Shocking Video: Harry Reid Just Accidentally Revealed His Stunning Disrespect For Americans

In a recent interview, Harry Reid took a hard stance against the Bundys and their supporters, calling them “Domestic Terrorists” among other names.

One of the most important things revealed in that interview was not something that Harry Reid said, but what he did. Watch closely as Reid talks about the Bundy situation, and see what he does as he says “Federal Land.” It is very revealing about what he, and most likely, many other policians in Washington really think about the public (and even the private) land in America.

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Watch: Could DNA Prove Obama Is Ineligible For Presidency?

Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate has been almost universally deemed a forgery, long before Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio’s forensic examination found it to be created digitally and never having existed in paper form. Without even a digital examination, it is obvious it is a cut-and-paste job, with at least eight different typewriter fonts.

Despite this fact, and despite Obama clearly not being a natural-born citizen—his father, Barack Obama, Sr. being a subject of the British crown as admitted by Obama—the dozens of lawsuits filed against Obama charging that he’s not a natural-born citizen, or that his birth certificate is a fake—have been summarily dismissed for invalid reasons.

Americans have found themselves in a quandary: we know Obama is ineligible to be President; we know his birth certificate is fake—yet we appear to be powerless to do anything about it.  But there may be a novel way that Americans can prove Obama is not a natural-born citizen: have a Special Prosecutor demand Obama submit—like Clinton did in 1998—a DNA sample to prove that his mother and father are who he says they are.

This, however, may have already been carried out—by the CIA!  

According to British intelligence advisor and author of the just-published book, Spyhunter, Michael Shrimpton states that the CIA took a DNA sample of Obama prior to the 2008 election and found that the woman Obama now states is his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, is not related to Obama—and his mother may in fact be a foreign citizen!  

Shrimpton is no tinfoil hat-wearing kook: He has dozens of contacts in both the British and American intelligence agencies and has access to a huge cache of intelligence documents.

Will an obscure intelligence advisor in England show the way for Americans to finally get rid of the illegal presidency of Barack Hussein Obama?

Barack Obama has been methodically dismantling the United States, shredding the Constitution, and enslaving us to the Chinese with crushing debt; so let us hope Michael Shrimpton can show us how how we can prove Barack Obama is not a natural-born citizen and may in fact be a foreign citizen.

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Breaking: Flight 370 Search Just Got A Lot More Interesting

As the search for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 nears the two-month mark, frustrated investigators have yet to find any tangible evidence of the missing fuselage or any of the 239 passengers aboard. A recent report by Malaysian newspaper the New Strait Times, however, suggests that might be because they are looking in the wrong place.

Shortly after the disappearance, investigators began an exhaustive search of the area above which authorities were last able to track the flight. That effort, near the eastern coast of Vietnam, was scrapped when evidence showed the plane might have gone down elsewhere.

Experts have recently targeted their search to an area of the Indian Ocean off of Australia’s western coast. As Western Journalism previously reported, a series of pings believed to be from the plane’s black box were recovered from the area; and a deep-sea explorer was sent down to map the ocean floor for signs of the wreckage.

The Malaysian report, however, indicates at least some within the search team think that area could be another false lead.

“The thought of it landing somewhere else is not impossible,” the newspaper quoted one source, “as we have not found a single debris that could be linked to the MH370.”

Rumors that some nation is hiding the plane, however, “seems absurd,” the source cautioned.

Instead, the article suggests experts are now beginning to embrace the idea that the plane crash landed in a remote area. The search effort was reportedly limited from the beginning by the fact that communications satellites offered little concrete evidence of the plane’s speed, altitude, and direction for much of the flight.

“The reason investigators were forced to adopt a new algorithm to calculate the last known location of MH370 was because there was no global positioning system following the aircraft as the transponder went off 45 minutes into the flight,” a source confirmed.

Finding evidence by using the underwater explorer would rely solely on luck, the report concluded, noting that some on the team are recommending switching search locations.

“We can’t focus on one place too long as the ocean is very big,” a source explained.

Further hindering the search is the fact that some countries have apparently been less than forthcoming in releasing radar and other tracking information regarding the flight. In some cases, releasing all related data would be considered a security risk.

Malaysia, for instance, denied investigators any information after insisting no satellites had made contact with the flight.

“They informed us that not contact was made [and] that was the end of it,” a source concluded. “We can’t be forcing them to show us the data as they had already said there was nothing. However, if these countries do want to come forward, be it old or new data that has yet to be analyzed by our team, they are very welcome to do so.”

The ongoing saga surrounding this missing flight has captured the interest of individuals around the world, including millions of Americans who have paid close attention to the ongoing search efforts. If these latest concerns are valid, the long-awaited resolution might still be far off.

Photo Credit: Facebook/MH370 News Update

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Watch: State Department Unable To Name One Clinton Accomplishment As Secretary

In a recent State Department briefing, reporter Matthew Lee of the Associated Press repeatedly asks spokeswoman Jen Psaki if she can name ONE tangible achievement from Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Seceratary of State.

Now can someone ask about Obama’s accomplishments?

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It Only Took 14 Seconds For This Guy To Explain The Core Difference Between Occupy And Bundys

Bill O’Reilly asks Scott Shaw, an Oklahoma militia man and Bundy supporter, the difference between the two.

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