Watch: Trump Goes Head-To-Head With Lib Heckler – Shows EXACTLY How It’s Done

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made quick work of a heckler at his sold out rally in New Hampshire. Appearing rather comfortable taking questions from the crowd, Trump followed his speech with an open mic session.

“I’m from Southern California,” began one woman. Trump interrupted her and crassly asked, “You live in Southern California.  What are you doing here?” The Trump rally was being held in New Hampshire. “Are you a liberal democrat by any chance?” Trump questioned. The next question was momentarily inaudible but seemed to reference illegal immigrants. The volume came up and she continued, “They do work that no one else wants to do and for a lot less.”

Trump again called her out, “Who told you to be here, Bernie?”  “No, no, this is a Bernie plant.”

Trump got a little help from other audience members but he stopped them by saying, “We don’t need help with these kinds of people.”

“Oh, illegal immigrants are the backbone of our country?” Trump, in a sarcastic tone stated, “I don’t think so, darling … They’re not the backbone,” Trump concluded.

Trump then countered the woman’s contention by saying, “You know what the backbone of our country [is]? People that came here, and they came here legally. People that came here to this country legally, and they worked their ass off, and they made this country great.  That’s the backbone.” The crowd broke out in applause to Trump’s comments.

One of Donald Trump’s campaign benchmark promises is to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico to stop what he says is the flow of illegal immigrants, drugs, crime, and to prevent the security threat the porous border causes.

Watch: Dr. Phil GOES OFF In A Big Way On ‘The Kelly File’- ‘Get A D— Job!’

Syndicated television host Phil McGraw sat down with Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly recently to share his take on “a generation … raised with a great degree of entitlement.”

During a segment of The Kelly File that aired Thursday night, McGraw used an example from his own show to depict what he sees as a widespread issue.

He introduced the Dr. Phil guest as “a kid that says, ‘I want to be a rock star’ — I say kid, he’s 40 years old now.”

In pursuing his goal, McGraw revealed that the man, identified only as Chris, “bled his family, his mother and father, for $1.7 million trying to be a rock star.”

Chris would not accept any job short of his ideal, McGraw added, and at the time of his appearance on the show was “living on a twin bed in his mother’s house.”

Kelly chimed in that the clip should serve as a reminder for women in the dating scene.

“Ladies, take note,” she said, ” … if he wants to go back to your place, there’s a reason. Take it from Dr. Phil.”

She then asked her guest for his “bottom line” response to the issue of entitlement in American culture.

McGraw asserted that this is the “greatest country in the world,” though “sometimes we forget common sense.”

One lesson often learned too late, he lamented, is that “you just don’t reward bad behavior.”

Citing the propensity of some in today’s society to excuse and compensate for laziness, McGraw ended the exchange with a harsh wake-up call that obviously resonated with the host.

“When people don’t work and produce, then they need to get kicked to the curb. Get a d–n job. Carry your own weight. It’s just that simple,” he declared.

“Amen, Dr. Phil,” Kelly added.

Watch: Police Raid ‘High Priest’s’ Home For Drug Bust… Instead Find The Stuff Of Nightmares

In response to reports of a possible heroin ring in a local neighborhood, Bridgeport, Conn., police officers raided the home of Felix Delgado.

Rather than finding a drug ring, the officers discovered two human skulls, an altar and a makeshift coffin.

In a statement, Michael Gianotti of the Bridgeport Police Department said, “They were just really shocked when they walked in there and what they found. It was just not what they expected.”

Delgado describes himself as a “high priest” of the ritualistic, sacrificial religious cult called Santeria.

Connecticut has no laws against the cult’s activities; however, in their investigation, the police found a warrant against Delgado in Worcester, Mass., for disinterring eight bodies from a cemetery.

Delgado was arrested in Connecticut, and is being held on a fugitive from justice charge; he will be extradited to stand trial in Massachusetts for grave robbery.

Doris Reese, a neighbor of Delgado’s, said in an interview, “It just looks creepy. The stuff I saw.”

Reese also noted that there were cars coming and going at “all hours of the day.” This is what prompted her and neighbors to make a complaint to the police.

Chris Martinez, Delgado’s son, says that his father has done nothing wrong, and that he is just misunderstood.

When asked by Eyewitness News if a lot of people come in and out of his father’s home, Martinez said, “To get readings and stuff, yeah. What we do, we do it for the good. We don’t do it for the bad. Other people do it for the bad and we’re getting accused of being bad.”

Huge New Revelation About Hated Pharma CEO Martin Shkreli Looks Horrible For Dems

After former drug company CEO Martin Shkreli appeared before members of Congress to answer for his actions, one just might think he was on drugs instead of just manufacturing them. However, Democrats may be more embarrassed still because of another thing Shkreli has done with his money.

Shkreli is the former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals who became notorious for jacking up the price of the popular AIDS drug Daraprim from $13.50 a pill to $750 overnight.

It wasn’t long before he was arrested and charged with securities fraud. For one thing, it was discovered that one of the reasons he was inflating prices was because he was trying to finance his struggling company. But his arrest came as a result of an investigation into what prosecutors called a “quasi-Ponzi scheme” perpetrated in the early 2000s when he was a hedge fund manager and the chief of the biopharmaceutical company Retrophin.

Finally this month, he was brought before a congressional committee to testify about his actions. But the troubled businessman appeared to smirk his way through his appearance before the committee–and, invoking his Fifth Amendment rights, refused to answer any of the questions put to him.

Immediately after his testimony, Shkreli took to Twitter to call the congressmen he met there “imbeciles.”

In spite of this behavior on his part, Democrats may be even more embarrassed to find out Shkreli is a big Democrat donor.

As the liberal blog The Progressive Midwesterner discovered, Shkreli donated $33,400 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) in July of last year.

The CEO also posted his support of socialist Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders.

h/t: The Gateway Pundit

Watch Closely: Stunning Thing Moderator Gives To Dem Candidates After Debate Would NEVER Happen To Repubs

The latest Democratic presidential debate took place Thursday night, and it was a one-on-one debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. While one of the debate’s most intense confrontations arguably stemmed from Clinton’s accusation that Sanders’ campaign was engaged in an “artful smear” of Clinton’s relationship with Wall Street, both agreed to avoid dwelling on media scandals involving the two candidates. But it’s what happened after the intense debate that has a lot of people talking.

One might say the tension between presidential candidate Donald Trump and Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly was contrasted starkly when MSNBC moderator Rachel Maddow hugged Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton after the debate was over.

One of the first to notice the embraces was Brit Hume.

One could say the Fox and Friends hosts had a heyday with Maddow hugging the candidates. Steve Doocy said, “It’s hard to ask a hard question when secretly you just want to hug ’em.” Geraldo Rivera jumped in: “But wasn’t it revealing though, that’s the point. When Rachel Maddow comes up and hugs Hillary Clinton, it’s like saying, ‘Never mind. I didn’t mean any of that.’” Having the last word, Brian Kilmeade asked, “Have you ever seen the refs hug Peyton Manning at the end of the game?”

The warm and fuzzy relationship Clinton apparently has with the media has been a cause for criticism since the campaign began in 2015, with some even saying the media is shielding Clinton from tough moderators and difficult lines of questioning.