Watch: This Photo Of A Gross Michelle Obama School Lunch Has Sparked Widespread Outrage


An Oklahoma family is outraged over the portions their 17-year-old daughter is being served at lunchtime.

Kaytlin Shelton took a photo at her high school in Chickasha, Oklahoma, Monday showing a lunch with meat, two sets of crackers, a slice of cheese, and two pieces of cauliflower. The school serves this every other week, Fox 25 reported.

There is another wrinkle to this story: Shelton is eight months pregnant.

“It makes me want to take that and take it to the superintendent and tell him to eat it for lunch.”

Vince Holton said the meal, worth $3, is not good enough for any student, pregnant or not pregnant.

“I can go pay a dollar for a lunchable and get more food in it.”

School Superintendent David Cash told Fox 25 the small portions are due to federal regulations to fight childhood obesity, and knows that some kids are going hungry in his schools.

“You’ve got in some cases little kids that their only two meals are breakfast and lunch at school, and they’re getting… a grand total of 1100 calories. That’s not enough.

“My own kid comes home and the first thing he does is raid the refrigerator.”

Assistant State Superintendent for Child Nutrition Joanie Hildenbrand defended the photo to a certain extent, saying, “We have a meat-alternate, we have a bread grain, we have vegetable…It’s the student’s choice of what they want to take,” while acknowledging the hardships of the new regulations.

“These regulations were put into effect two years ago and we’re still struggling with them.”



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Obama Admin Finally Announces An Ebola Travel Ban, But It Couldn’t Be Any More Of A Fail

Josh Earnest

In spite of repeated statements saying they would not impose a travel ban on those flying from the region, the Obama Administration authorized the United States military to quarantine personnel who have worked in West Africa for up to 21 days if they deemed it necessary.

CNN reported Wednesday there are more than 500 troops in West Africa currently helping with logistical matters, and the Pentagon has authorized the deployment of up to 4,000 troops to the region.

After being quarantined, CNN noted, “commanders also will be given the authority to isolate their entire unit in the region for the final 10 days of a deployment if necessary.”

“All troops will be monitored for 21 days after returning from the mission.”

The memo obtained by CNN does not name the actual location of the facility where troops will be quarantined.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest maintained a travel ban for ordinary citizens is “not something that is on the table at this point,” citing the need to expeditiously transport personnel and equipment to the region.

The Daily Caller reports that citizens who reside in Ebola outbreak countries must self-report their possible exposure, something clearly violated by Thomas Eric Duncan, who was diagnosed at Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas.

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Some people on Twitter were clearly not happy about this news.


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The Man Obama Just Named As Ebola Czar Is Missing This One Key Thing On His Resume

Meeting Biden's Staff Members

With the country’s growing concern about Ebola, and with his personal assurance to the American people that his administration would take a more aggressive approach to containing the deadly virus in the United States, one might reasonably think that President Obama would appoint a noted medical expert to be his Ebola czar. Then again….

The belief that Barack Obama approaches all matters of government with a keen and constant eye toward politics and power has been reinforced with the president’s naming of his point person to coordinate the country’s Ebola response and containment effort. That person is Ron Klain.

Klain is a long-time Democrat insider and operative with quite an impressive political resume. What is missing from that resume — and what some might say is surprising in its absence — is any apparent expertise with, or meaningful work in, health care, medical issues, or infectious diseases.

In other words, the man President Obama wants to head up the nation’s Ebola-fighting efforts is not a doctor, not a medical professional, and not a researcher. He’s a life-long Democrat who has for decades served in high-level positions for top Democrats.

And oh yes, he has worked for a powerful D.C. lobbying firm.

Some of the highlights of the politics-heavy career of this Harvard-educated lawyer include:
* Clinton-Gore campaign worker
* Chief of Staff to Attorney General Janet Reno
* Chief of Staff for VP Al Gore
* Chief of Staff for VP Joe Biden
* Senior Aide to President Obama

And as USA Today reports, Klain was squarely in the middle of the Solyndra controversy that swirled around the Obama White House:

As Biden’s chief of staff, Klain had a key role in implementing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 — and signed off on one of its most controversial projects: a $535 million loan guarantee to solar panel maker Solyndra.

In the Washington Post story on the appointment of Obama’s new Ebola czar, Klain is praised backwards and forwards for his political prowess. The glaring fact that he lacks any relevant medical experience is treated as an afterthought:

Former Sen. Ted Kaufman (D-Del.), who was a longtime political adviser to Biden, called Klain well-suited for the role based on his varied experience dealing with Congress, the White House and the media.

As a young general counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Kaufman said, Klain gut his teeth helping advise the committee during the contentious, and ultimately failed, nomination of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court in the late 1980s.”

However, the Fox News report on Ron Klain takes a far different approach to the appointment. This piece points to a much more experienced and seemingly well-suited candidate for the job who was clearly passed over in favor of someone with a deep-seated sense of big-time politics and how the Washington power game is played for partisan advantage.

In making the appointment, Obama will effectively bypass another official, Dr. Nicole Lurie, who has served as assistant secretary for preparedness and response (ASPR) at the Department of Health and Human Services since July 2009.

Congress, nearly a decade ago, created that post, which would seem to fit the bill for Ebola coordinator — at least on paper.

Yet, as Obama prepares to name Klain, the senior official currently filling that health job has been virtually absent from the public eye. She’s on the team, the Obama administration insists — just not in the lead.


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Wow: This Family Got Thrown Off A Bus Because A Muslim Was “Offended” By A Children’s Song


A Muslim woman on a bus was recently offended over a children’s song sung by a couple, Nick Barnfield and Sara Cleaves, to their fifteen month old baby.

The two parents sang the theme song from a popular children’s program, Peppa Pig, a song that naturally includes snorting sounds.

The Muslim woman took offense at the song, which she thought was directed at her. She even accused the couple of racism, despite Islam being a religion rather than a race.

She tried and succeeded in getting the parents kicked off the bus. As the parents said:

“She went up to the bus driver and told him we were being racist towards her…The driver came up to me and said we had to get off the bus or the police would have to come.”

The couple described the emotions they felt at the time:

“We were really embarrassed, ashamed and upset and we hadn’t done anything wrong- just trying to make our little girl happy. But people were looking at us as if we had done something wrong.”

What do you think? Was it appropriate for a Muslim woman to complain and get the passengers kicked out over the song? Or is this an example of politically correct hypersensitivity?



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A Health Worker Who May Have Been Exposed To Ebola Has Gone To The Worst Possible Place


A press release from the State Department says an employee who worked at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital boarded a cruise ship earlier this week.

The statement, issued by State Department Press Secretary Jen Psaki Thursday, said an employee who worked at the hospital at the same time deceased Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan was being treated there boarded a cruise ship Sunday, October 12, from Galveston, Texas, and is self-monitoring for Ebola symptoms.

While the employee did not care for Duncan directly, the worker may have had contact with his bodily fluids.

“…it was discovered that an employee of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital had departed the United States via commercial cruise ship on October 12 from Galveston, Texas. The employee did not have direct contact with the since deceased Ebola patient, but may have had contact with clinical specimens from him.

“The individual was out of the country before being notified of CDC’s updated requirements for active monitoring. At the time the hospital employee left the country, CDC was requiring only self-monitoring.

“The employee has been self-monitoring, including daily temperature checks, since October 6, and has not had a fever or demonstrated any symptoms of illness. It has been 19 days since the passenger may have processed the since deceased patient’s fluid samples. The cruise line has actively supported CDC’s efforts to speak with the individual, whom the cruise ship’s medical doctor has monitored and confirmed was in good health.

“Following this examination, the hospital employee and traveling partner have voluntarily remained isolated in a cabin. We are working with the cruise line to safely bring them back to the United State out of an abundance of caution.



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Do You Think Obama's Decision To Send National Guard Troops to Africa To Fight Ebola Is A Good Idea? in Western Journalism's Hangs on LockerDome

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