaine, did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams that you’d become the greatest ruler in the history of the world and the smartest human being to ever grace this planet?

10. Do YOU ever get a thrill running up your leg when listening to yourself give a speech?

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  1. Will we be treated to an on-air orgasm? I think Chris would make to leap to homo for Barry.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Who else would you want to get,after all Chris is in love with Sambo.I'm surprized Barbara WaWa wasn't asked after that dreadful interview with Obutthole & Grape Ape.Matthews drops to his knees in the presence of his mongrel Masiah

  3. I think they forgot one.

    11. Holy One, would you mind saying "suffering succotash"? America absolutely loves it when you whistle!!

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