1 In 3 Uninsured Ignorant Of ObamaCare

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For Americans engaged in political trends and current events, it can be difficult to avoid the onslaught of information concerning the disastrous ObamaCare law. Every day, it seems, another unintended consequences is revealed, making the healthcare mandate even more unattractive than it already was.

A huge number of people, however, have somehow remained clueless about the government’s requirement that they obtain approved coverage within the next few months or face a fine. Among uninsured Americans – the group for which ObamaCare was ostensibly developed – almost one third have not even heard of the federal and state-based insurance exchanges established to facilitate the purchase of a plan.

Of course, there are likely very few Americans who have not encountered the law on some level, whether through conversations, news coverage, or the numerous advertisements commissioned by the government to propagandize the law. Unless consumers have a working knowledge of how to obtain a plan, however, ObamaCare is of absolutely no use.

According to the Transamerica Center for Health Studies poll, the uninsured are ironically the least informed group regarding the law. One reason those with coverage are more aware of ObamaCare, however, is that the law resulted in millions of them receiving cancellation notices from their chosen provider.

One in three uninsured people, on the other hand, have found it possible to avoid learning anything at all about the unpopular tax.

When Barack Obama and his minions on the far left tried to sell Americans on socialized medicine early in his first term, their argument revolved around the dire straits of those very same uninsured citizens. After years of opportunity for those supposedly downtrodden individuals to find out how to sign up, though, a large percentage have shown no such initiative.

This statistic proves the oft-cited fact that some people simply do not wish to have health insurance. For whatever reason, many of the nation’s uninsured are in that category of their own volition.

The actual number of people who want insurance but are unable to obtain it is significantly lower than any figures presented by this administration. Had the federal government sought to address these individuals while leaving everyone else’s insurance alone, it could have done so for a tiny fraction of the cost – and with much better results.

Instead, the leftist ideologues behind ObamaCare used their alarmist rhetoric to implement a complete overhaul of the world’s greatest free market healthcare system. As with virtually anything it does, the government has only resulted in a far more convoluted process while in the process making Americans less free.

–B. Christopher Agee

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